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Introducing Wix Artificial Design Intelligence, the very first AI technology that creates a stunning website for you.

About Wix
Wix.com allows everyone to create a professional website for free. Use the power of Wix ADI to get online today! It's so easy.

Whatever the type of business, Wix allows you to easily create the website you want. You can create a website yourself with the Wix editor or let Wix ADI help you create a beautiful website. Get beautiful models designed by designers, over 1000 beautiful images, easy SEO and much more. Best of all, your Wix site is mobile-optimized, allowing visitors to see your beautiful website anywhere, anytime.
Wix ADI learns from you and applies this knowledge to create a beautiful site for you, with professional texts, images, videos and more. And you can customize it as you wish. Change the theme of your site. Add your own beautiful pictures. Include entire sections and pages. You will look beautiful no matter what.

Start today! https://www.wix.com/

Presentation of WIX ADI
Wix Artificial Design Intelligence

With Wix.com, you can create your own website.
Tell us who you are and what you do.
Then, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence learns what you need
and create a great site for you.
Complete with beautiful images, videos and text.

And you can add even more by growing up!
Like, your own online store.
or let customers book appointments directly on your website.
Or add a blog.

Do you want to change your appearance?
Try a different design theme.
There are 100s to choose from.

Easily change your images and videos.
Play with any layout.
Your content will automatically adjust to fit perfectly.
With Wix Artificial Design Intelligence
Everything falls right in place.
Go to Wix.com to create your amazing website today. .

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