Contact Form Page Design- Best Practices To Follow 2021

Contact Us- form page. Everyone has them, and everyone requires them. But are you paying attention to the strategy that supports them?

The contact page has become an afterthought for many businesses. Yet, it’s one of your website’s most significant pages. It’s where you start a discussion with potential buyers. A potential customer is lost if a contact page fails to produce that final action by the user. Which is typically the case with contact pages.

The page name is a call to action in and of itself; respect it.

Your contact page doesn’t have to be overly designed or loaded with information. But it does need to include all the necessary information. This is because they exist to serve the user by giving them information on how to contact you.

Every contact form page should aim to convert visitors by efficiently displaying how to contact a firm.

A well-designed contact form page encourages more users to contact you, increasing conversions. We’ll show you the best practices for good contact form page designs and why they’re so valuable.

Why is it so important to have a good contact form page?

All websites should have a contact form page. A contact form page, whether on a personal blog or a corporate website. Allows users to contact you at any moment while on your site.

Unlike social media, a contact form allows people to speak privately with you. This increases trust and leads to purchases.

Many website owners overlook the importance of their contact page. The majority of individuals simply put a contact form on their website and then forget about it.

If you’re not generating enough leads from your website’s contact page. Then you must make your contact page well optimized for conversions.

In WordPress, how do you make a contact form page?

A contact form page is not included with WordPress. So, to construct a form and then add it to your contact page, you’ll need a contact form plugin.

WPForms is a plugin that we suggest. It was designed to be the most user-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. WPForms is available for free on the official plugin directory.

Let’s look at some best practices for contact form page designs. These practices can help you increase conversions after you’ve created a contact form.

Best Practices for Designing the Contact Form Page

1. Verify if your contact form is functional.

Many times, WordPress hosting providers’ mail functionalities are incorrectly configured. For example, this prevents your contact form plugin from delivering email notifications.

If you have the pro version of WPForms, you can still view the form entries in the WordPress admin area. If you’re using a free contact form plugin, though, you won’t even realize your form isn’t working.

It’s critical to send a test submission after adding a contact form to your WP site so that it’s working correctly.


2. Avoid fields in your contact form that aren’t required.

You may create a contact form with as many fields as you want. But, each extra field you add to your contact form increases the amount of time it takes your users to complete it.

As a result, restricting your contact form options to the least and only adding fields that will help you understand the user’s concern.

If you must create a longer form, you should follow few tips at reducing form abandonment. You risk lowering your conversion rate if you build a multi-page form or one with many fields. Users frequently get form fatigue and abandon the process before completing the form.

Many complex form builders have form abandonment addons to prevent form fatigue. This allows you to capture partial forms entries.

Or you can say it helps you increase lead generation without increasing your traffic.

Image Showing Neilpatel

3. Stir people’s interest

Make use of a motivator. Show the benefits of submitting their information. This will help to encourage your visitors to contact you. Some member advantages, for example, include exclusive deals, coupon codes, and more.

4. Make Use Of The Appropriate Call To Action

Not everyone who fills out your contact form is ready to make a sale. Others people visit your contact page for exploratory/research purposes. At the same time, others may have a question that they can’t find an answer to on your site. Some may be experiencing technical difficulties, and some want to buy your services. You should note these distinctions on your contact page.

Make it clear on your page that you welcome anyone wanting a consultation, more information, or any other common requests.

For those who have discovered an error on your website, you can provide a drop-down menu. Or include a link to your webmaster’s email address somewhere on the page.

Scribd goes even farther by having several contact pages for different types of requests. First, visitors must select one of the reasons for contacting the company. After doing so, they are directed to either an email address or a different website with the necessary contact information.

5. Describe why users should get in touch with you.

Users should find your contact form page pleasant and welcome. It can appear more polite and helpful with a greeting followed by a welcome message. Make it clear to users what types of inquiries you can assist them with.

Image Showing Your Virtula Mentor

For separate pages for different departments, refer users to the appropriate one. You can send existing customers to support or guest bloggers to a write for us form, for example.

