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Website speed testing tools can help you identify Google's speed issues that you currently face with the speed of your site. Once you have completed your page speed test, you can then work with DesignForest to complete the speed optimization of your website. Our team here at DesignForest will take the report of your website speed test and compile a list of programming changes that will help your website maintain a steady state of fast page load time.

The speed of your website is important because it directly affects several important factors, including page views, bounce rates, page sharing, website abandonment, user sessions, and traffic conversions. overall. In fact, Google may block the delivery of your pay per click ads in the search engine if the loading times of your pages are too slow. DesignForest can finish optimizing the speed of your website in a matter of days and you'll never have to delete your website to complete the project.

The speed test requirements of the Google page stipulate that your website should load between 2 and 3 seconds on average. Of course, there are external factors that can cause delays, but for the most part, your site should have a general page load time.

Our team can help you solve problems such as making less HTTP requests, adding expires, using cookie-free domains, reducing JavaScript and CSS, compressing components with gzip, reducing DNS queries, reducing the size of queries, avoid character sets the meta tag, optimize the order of styles and scripts, avoid CSS @import, minimize redirects, remove query strings from static resources, reduce CSS, minimize JavaScript, optimize images, And much more.

For more information on how DesignForest can help you improve your website, visit www.mydesignforest.com.

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