We got this video for you so that you don’t need to spend your time in the search.

If you have questions like what web development is exactly? What is the difference between front and back end? Which programming languages ​​are used in web development? Where should I start? Or you are considering a career in the dev web, this video is for you!

Learn what took me many THOUSAND HOURS to learn in just one hour! I cover a lot of things to help you take notes or take breaks, or just watch the video a few times.

And yes, I answer the big question: "Should I do frontal or back-end? Which one is the best?" In [54:35].



[2:03] What is the Internet?
[3:48] The World Wide Web
[5:02] What is a website?
[6:15] Clients and servers explained
[10:08] What happens when you visit a website / URL? What is a URL? What is an IP address?
[14:10] What is a web browser? What is it doing?
[16:30] HTML, CSS and JavaScript
[18:00] JavaScript
[19:23] Front-end summary
[20:44] What is back-end development?
[23:37] What is a database? What is the data?
[30:10] More Back-End Info
[34:14] Put everything together

[35:35] Introduction to terminology
[37:15] Frames
[37:45] IDE – Integrated Development Environment
[38:00] Demonstration of the frame
[39:30] Analogy of the frame
[45:15] What is a library?
[46:25] What are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)?
[48:49] The APIs allow you to create cool stuff!
[52:47] User, end user, client, software developer, programmer, engineer, coder and debugger explained!
[54:35] FRONT-END vs BACK-END Where should I start ??? The big question, answered!
[1:00:00] EXTRAS – JSON, XML, REST and CRUD – Set! .

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