Image Showing Optinmonster

6. Organize your contact options in one place.

Freshbooks is an excellent example of bringing all your contact options together in one place. As a result, customers can find everything they need on one website. Whether they need technical support, information about a current issue, or how to contact the press.

While some firms differentiate between self-service knowledge bases and active help. But, cross-linking all your contact methods makes it easier for users to discover a solution.

The majority of the pages are linked to their contact pages’ FAQs and documentation. In addition, social support channels have been added to Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Basecamp. Include connections to your customer community forum, pre-recorded films, and training opportunities.

Not only should you use your contact page as a center for all your support platforms. But you should also use it for email.

Organize Your Contact Options In One Place

7. Provide a variety of ways for people to contact you.

The most accessible approach for users to send you a message is to have a form on your contact page. But, adding extra contact options can assist users in determining what works best for them.

You can add an email address, WhatsApp number, or phone number for other modes of communication.

Provide A Variety Of Ways For People To Contact You.

8. Include your social media profiles.

While most people want to communicate with you privately, some may prefer to do so over Facebook or Twitter. As an alternative way for users to reach, include social network buttons on your contact form page.

Image Showing Contact Me

9. Adapt the page to the requirements.

Every customer needs help with something different, and the information you want to provide can vary over time. Hence, there is no one-size-fits-all design for a contact page. To combat this, many businesses use “adaptive” contact sites. These sites respond to more specific consumer requests.

Zapier’s contact page invites visitors to categorize their problems. After which, it shows one of many different forms for more information.

Adapt The Page To The Requirements.

The contact page of Campaign Monitor follows a more time-based model:

A significant alert appears on the page during a live service disruption. It then directs users to their status page for more information and updates.

You’ll see the names and images of the customer care team members working certain hours. This depends on when you view the website.

Customers can choose the urgency of their issue on weekends when support coverage is reduced. This helps smaller teams focus on their queue.

If their plan includes phone help, logged-in customers will see a phone number.

Customers will save time and stress by using adaptive contact pages.

10. Including an address and a map

Including an address and location on a map can assist increase user trust in an online business. Users appreciate knowing where you are located, even if you don’t have a physical store or office.

Image Showing A Map

Suppose you have many locations in different cities or countries. Including them all on your contact form page will make it far more helpful.

Image Is About Address

11. Make Your Form Confirmation Page More Effective

Most contact form plugins let you show users a confirmation message. Or it redirects them to a different page once they submit the form.

You can redirect customers to your most valuable resources, such as your most popular articles or a discount code, by redirecting them.

Image Showing Confirmation Message

12. Don’t forget to validate your data.

Save your users time and ensure that their input is error-free. For example, instead of providing error alerts after a user has filled out their data, guide the proper data format. You can also give a specific format for information. Such as an email address, phone number, date, or website.

13. Invite people to join your email list.

When filling out the form, your users will be asked to provide their email addresses. You can also include a check box asking them to join your email list.

Invite People To Join Your Email List.

14. Expectations should be set

Customers have grown accustomed to receiving immediate responses to their concerns. This is due to the popularity of internet chat services and 24/7 customer service hotlines. It’s critical to create expectations for when they might get a response not to become impatient. You can include this information in the automatic answer if you’re using a contact form. If your contact page doesn’t have a form but does have email addresses. You should offer response times in the copy.

You can also mark specific queries or requests on your contact page that you handle through particular channels of contact.

Basecamp displays their current average response time at the very top of the page. Their response time is far faster than the average company. But, putting the time at the forefront is a great approach to set expectations. Also, take note of their staff’s amusing illustrations (a significant personalization factor).

15. Include pictures of your team.

The contact page becomes more friendly if you add images of your team members and personnel. It assures customers that the folks behind your contact form page are real people. As a result, people will respond to their questions.

Image Showing Your Contact Form Page Are Real People

16. Get Creative with your Submit Button.

Make your Submit button as unique as possible. People indeed prefer rectangular buttons. But, if your site aims for artistic excellence, you should try a circular-shaped button. Again, there are no color restrictions. All you have to do is choose a decent contrast and see which button color converts the best for your business.

