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Web design is all about visuals. Images are known to make a huge impact on your readers and audience. You have to make sure that you visually satisfy the viewer in order to have them scroll through your website. The art of choosing the right images for your web design needs to be perfect in order to achieve the desired look and feel to the web design. Here is how:

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Images to be contextual

All images should be in context with the text or the content on the website. The images that you choose must always be relevant to the content that they coincide too. The photos that you select must also be working by the norms of your target audience and not be offensive to any race or religion. You should keep in mind the ethical considerations of the society as well. If you feel that you cannot find the right image, look through many free stock images that are easily available over the internet.

Do not stuff your web design with irrelevant content that seems to have no link with the overall look and feel of your content or might be offensive to some viewers.

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Adjustable images

Images need to be adjusted with the templates and styles that you intend to follow. Make sure that you choose images that are scaled to the proper size and are easy to crop if the need arises. While inserting images into your posts, be aware of the fact that you need images that fit perfectly in asynchrony with the rest of the images. It is preferred on a website that all the images are of the same size and dimension to maintain uniformity of the images. You need to find out the best size of the image for your blog, website and e-commerce portals; depending upon your personal preference and the current trends.

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Images with good quality

There are many websites where you can find free stock images. However, you have to opt for only the ones that provide you with good quality images that will reflect on your website design. Low-quality images do not only cast quite the unwanted impression on the viewer but also result in a low SEO ranking for your website. Make sure that the pixels do not break as the image is scaled and the quality is crystal clear.

The rule of good images exists the same way over the internet and webs designing industry as is applies in real life. Top interior design experts have revealed that good quality displayed art and photos in your home can cast quite the impression on your visitors. This works for the people visiting your website as well. A similar phenomenon was seen when choosing inspiring photography images for wall art to promote feelings of tranquility when someone enters your home.

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UI elements and icons instead of images

Using images as icons can be quite burdensome on the website and decrease its efficiency. Free stock images and vector graphics such as sources of UI elements and icons are great for using as icons on website design. Do not try to use images as icons because that reduces the smoothness of the web interface. Moreover, such a large amount of compression to the photo makes it lose its original look. There are many universal image icons that you can opt for, instead of going for images as icons.

Nevertheless, if you wish to compress and put images up in the website, pre-compress them instead of compressing then on the website tool. That makes the compression much swifter and the result is much smoother; with minimal graphics, pixels breaking.

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Pick the right file type

When you are downloading images with the intent of using them on your web designs, do not go for images that are in the incorrect format. Find images of required format;  as the photos that are in the incompatible format will not show up or be uploaded to the software that they are incompatible with. You need to do your homework before actually going ahead and looking for images for your website. Wrong formats are known to result in conflicts with the website UI; which can result in the loss of templates and layouts as well.

If you are confused about which format to use for your images, you can look that up on the internet as it has many websites that can guide you on the what format of the image should you use on your website.

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Images to populate an online shop

The e-commerce business is booming with images. You need to take good pictures of a product to be able to sell it in the e-markets. This is because the image is the only way that the buyer can assess your product; in turn being a little biased when it comes to angles and positioning of the product.

This imagery can be made of use on e-commerce websites by putting up images that are not only attractive but make the product seem better than it actually is. Use different angle shots and lightings to make sure you get shots from all the angles for the buyer to view and decide if they want to buy your product, or not.

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Uniformity in styles of image

Images on a web design do not have to be quite alienated in a way that they stick out from the rest of the web design. Like all the other elements, the photos should also be in complete harmony with the rest of the web design. All the images are to have the same style, color, and width of the borders; preferably with the same size and dimension of the images.

Images are put into web designs to blend in and not to stand out as obnoxious. If the photos that you’ve chosen for your website design looks off, it probably needs to be changed. Subtlety and balance is the key to a classy web design.

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What it comes down to

While reading a blog, or scrolling through a website; most of us tend not to realize how much effort has been put into the content to put it up for you to read or see. One of the hardest parts while picking out images is making sure that the image will cast the exact impression that you wish to achieve instead of casting an entirely different perception to the viewer. Choosing great images for your website is an art in itself – an art that can make or break your e-business of your webs design. It cannot be learned by reading a book or a blog’ you need to practice and implement what you learn with every passing day. Practice makes a web designer perfect!

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