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Lecture 3: What does PHP do?

PHP can do a lot of things really well, such as:

Access information typed in a web form and do something with, for example:

Send an e-mail, access a specific page based on the information provided in the form, create a user account, register a user, etc.

Find out which browser and which operating system your visitors are using.

View alternative versions of a web page for users who use mobile devices, or specific browsers (such as Internet Explorer).

Do math!

And most importantly (in my opinion), create templates for your website so that you do not have to code by hand your headers, footers and sidebars for each page!

There is so much that PHP can do, but I do not want to go into all the details now, because I would like to show you by jumping – I think it's a lot more fun that way!

Next: You are going to need specific tools to make the most of your PHP learning experience. I will cover those in the next lecture.

We'll see each other there!


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