Are you looking to create auction website with WordPress? Then this article is all about it. Users can bid things for sale through an auction website. This makes it possible to maximize income by selling distinctive products.

Implicating things in auctions and obtaining a deal is a big drawback for many users. This is one of the reasons for eBay’s achievement. But, not everyone appreciates the fees you have to pay on the website to sell.

What if you enjoy the eBay notion but want to operate your web auction? Or do others allow their things to be sold? You can sell products at the auction or auction for available items.

Now, you may not be as big as eBay, but you can still do some fantastic stuff for low prices!

For this purpose, all you need to have is a WordPress account and WooCommerce plugins. WordPress gives many easy options to design your website as you want. Also, an auction plugin for WooCommerce allows you to transform the web into an auction shop adding a few other functions.

The creation of such a site requires personalized code and enormous costs. But it isn’t. Anyone who has an auction plugin and a WordPress site can create their Auction site.

Integration in your website of an auction platform gives you the chance to sell to the community. Of course, it’s not ideal to try the eBay beat. But it can be a clever way to create auction website with WordPress based on a specific product.

As the site owner, you can establish the charges and take yourself a share. You gain part of every sale through the auction platform if you have an auction platform that allows the users to put items for sale.

Hence, on your site, you can run your auctions. You are the sole person placing items for an offer with this form of the auction, and your visitors can apply.

You can thus sell through an auction platform without visitors finding you on a third-party website. Above all, you don’t have to share with someone else but the bank (PayPal and others.). You can even auction off your services. Or do both of them. So sell your Auction, and let others sell their Auction.

This article will give step-by-step instructions on create auction website with WordPress using plugins.

What You Need to Build an Auction Site Using WordPress

To make your site like eBay with WordPress, you’ll need the following.

  • A name for a domain (It will be the name you put for your site, for example, This is your site’s name.
  • A hosting web account (where the files are stored on your website)
  • Certificate of SSL (You need this to receive online payments)
  • Besides ecommerce (The website will become an e-commerce platform)
  • An Addon to Auctions (This adds to your website auction functionalities)
  • 40 minutes of your undivided care

Yes, in 40 minutes, you can build your auction site, and we’re going to take you step by step throughout.

WordPress Auction Site Building Requirements

You will need the following elements to construct a website for your auction company:

  • A domain name is your web address, like and It is a domain name. See our Domain Name Registration Guide.
  • An account for web hosting: Here are the files on your site.
  • SSL certificate: allows for a secure connection to take online payments on your website.
  • An eCommerce plugin: It lets you add the Buy now button. It supports many payment gates, searches for items, reviews. WooCommerce, the most excellent WordPress eCommerce plugin available, is always recommended.
  • An extra auction: This plugin inserts auction functionality into your website.

We will help you develop a WordPress auction website.

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How to build Auction Website with WordPress

Step 1: Setting Up Your Auction Site with WooCommerce

It would be best to get a domain name and web hosting to set up an auction site like any website. To ensure that you accept online payments safely, you will also need an SSL certificate.

The costs of building a site can seem quite a lot when you get started. You will receive a domain name for $14.95 per year and a site hosting for roughly $7.99 per month.

You can set up an auction site without any tiresome WP WooCommerce setup steps. Thanks to their WooCommerce Hosting Plan.

Step 2. Installing a WooCommerce Auction Addon

Next, a WooCommerce auction extension, YITH WooCommerce Auctions, must be installed and triggered. Then, navigate to YITH Plugins » Auction to set the plugin settings after activation. Then, make sure you adjust your needs.

Image Showing General Settings Of Yith Plugin

You can start the listing of auction items on your website.

Step 3: Listing an Auction Item

The YITH plugin is an addition to WooCommerce. So you may add products to your online store, like auction items.

Go to the Products » Add News to add an item. Your auction item’s title, details, and photos have to be filled out.

Image Showing Adding Of Products To Website

You will have to choose Auction underneath the editor, next to the product data choice. Then, you will find the configuration for your auction products.

Image Showing Setting The Bidding Criteria

You can specify the initial price for the auction, bid, and the least amount. You can also specify other things on your website to be included in the listing and bidding.

You can post your listing after modifying the auction details. Your auction is now available on your website for WooCommerce.

Besides your WooCommerce products, the auction items are marked with a gavel icon.

If necessary, you can include unique pages to only display auction items on your website. All you need to do is create a page in your content area. On the page, insert the following shortcode and then make your page available.

Step 4: Managing Your Auctions

You can select a time to begin the auction on your product page with the YITH plugin. You may thus choose the optimal moment to list your auction and finish it.

Any registered user can bid on an item after the auction starts. You can view the information of the current highest bidding, time left, auction time, and the bid button on the individual Auction sites.

