7 Best Blog Name Generators to Help You Find Good

Choosing a catchy name for your blog may be difficult. Fortunately, there are a plethora of clever blog name generators to choose from. It can aid you in coming up with fantastic blog name ideas.

These are web-based apps that generate blog names. Based on the terms you enter, this will generate blog name ideas.

They employ creative techniques to produce one-of-a-kind blog names. And you may take advantage of it.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best blog name generators. It will assist you in coming up with a unique and brandable blog name.

What exactly is a blog name generator?

A blog name generator is a tool that may assist you in coming up with distinctive, appealing titles. The bulk of these devices can:

  • Provide a few blog name suggestions based on the terms you provide.
  • Examine whether the domains linked with the names are available or have already been taken.
  • Frequently aid you in obtaining and registering the name for your blog that you wish.

Let us begin by distinguishing between two sorts of blog names—keyword-based Names and brand-based characters.

Understand the keyword-based names:

Keywords are terms that users put in the address bar of a browser when searching.

If you can come up with a name, it perfectly or partially matches the top keywords.

People and search engines will have an easier time finding your blog. However, remember that there will be a lot of names.

In the same region, they’re similar. As a result, standing out in a crowd may be challenging.

You may grow reliant on search engines to deliver traffic to your website.

Understand more about brand-based names here:

You may also use blog name generators to help you come up with unique keywords.

These created phrases can be turned into brand names over time.

  • Suppose your blog is entirely dedicated to you and your life. You are free to use your name.
  • Or if you’ve been selling bakery items, for example. It’s been famous in the area under any name.

You are welcome to utilize it as well. The name may have some goodwill attached to it.

  • You could even come up with something unique. A name that has no meaning yet sounds good when spoken.

These are the kinds of names that have the potential to become household names.

What Qualities Construe a Good Blog Name?

A good blog name is short, distinct, and memorable. It also includes your primary keywords.

The primary keyword of your blog is the central topic of your entire website. This makes it easy for individuals interested in that topic to locate your website.

You are making your new blog name unique. It might aid in the development of a strong brand. In contrast, if you choose a generic or popular character.

People will have a difficult time distinguishing your blog from others.

The blog ‘The Simple Dollar,’ for example, uses a popular word combination. It makes it simple to remember. And it’s a unique name for their popular blog.

Suppose you’re putting together a personal blog. Then you may use your name as the name of your blog. Many prominent blogs are named after the bloggers, such as Michael Hyatt, Syed Balkhi, and others.

Names based on keywords or names that can be branded?

Suppose you have a keyword-based domain with an exact or partial match. It does provide you with an SEO edge. But be cautious.

It is supported by high-quality, relevant material, referrals, and social media mentions.

Whether you choose brand-based or keyword-based names, it is preferable if the names are simple to remember and spell.

Avoid unusual-sounding names that people are likely to misspell.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Name for Your Blog

The domain name and name you select will serve as the identification of your brand. Once your blog becomes well-established in your field, it will be tough to change.

As a result, use extreme caution. Also, conduct many studies before settling on a name.

Here are six things to consider when naming your blog:

Short vs. Long Name

Your blog’s name should be brief and easy to remember. You may be tempted to use a lengthier domain name.

However, avoid it at all costs because lengthy names might be difficult to recall. And even a minor spelling error can drive them away from your website.

The domain name should contain 1-2 easy-to-spell words.

Does it withstand the radio test?

The radio test confirms a domain name. Whether or whether people can accurately spell your website’s domain name.

It’s also known as the phone test, and it has the same consequences if someone can accurately spell it after hearing it over the phone.

People should be able to accurately spell your website after hearing it for the first time. To ensure this, follow the instructions below. The radio test was passed by your domain name:

  • Avoid using online jargon. For example, instead of spelling you as you, spell it as you.
  • In your domain name, avoid using numerals and hyphens. Guitarlessonsonline.com is unmistakably simple to spell. Unlike guitarlessons4u.com or guitar-lessons.com.
  • Use homonyms sparingly. Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different pronunciations. However, the spellings and meanings differ. Bear and bare, for example, have similar accents. They are, however, spelled differently.

