Snapchat has gained immense popularity among millennials. The more followers, the wider the audience you can reach out to. This article will help you learn how to add Snapchat Snapcode to WordPress?

The good news is you can increase Snapchat followers by leveraging your WordPress site. Does it make you curious?

You can do that by adding the Snapchat Snapcode to your site. Snapchat users will recognize it instantly, and they will scan it. Now, once they get the Snapcode, they are your friends. They will follow you if they like your website content.

You are familiar with Snapchat but might wonder what Snapcode is. How can you use it? That is what we are going to help you with today.

How To Add Snapchat Snapcode To Wordpress (2022) Easy Guide

What Is Snapchat All About?

Social media platforms are popular among the youth of the millennia. Snapchat is also a kind of social media version. You can use text and texting to communicate within your communities, friends, and acquaintances.

Snapchat users can send simple text messages, photos, images, or videos. In addition, you can add text and drawings to targeted recipients.

What makes Snapchat unique is its transitory content. Once the recipient receives the content, the recipient can view the “Snap” from about 1 to 10 seconds. Then it gets deleted from Snapchat’s servers to make way to the next snap.

People were in doubt whether the short-lasting nature of data was evident. They debated whether the data hung around for a while. It has left many queries on how vulnerable their Snaps would be to a hack. It gained momentum after the company got hacked in 2013.

Why We Need Snapchat?

Now the point is why use Snapchat if the data is short-lasting. It is also not devoid of threats and security issues. Despite all the above potential drawbacks, Snapchat can earn a powerful position in your marketing strategy if you give it a chance.

To make Snapchat work, you need to know it inside out. You should know right off the bat that conventional tactics are futile here. Instead, you need to be superlatively creative to make Snapchat a potent marketing tool. But do not let all these stop you from trying out Snapchat for better.

Beginners can find some practical marketing tips to use with Snapchat. Although you know that you have to slog your brainpower to leverage Snapchat as an effective social network, it does not stop you from trying to Snapchat in marketing.

What is Snapcode?

Now let us come to what a Snapcode is. Simply put, it is a Snapchat profile picture that has a unique code. It works like a QR Code where you can scan the Snapcode sent by a person or company using your Snapchat app and add them to your list.

The Snapcode offers an easy way to add new friends to your Snapchat. Once you add new friends to your Snapchat, you can collaborate and communicate with them instantly, and also you can see their snaps and stories.

Many brands and autonomous marketing agencies use Snapchat as a relationship-building strategic tool for their audience or followers. Those who use WordPress and Snapchat will get a good tip to add Snapcode to your website.

It is straightforward to place your Snapcode on your website, blog page, or post. Here we show you how to add snapchat snapcode to WordPress.

How to Generate Snapcode?

To obtain your Snapcode, first, go to the Snapchat Snapcode website and log in with your Snapchat username and password. The username and password can only be generated by downloading Snapchat on your phone and joining up. After logging in, you’ll receive a download link for a zip folder having your Snapcode picture in PNG and SVG formats.

After you’ve created your Snapcode, you’ll need to add it to your WordPress site using any of the two quick and straightforward methods discussed below. With that, you will add Snapchat snapcode to WordPress.

Manually Add Snapchat Snapcode to WordPress

You can add Snapchat Snapcode to WordPress manually on your site. To add it, upload it by going to Media–>Add New page, then add the image in a WordPress sidebar widget. Alternatively, you can use the Image Widget plugin to do that.

How To Add Snapchat Snapcode To Wordpress (2022) Easy Guide

You can also add the Snapcode to your post or pages, as we mentioned earlier.


How To Add Snapchat Snapcode To Wordpress (2022) Easy Guide

Using Snapchat Snapcode Widget

It’s also insanely simple to use a WordPress Plugin to add Snapchat Snapcode to WordPress. To begin, download and install the Snapchat Snapcode Widget plugin. Then, go to the Widgets page under Appearance. You may now move the Snapchat Snapcode widget to the sidebar or any other part of the page that best matches your needs.

Now, upload the Snapcode PNG file that you previously obtained. Finally, click the Save Button, and a snapchat Snapcode will be added to WordPress, and a widget will appear on your website — easy, right?

That is all you need to do. After that, you can view your website, and you will be happy to see the Snapcode appearing on your WordPress sidebar.

How To Add Snapchat Snapcode To Wordpress (2022) Easy Guide


Snapcode of Snapchat is a great way to boost your follower count. We have seen the number of ways you can add Snapcode to your site through WordPress.

We have learned about what is Snapcode. Readers new to Snapchat will get a fair idea of Snapchat and its use. You can add snapchat Snapcode to WordPress manually or using a widget. It is simple and easy.


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