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When the Internet was young, there were only a few people who had the resources and money to create a website. It took a lot of coding that had to be written and the website would not change for years. However, now things have changed. Now, websites are updatable, interactive and actually require very little coding.

This is mainly possible thanks to WordPress, an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to create a website from scratch without any coding required. They can choose the layout of the site, add themes and change the color and even install features and incorporate social network links with just a click of a button.

Although initially started as a simple coding code to improve text typography, WordPress is currently one of the largest self-hosting blogging tools. The selling point of WordPress is the thousands of different plugins that can be found. These plugins are basically widgets or tools that can help improve your website and extend its functionality. This includes things like attaching a Facebook comment box, direct tweet options, an audio player, and so on.

This comprehensive course is the complete course on learning how to create WordPress plugins from scratch. These little widgets are very useful when you try to make your website or blog more interactive. Although WordPress offers a huge list of plugins, there are often plugins that are not available or do not do exactly what you need. Now you can actually learn how to create your own plugin and design it as you wish.

This simple course breaks down many concepts such as WordPress CMS (blog system), PHP, OOP / Classes, JSON API (Recover data from different APIs), Project structuring (how to configure our files and structure them), Taxonomy, Widgets , Custom Post Types, SQL Query, and XAMPP / Apache. It will go through all this by helping you build 10 practical apps.

This course will cover the following projects:

Facebook Footer Link – Learn How to Add a Facebook Link at the End of Very Post
Social Links Widget – Learn how to create social icons with links to specific profiles
Newsletter Widget – Create a widget that allows users to subscribe to your blog
Todo List Plugin – custom post plugin where you can embed text and save it
Github Repos Widget – Learn to use the repo feature where you can enter a user name and get rest for that user
Youtube Video Gallery – Custom post-type plugin that will show Youtube videos
City Weather Report – Underground API weather to get the complete weather report for different cities
Instagram Photo List – Learn how to use the Instagram API to create a gallery of your Instagram photos
Facebook Page Plugin (Likebox) – Embed the new Facebook likebox on your blog
Movie Listings Plugin – Create a complete plugin that includes timings for movies and also incorporates really cool features
With WordPress, the power to create blogs and websites has passed from the hands of developers to the hands of laymen. Learn how to create your own website with cool features and plugins without breaking the bank. Sign up now and start learning how to improve your website.

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