Your blog should be niche while still being scalable.

The topic you select for your blog should be narrow enough.

However, it should not be overly detailed where you’d have difficulty attracting a sizable portion of your target audience to your website.

Choose a specialty and focus on it. However, once you’ve exhausted all possible subjects, you should be able to stray into related topics in your thing without appearing entirely out of place.

As an example, suppose you choose blogging as a topic. It is specific enough to draw a significant readership where you aren’t too ambiguous.

However, suppose you select technical SEO for blogs as a topic. In that case your blog will become too restricted with a limited scope if you do not broaden it.

Make Your Blog Easily Recognizable

We’ve already seen keyword-based and brand-based blog names in this post. The name you select for your blog should be one-of-a-kind. As a result, it will become a brand in your niche.

When you think of photocopiers, you immediately think of Xerox. This is the power of a memorable brand name and memory!

Brian Dean borrowed the term “backlink” from an SEO dictionary. We tweaked it somewhat and turned it into Backlinko.com, which is now widely recognized.

Select.com as your blog’s top-level domain (TLD).

Many inexperienced writers make the mistake of selecting flashy top-level domains (TLDs). For example,.photography,.recipes, or any TLD/extension. That corresponds to their blogging specialization.

While it may be prudent to select something that better represents your site, however, sticking to.com is always the best option in the long term because most people are accustomed to typing.com for nearly every website.

For instance, if you purchase gourmet food. Recipes domain name. There’s a risk your viewers may type gourmetrecipes.com instead. And you risk losing a significant number of visitors.

Having a.com domain TLDs can also help you rank higher in search engines.

If you genuinely desire a fancy TLD. Go ahead and purchase it. However, you may redirect it to the.com. As a consequence, for both of you, it’s a win-win situation.

Avoid Copyright Violations

While you’re deciding on a name for your blog, check that it does not conflict with any copyright or trademark rights.

Your work should be one-of-a-kind. Even inadvertently matching someone else’s intellectual property may find you in heat.

Best Blog Name Generators

When starting a blog, deciding on a name is an essential first step. This article will show you the best blog name generator tools on the market.

Themeisle’s Blog Name Generator

Image Showing Themeisle

The newest member of the family is this Blog Name Generator. And one that we’ve put a lot of effort into perfecting.

We’ve learned from what the other tools on the market have to offer. And then they improved on it. And then they filled it in to a user-friendly UI.

Simply enter your seed word to utilize it. Something that describes the sort of blog and you wish to create. Allow a few seconds. And the generator will provide a list of new domain names.

They are also accessible for registration. In addition, there are several premium options. Existing domains with a higher prominence are included. And, in most cases, they look and sound better.

When you’re ready, you can select any of the accessible domains. Simply click the button next to it. You will then be routed to Bluehost.

You usually have the option of registering the domain. Alternatively, you may receive it for free as a bonus with a web hosting subscription.

DomainWheel – Blog Name Generators

DomainWheel – Blog Name Generators

DomainWheel is easy to use. Nonetheless, incredibly inventive. What I appreciate about it is. It displays a large number of possible domain possibilities.

So you don’t start regretting not registering sooner. Let us see how it goes.

You begin by entering your preferred keyword(s). It might be something familiar or linked to your company.

It might also be a two or three-word sequence. Then, press the ‘Search Domain’ button to start the wheel spinning.

There will be three sorts of outcomes. The first category includes top domains such as.com,.net, and.org. If you’ve picked an existing term, don’t expect a.com to appear.

The second category contains DomainWheel-generated names about your suggestions. However, the keyword itself is not used.

Finally, you’ll receive three sorts of suggestions. One for names that have the same sound as the keyword. One for names that don’t sound like the keyword. And one for names that don’t sound like the keyword. One for keyword rhyming. And one with unusual suggestions.

The outcomes are highlighted in green. It also has a cost associated with it. It will link you to a domain vendor where you may buy your new domain. Sweet!

Zyro Business Name Maker

Zyro Business Name Maker

Zyro’s Business Name Generator is the next option on our list of the top blog name generators.

Zyro began as a website builder for generating attractive blogs. With simple drag-and-drop functionality. They do, however, provide free tools to assist you in setting up your blog.

