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The coding classes do not work. There is something to look at the teacher's big screen screen as he stumbles over his code trying to show you different processes. Maybe it's the tiny text, or the bad contrast, or just the fact that the teacher is moving too fast! Somewhere along the line you think to yourself "I have a computer, why do I have to spend all this time and crazy amounts of money just to get certified?" With our Become a Certified Web Developer Course, you do not have to do it.
We understand that the certification is huge. Of course, you could take a book or course online and just learn it, but employers will believe it? Getting certified by a professional coach is the only way to tell future employers that you actually know your business. Otherwise, they simply assume that the phrase "PHP developer" on your resume means that you skim PHP for Dummies in preparation for the interview. Would not you instead present to future employers a certification signed by master trainer Mark Lassoff?

We have set up this course to turn you into a certified web developer in the comfort of your own computer at a pace that you are happy with. Learn by coding along rather than watching monotonous lecture hours where you just take notes. In our Become a Certified Web Developer course, Master Trainer Mark Lassoff teaches you everything you need to know about web development, and he gives you the certification to prove it! Say goodbye to one-off courses because it's time to get certified by one of the leading professional web development trainers. Take the time you need in a comfortable atmosphere for you. Your future employers are waiting …

Our full course covers HTML, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

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