Image Showing Bidding Example

The specifics of earlier offers are provided below the list, including:

  • the name of the user
  • the amount of the offer
  • the period of the offer

Image Showing Number Bids On The Product

It allows you complete control of your bids, the critical advantage of the plugin YITH, by signing into your WordPress dashboard. In addition, you can remove any offer from your auction listing page.

You only have to click on the Delete offer option on your auction page to see what you don’t want. In your auction listings, you may also select a price for buying it now. This enables users to buy your things immediately.

Each new bid, auction grace period, auction end and more, will be emailed to all users that attend an auction when you finish the auction item. In addition, the auction winner will receive an email to complete the payment.

Step 5: Allow Other Users to List Auction Items

You need to change your website into an auction marketplace by installing a free plugin called WC vendors. This allows other users to postauction products on your site.

Image Showing Wc Vendors Settings

Go to WC Vendors » Settings after activating the plugin. You can also enable people to become a seller on this page. You can specify the fee rate for each successful auction on the Commission table.

Create Auction Website With WordPress- Suggested Plugins

Now you are aware of how to create a WordPress auction site. After the auction site, you have established. Next, let’s see some of the greatest plugins you need to install on your site.


Wpforms Logo
Contact forms belong to all websites, as this plugin can create any form with its significant features. WPForms can develop a contact form. It can even incorporate many various addon plugins into your form.

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Monsterinsights Logo
The best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is MonsterInsights. You can install Google Analytics with this plugin to track user interactions.


Optinmonster Logo

The most incredible lead generation plugin is OptinMonster. It makes it easy to transform your visitors into subscribers and clients. You can design time-sensitive behavior-based campaigns. As a result, they reduce cart drop rates and increase revenues.

All In One SEO

All In One Seo Logo

Improve your auction website with WordPress SEO plugin by All in One SEO (AIOSEO). All in One SEO offers many significant features as mentioned below:

  • Local SEO
  • TruSEO on-page analytical analysis
  • SEO checklist

WP Super Cache

Wp Super Cache Logo
Improve the performance of your WP site by installing the most effective WP cache and other WordPress plugins. It will maintain the performance of the website and make it run smoothly.

Choosing the Right WordPress Auction Theme

WP gives loads of great topics you can generate and use to make a website for auctions. The following are some of the shortlisted themes you can use for auctions on the website.


Adifier Theme Logo
Adifier is a WordPress theme specially developed to create auction website with WordPress. The subject is rich with features and integrated tools. One of the greatest things is that there are 14 pre-constructed templates available. They help to put up a website in the auction-style.

This theme is also excellent for most situations with loads of monetization possibilities. It is the best auction website builder in WordPress.


Adforest Theme Logo
Another unique auction template theme is the AdForest theme. It delivers you multiple options for color and design. Adforest can also be created and built with different mobile layout alternatives. The integration of Google Map allows you to quickly and easily set up and sell auction items.


Auction Theme Logo
The name explains everything here pretty much. The Auction theme is a sleek and fluid WordPress layout designed for automobile sales. But, you can tailor the subject and style to suit whatever kind of auction products and layout you choose. It also comes with a strong page builder that makes it easier to develop pages than ever before.


Ibid Theme Logo
iBid is a strong theme designed to create auction website with wordpress. You can establish up to 6 distinct locations of business. Then, if you haven’t settled down on a particular niche, the iBid topic is right down the street. It is personalized and has a simple creation and layout drag-and-drop page builder.


Classify is a beautifully designed, lightweight theme that is great for an auction. The topic comes with many ad placement spots. Also, it’s SEO friendly, and users can easily add online payment in advance.

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What about the site that hosts your auctions, if you could be in total control? You would not have to pay any commission, and you would fully control the appearance and feel of the site.

You can even let others add your site auctions. Sounds nice. Then, of course, all could build up a WordPress site and install a simple but great plugin.

The fantastic thing about WordPress is that you can change your website using a single plugin. So those who want a primary auction site for an occurrence or a niche-related substitute for eBay are perfect.

The WP Auction plugin offers all the functionalities to convert WP into a site for the auction. In addition, the user interface of the back-end administration is designed and displayed to make it simple.

Registration at the front end and login forms help register and start listing your products for sale and bidding for other items. In addition, email alerts are issued to maintain the loop between both buyers and sellers.

Suppose you want to establish or add the function on an existing website to an online auction. Then the WP Auction Software plugin is a complete choice. It has all the necessary capabilities.

For any eCommerce, WordPress is a superb platform. You can even build your auction site. This includes your platform, a platform for others to sell, or both you want. This WordPress auction plugin will fulfill your Auction needs.

WP SurveyFunnel plugin is another fantastic plugin by the same creator. So please check if you also need survey functionality.

Using the preceding procedures and following the order, you’ll soon be able to access an auction website with WordPress. Discover your new website and all the links it provides.

We hope this article was helpful for you to guide you on how to create a bidding website with WordPress.


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