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Trends in front-end development are constantly evolving – what worked yesterday may not work today. This can make being a front end developer quite difficult!

But what is most difficult to be a Front End developer is also what is most exciting – you are still learning new technologies.

What's a front-end developer, and how do they sign up in the web development ecosystem?

There are usually two parts to any web application. The front end or client side of the web application is everything you see and interact with in the browser as the user of the application.

Then there is the back end, or server side of the web application, where application data is saved, updated, manipulated and returned to the client.

Think about your favorite video site. When you click on this video of water skiing puppies, the video is extracted from a database and served to you by a server. It's the background. The front end displays for you in the browser, allows you to interact with the video by providing buttons to skip the video in full screen, pause, rewind or share with your big -mother.

As a web developer, you will probably need to know how the front and back ends of an application interact with each other. However, many companies divide these roles into two careers: a front-end developer and a lead developer.

Back End developers use languages ​​such as Java, Python, Ruby and PHP to create behind-the-scenes features of a website, such as user data storage and retrieval or secure storage and acceptance credit card numbers.

A front-end developer is a generic term for someone who creates parts of websites and user-based applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Almost every business uses a website or app to communicate with customers. The world needs the skills of a front end developer.

If you are looking for front-end work, you will find that there are many additional keywords, such as Mobile, UX, UI, Web Developer, Full Stack – all of these keywords add extra specificity to a supposedly knowledge base of building websites and applications.

In this video, I'm talking about what you need to know to be a more general Front End developer, but still impressive.

Technologies you will need to learn
• JavaScript

• Text Editor – Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text 3, Atom
• Browser Development Tools – Chrome Developer Tools, Firefox Developer Tools
• Version Control – Git & GitHub

Other important technologies
• Sass / CSS preprocessing
• JavaScript libraries: jQuery, React
• JS Frameworks: Angular, Vue.js
• Front End Framework: Bootstrap
• Command line, CLI
• Loading / grouping modules: webpack, Rollup, Browserify
• WordPress
• Image Editor – Photoshop $, Sketch $
• Wire Tools – Balsamiq $, Figma $

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