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Steal my top conversion web designs here: https://bit.ly/webblueprints. The optimization of user experience or UXO is the process of making your website more attractive. It's here that viewers click, scroll, and participate in the content of the page. I will describe some simple tactics in this video.


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Video notes:

UXO or User Experience Optimization can include a lot of really cool or non-traditional techniques that you build into your page in order to engage with visitors to your website.

Google wants your visitors to actually be part of the content experience and, therefore, rank pages more often based on the ability to keep a user on your page.

Here are some techniques for optimizing the user experience that I cover in this video:

Read more links – add a read plus link or drop-down list to your pages to entice your readers to stay more engaged. This process can be configured and managed in Google Analytics.

Infographics – Larger images are especially useful for the user experience because large images require the user to continually scroll your page to read its contents.

Sample List Listing – Going Beyond the Top 10 List Studies show that the larger your list, the more you will keep the reader on the page. Experiment with 25 things, 37 ideas, etc.

Here's an example of a list post I've done on SEO: https://bit.ly/1BTzGqz

Rating Widget Link – This is an excellent technique for getting a click in the SERPs. With this tactic, your webpage will display with a similar rating to Yelp and encourage more viewers to click.

Here is an example that I use: https://wordpress.org/plugins/rating-widget/

PS- I do not use it anymore because it conflicts with my theme.

Arrow button – use an arrow button at the crease of your page for users to read and scroll, then read and scroll.

Video and video playlists – this is one of my favorite techniques and one of those we will use a lot with the new feature of embedding videos on Facebook. Watching a video obviously keeps them on the page longer and playlists can be combined with list posts as well.

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