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Optimizing the speed of the website is a must for a better performance of the website. Learn to watch a practical project How to speed up your WordPress site by following a few easy steps in 2016.

The factors of optimization of the speed of which I spoke in this video are:

# How to test the speed and performance of a website with the help of Google page speed, Pingdom tools and Gtmetrix?
# How to check website performance with the help of P3 WordPress Profiler Plugin.
# How to resize and optimize images?
# How to reduce / compress css and javascript files?
# How to take advantage of browser caching?
# How to add the expiration time of the header?
# How to validate html / css to meet validation guidelines?
# How to work with gzip compression?
# Basic and advanced configuration of W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin.

We started with a website that got a score of 40-50% in various reputable speed optimization testing tools. And we finally managed to increase this score to 88-90%.

We believe you will also be able to do such magic if you follow the watch and follow our suggestions.

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