The generator is one of these tools. AI is assisting you. You can receive some pretty fantastic name suggestions!

All you have to do is put the phrases into the search box. That best describes your blog’s specialty. Then click the Generate Name button. You will receive a slew of unique blog names.

With a simple click, you may copy the name. Also, purchase your domain name to ensure its security.



Nameboy can generate appropriate blog names based on keywords. Fill in a primary description and a secondary description, if desired. Then specify whether hyphens and rhyme are required.

When you’ve found the perfect name, add it to your shopping cart. You can also save the name from being used for later domain registration. Add any other domain names you already own to the shopping cart.

The domain names can be viewed on the cart page. You can buy and protect them when you sign up for a Nameboy account. You have complete control over all domain names.

Nameboy also provides a variety of services such as finding and so on.



Wordoid is a tool for intelligent naming. It assists you in selecting great names with no more than 15 letters. Enter your keyword here. Choose the desired language and quality level.

You have the option of selecting more than one language. Indicate where in the name the keywords should appear. Wordoid will generate several alternatives. And their registration availability.

The names will be appealing. They’re also unlikely to appear in a dictionary.

Wordoid is entirely free to use. To check your past search history, or to pin wordoids, go here. You’d want to come back later. You’ll need to sign in. You may log in with Facebook or Google.

Panabee is a blog name generator.

Panabee is a blog name generator.

Simply enter your concept in two words and hit the Search button in Panabee. Based on the words, you will be given a list of possible names.

To assist you in broadening your search. It also offers suggestions based on the words you typed in and similar phrases.

Panabee conducts searches on many platforms. So you’ll know whether the name you choose is also accessible on Facebook or Twitter.

You may also check the availability of app names. Also available are domain names, including country-specific domains.



Click on ‘?’ to see who owns the name. Keep track of the date that a particular domain name expires. You may also view a list of domain names that are offered for sale.



Domain Is a search engine that searches the whole domain space. It has almost 1700 Top Level Domains.










URL forwarding is available using DomainIt. It implies that you can register several domain names. That all leads to the same website.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a simple and effective method. And an easy-to-use blog name generator. Automattic is in charge of it. WordPress.com’s parent business.

Follow your keyword search (s). It will generate a list of blog name options in a matter of seconds.

For instance, suppose you want to create a fashion blog. Then you could wish to incorporate the phrase “top fashion” in the title of your site. Let’s look up the words.

Image Showing fashion blog

Suppose you like any of the names on the list. Click on it to see whether it’s available if it’s still available. You will be able to register with Bluehost or WordPress.com.

Name Mesh

Name Mesh

NameMesh makes it simple to come up with excellent blog names. It provides name suggestions in a variety of areas once you’ve found your keyword.

It will show naming ideas in Common, New, Short, Similar, SEO, Fun, etc.

For example, suppose you want to establish a sports blog with’ sports enthusiast’ in the title. Here’s how NameMesh suggests names for your blog.

Image Showing NameMesh

For each category, you will get many blog name ideas. The types assist you in selecting the perfect name for your blog.

By clicking, you may select a name. The GoDaddy website will then be opened for registration. You may, however, register with alternative registrars such as Bluehost and SiteGround.

IsItWP – Blog Name Generator

IsItWP - Blog Name Generator

IsItWP has an intelligent name generator. It generates a plethora of creative name possibilities. It assists you in deciding on the perfect name for your blog.

Simply type in your keywords or brand name to get started. Then, click the ‘Generate Names’ option. Following that, it will generate a list of names based on your keywords.

For example, if you’re seeking names for a lifestyle blog. A term that might be used is ‘happy life.’ Suppose you type it into the IsItWP name generator. The results will look like this.

Image Showing Happy Life

That is shown in the screenshot above. You will see a range of keyword combinations if you’re having trouble coming up with a good name. You may begin a new search.

WPBeginner Business Name Generator

WPBeginner Business Name Generator

The AI-powered business name generator tool from WPBeginner might assist you in coming up with catchy blog name ideas for your new enterprise.

Simply type one or two terms into the search field. Then press the Generate button.