Pay attention to your copy as well. For example, avoid the word “submit” and instead use phrases like “Get started for free,” “Talk to us,” “Subscribe today,” and so on.

17. Create an Engaging contact form page

Your contact form page doesn’t need to be plain. For example, to reflect your company’s culture and beliefs, you can include images of your office, store, or support crew.

Image Is About Create An Engaging Contact Form Page

18. Use your creativity while designing your contact page.

You may have observed that the layout of many contact pages on various websites is basic and predictable. While it serves its job, you can take advantage of it to make a statement.

Many premium WordPress themes include built-in form types. You can use Custom CSS or a plugin like CSS Hero to customize those styles.

To develop your contact form page layout, use a drag and drop page builder plugin. This gives you the freedom to be more creative without having to write any code.

Image Showing Designing Your Contact Page

19. Make your Contact Page more Friendly

Making contact with an organization might be scary at times. Are my inquiries too basic? Is a modest account like mine even of interest to them? Are they too preoccupied to respond to my questions?

You may ease those concerns by adding some personality into your contact page copy. Many successful contact pages address a frequent problem. They do so by declaring that you will be speaking with a human no matter how you contact them.

Another technique to make your contact page more personable is to include photos of the people answering your emails. You can consist of amusing statements about how much they appreciate returning contact emails. You can also add how much they enjoy their profession in general.

Make Your Contact Page More Friendly

Campaign Monitor has a beautiful photo of a friendly-looking staff with a product phrase next to their form to humanize the company.

20. Visuals should be enabled.

Use animation, a video (from prior conferences, if you’re an event organizer). Or a header photo of your staff to bring your contact page to life. Whatever you choose, make sure your graphics are authentic, like Fentimans’.

Make sure that these components don’t take up too much room and prevent your contact form from being placed below the fold. After all, you don’t want your guests to be disappointed.

21. Don’t you think you’re asking for too much?

Filling out forms is a chore that no one enjoys. When people need to connect with a firm, it’s essentially a required step to take. As a result, while creating your contact form, make sure you only ask for the information you need. In fact, Hubspot claims that the best performing form length in 2019 is 5 fields. On a similar point, don’t make all your fields necessary, regardless of how many you work with.

22. Stand out from the crowd.

This isn’t appropriate for any brand. But, if it’s possible, why not let your creativity run wild and develop a page that your website visitors remember?

Depending on your brand’s personality, go for a colorful or straightforwardSuppose approach.

As Yummygum does, use negative space to draw attention to your contact information.

Image Showing Contact Information

If you have several offices or showrooms throughout the world. Visual clues can attract attention to specific features on the page, such as flags.

23. Make your form mobile.

It should go without saying that we live in a world that is becoming increasingly mobile. So, when you expect individuals to contact you, think about what kind of gadget they use and be ready to accept them.

Best practices for mobile-optimized contact forms include:

  • opting for fewer fields
  • using auto-focus on the first field
  • placing labels above the fields
  • using the “show password” option to avoid mistypes
  • replacing drop-downs with radio buttons
  • Be finger-friendly by using enough spacing between elements.

24. Try to Keep it Simple

Your contact page’s design is vital, but it should be kept as simple as possible. It’s unnecessary to include animations or other distracting components. Instead, the data should be allowed to speak for itself. Create contact pages that focus on the essential information. Appealingly displaying all the necessary information is a design success. So don’t add any more hassles.

Where Should a Contact Form Be Located on Your Contact Page?

Make it as easy as possible for people to find your contact form. Try to place your contact form above the fold. This will make it is the first thing people see when they arrive at your contact page.


All the examples in this article have different styles and layouts, but they are all simple. There are many ways to improve the design of your contact form and contact page to get a higher conversion rate. But, each brand is distinct, and the outcomes may vary.

This means that no matter what concept you have, test it and collect data before putting it into practice.

We hope you found this post helpful in learning how to create the best contact form page designs.

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