YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. Millions of people visit the site for the latest news, Vlogs, music, and lessons each day; Add YouTube Subscription Button to WordPress, which will be an excellent method to grow your group.

If you’ve built a YouTube channel to complement your website, then we’ll show you how you can Add YouTube Subscription Button in wordpress in this article. Then, let’s go to work increasing the number of views on your YouTube channel!

Why Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress?

To begin, I’d like to offer a counter-argument. What’s the harm to Add YouTube Subscription Button in WordPress? Adding one has no adverse consequences, and on the contrary, you can increase your business by letting visitors know about your channel.

With the recent modifications to YouTube’s monetization criteria, acquiring your first thousand subscribers is more critical than ever. As a result, you can speed things up by employing traffic from your website.

The Advantages of Including a YouTube Subscription Button

The following are some of the advantages of putting a subscribe button on your website:

  • Raising your YouTube subscriber count can result in greater exposure and revenue.
  • Utilizing your current audience, they are more inclined to follow another medium if they are already familiar with your work.
  • They no longer have to go to your YouTube page and sign up when they get to your website.

YouTube’s Terms of Service to Add YouTube Subscribe Button

There are a few criteria for using the youtube subscribe button in wordpress. First, you should agree to abide by the YouTube API Terms of Service and all other API guidelines.

On WordPress, Where to Put a YouTube Subscription Button?

The higher your YouTube subscribers button appears, the better your results will be and, as a result, positioning it above the bend at the top of the page.

You may either include it in your menu or have it appear at the top of your page. Instead, your sidebar is a terrific choice (we’ll show you how to arrange it this way):

What is the Logic Behind This?

Consider this: 55% of web users spend less than 15 seconds on each page. So your viewers are unlikely to scroll to the bottom of your website. Create YouTube subscribe button to various sites to increase visibility. You’ll want the button to be particularly displayed on your homepage. Also, include your button on popular sites or blog posts that drive much organic traffic to your website.

How to Add YouTube Subscription Button in WordPress?

Method 1: How to Create Youtube Subscribe Button Code Manually

The first step is to go to the Google Developers website and look for the YouTube subscribe option. Here, you’ll enter the name of your YouTube channel select a layout, theme, and subscriber count. Then, it will show you a live preview of your button’s appearance on the website. Scroll down to grab the activation code once you’re happy.

The next step is to navigate to Appearance » Widgets in the WordPress admin area of your site. Then, paste the YouTube subscribe button code within a text widget in your widget area. Finally, save your cutback and visit your website to see how the subscribe button in WordPress works.

Method 2: Adding a YouTube Subscribe Button with a Plugin

Put a subscribe button below each YouTube video you upload to your website. This gives you more vision and can help you grow your subscriber base. The YouTube Subscribe Bar plugin must first be installed and activated.

Navigate to Settings » YouTube Subscribe Bar and enter your YouTube channel ID. Additionally, you’ll need to choose a button theme and customize the button layout.

The YouTube subscribe bar plugin lets you change the button’s design and add some text before it. Besides, you can use this box to include a call to action, such as “Subscribe to My Channel.”

After you’ve finished, click the Save Changes button to save your modifications.

This plugin adds a YouTube Subscribe bar to the bottom of every YouTube video on your site. YouTube Subscribe bars will appear on your channel’s videos as well as third-party channel videos. That way, you can offer important video content on your site while boosting your YouTube subscribers.

Other Subscribe/Follow Buttons can be Added.

Any website that wants to grow its social media presence should do so. For example, you may add similar buttons for other networks to your YouTube subscribe button to give it some competition.

For instance, you can include a Twitter follow button if you post on Twitter. In addition, many plugins specialize in adding various share buttons to your various social media profiles.

I recommend the AddToAny Share Buttons plugin, which works with almost every social media platform. It includes elegant buttons that look excellent and can be found on every website.

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Integrate Your YouTube Channel Even More

Video content continues to outperform as the internet gets older. The expansion of digital devices worldwide is one of the primary reasons. 75% of all video views are made on a mobile device. Several studies confirm that mobile consumers prefer to watch videos over reading texts.

As a result, if you want to be ready for the future, you’ll need video content. And YouTube is unrivaled in this regard. So, in a nutshell, it’s only natural to link your channel with WordPress further.

Here are some ideas for how to go about it:

  • Playlists can be added.
  • You can add notifications for YouTube Live Streams.
  • Showcase Your Most Recent Videos

There’s more. For example, adding video content can help you prosper in search engines such as Google. You may have even observed that videos show up first in search results. So get the most of it because it is the way of the future and current.

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Final Thoughts

If you already have traffic to your site, you have a good chance of converting it into YouTube subscribers. It is even more effective to Add YouTube Subscription Button on your blog or website page.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you are ready to incorporate it into your website. This will assist you in converting the majority of your visitors into YouTube subscribers. You can also find out how to include a subscribe button in your YouTube video.


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