Following that, the program will provide a vast selection of possible blog names based on your keywords.

Suppose you’re looking for a fashion blog, for example. Fashion advice is one possible keyword. Here’s how you’ll view the result:

Image Showing Search Results for Fashion tips

The most incredible thing about this tool is that it also displays the status of each domain’s availability. As a result, it saves you time as you brainstorm.



One of the most significant domain name registrars is Domain.com. It includes an entire blog and company name generator. It shows a list of hundreds of blog names, as well as their registration fees.

When you conduct a keyword search, it will initially check to see if the term is available in the.com domain. Suppose it is not readily available.

Then it will show you more names that are relevant to your query. It offers newly registered and premium domain names.

Let’s say you’re trying to come up with a name for a travel blog if you use the keyword ‘travel notes’ as your search term. The results of the search will be shown as shown below. Image Showing travelnotes.com

This name is not accessible in the the.com domain. The.net version is available at a higher cost.

There are other choices with various extensions. More blog name possibilities may be found by scrolling down the page.

It would help if you avoided names that contain hyphens or numerals because they have a lower brand-ability.

Once you’ve decided on a blog title, you may go ahead and register that. Domain.com is an excellent resource for domain registration.

Blogtyrant Blog Name Generator

Blogtyrant Blog Name Generator

A free domain name generator is available on Blogtyrant. It’s mainly intended to assist bloggers in generating ideas.

After you’ve entered the keyword, it will present you with a plethora of innovative ideas. As a result, you may use it to establish a blog rapidly.

Image Showing Travel tips

Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Network Solutions is one of the world’s most well-known domain registrars.

They include a blog domain name generator. It displays a list of suggestions depending on your search. All you have to do is type your search term into the search area.

And it will check to see whether the.com domain is accessible.

Following that, it will provide a list of additional domain extensions, in addition to a premium blog domain name. That is also available for purchase.

Image Showing Network Solutions Domains

As you can see, the.com domain is not available for registration. It is a premium domain that you may purchase. Their blog name generator also displays additional domain extensions such as. Websites and others.

Name Generator

Image Showing Name Generator

This blog name generator is a fantastic tool. It generates amusing and unique blog titles. It has the power to put a grin on anyone’s face. The generator requests information about the blog.

Everything from verbs, adjectives, and names to where you reside is covered.

Suppose you do not wish to provide any personal information. You may use the Suggest button to have the machine produce anything at random for you. The feature of this tool is the recommendations list.

There are traditional forms and rhymes. There’s even a collection of computer-generated puns.

The range of proposals available is restricted. Furthermore, the generator does not include domain availability.



DomainsBot is an easy-to-use blog name generator with a tidy interface. Once you’ve entered your terms and hit the search button, the system creates a list of available domain names that may be registered.

On the interface’s left side, you will refine your list by selecting desired criteria. Top-level domain (TLD) and generic top-level domain (gTLD) extensions are available.

Blog Title Generator 

Blog Title Generator 

SEOpressor’s Blog Title Generator is more for content. Or blog title suggestions rather than a tool for generating a domain or brand name.

If you’re using WordPress, then you’ve probably heard of their premium plugin.

The generator is entirely free. It advises on how to write catchy headlines. And how to create eye-catching blog article titles.



Another well-known blog name generator is NameStation. Its functioning is limited in specific ways.

On the Domains Search page, in the Keyword Domains Generator section. Enter your keyword and let the algorithm come up with a list of random domain names for you.

Yes, it’s random. The choices are based mainly on your keyword, with a few irrelevant phrases thrown in for good measure. It makes no sense.

The only element that appears to be appealing to consumers is the name contest. Registered accounts can participate in a contest by submitting domain name suggestions for other users.

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search returns results as soon as you begin putting in your keyword suggestions. It displays results in three categories: Extensions (Different TLDs), Generator, and Other.

You may also lookup the WhoIs information for previously registered domains.


I hope this post inspires you to come up with new blog ideas. I propose that you put your ideas through many blog name generators.

Make a list of the ones you like. And see whether they meet the six criteria we discussed previously. And choose the one that precisely meets all of your criteria.

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