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I interview Curtis McHale WordPress freelance developer and discuss how to become a better freelancer.

Curtis has been developing WordPress sites and applications for 5 years. He gives us a good look at his passion for WordPress, his freelance activity, his relationships with clients and how he thinks that mentoring other developers could be on his horizon.

You can find out more about him on his website https://curtismchale.com/

Show notes:

4:05 How did you go about selling the $ 500 site?
11:00 How do you manage the sale of WordPress to the small business customer?
16:40 "Put the burden on the customer"
24:21 Should a young developer work for an agency to get wet?
30:12 How do you separate your personal life from working life as a freelancer working at home?
36:11 How do you find so much time for blogging?
41:09 Summary of the best tips for young WordPress developers.

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