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In this video, I'm going to do a WordPress theme development tutorial with the Underscores Starter theme.


3:17 Look at the files https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=3m17s first

3:48 Style.css file https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=3m48s

5:53 File index.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=5m53s

7:38 The loop https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=7m38s

12:28 File Sidebar.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=12m28s

13:12 Header.php file https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=13m12s

19:21 File Footer.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=19m21s

21:28 File Content.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=21m28s

22:30 Template-Tags.php file https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=22m30s

26:07 File comments.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=26m07s

26:44 Developer code Website reference https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=26m44s

31:07 File Functions.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=31m07s

38:13 Page.php file https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=38m13s

38:47 File Content-Page.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=38m47s

39:27 File 404.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=39m27s

39:56 Archive.php file https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=39m56s

40:27 File Search.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=40m27s

40:44 File Content-Search.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=40m44s

42:30 Custom-Header.php file https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=42m30s

44:00 File Extras.php https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=40m00s

46:25 Theme Manual https://youtu.be/LdTWGvP1k2Q?t=46m25s

I have chosen to demonstrate this by using the Underscores Starter theme for WordPress because it is actively maintained and will be updated which means you will not learn the stale code.

This video is for people new to developing WordPress themes. I will guide you through the different files, folders and give you a general idea of ​​what the code does.

You will need some tools and resources to help you through the process.




Developing your first WordPress theme can be a task that can take months to get started. That 's why I created this video that will give you an excellent length in advance by presenting you with a starting theme developed by the Automattic WordPress team.

The Underscores Starter theme provides you with the basic files, folders, and code you need to get started. It is also actively maintained and free to use on your projects.

These are just some of the things that the Underscores theme provides to help you get started with WordPress theme development.

A fair amount of simple and well commented HTML5 templates
A useful 404 model.

An example of an optional custom header implementation in inc / custom-header.php

Custom template tags in inc / template-tags.php that keep your templates clean and neat and prevent code duplication

Some small adjustments in inc / extras.php that can enhance your thematic experience.

A script on js / navigation.js that makes your menu a drop-down menu flips over small screens (like your phone), ready for CSS art.

2 examples of CSS Layouts in Layouts /: A sidebar on the right side of your content and a sidebar on the left side of your content.

CSS workbook intelligently organized in style.css that will help you get your floor design quickly.

The GPL license in license.txt. Use it to do something cool.

If you want to stay simple, go to https://underscores.me and generate your theme from here. You just enter the name of the theme you want to create, click on the "Generate" button, and you get your starting theme ready-to-the-eye.

Domain name and hosting

Premium WordPress Theme

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