20 Cool T Shirt Mockup Maker Template Designs For 2021

Design creative apparel in 2021 with T-shirt template mockups. Check out this selection of high-quality templates from Placeit and Envato Elements.

Everyone has a favorite tee. What if yours was a tee shirt design you made yourself?

T-shirt design templates help you strategize the position, color, and vibe of apparel design. These helpful templates make it easy to rearrange elements so you won’t have to worry about design mistakes later.

22 T-Shirt Templates for 2021

Plan out your corporate events, family reunions, or special parties using tee mockups! Check out this collection of our favorite T-shirt templates over on Placeit and Envato Elements.

11 Cool T-Shirt Templates From Envato Elements

Follow your passions while saving valuable time. A great mockup is like having a team of creatives always at your side. Check out this wide selection of quality T-shirt templates available with your subscription at Envato Elements.

1. T-Shirt Mockup Urban Edition (PSD)

You can never go wrong with a casual tee. Check out this urban T-shirt mockup featuring a cool street edition. This pack includes six awesome T-shirt design templates with customizable color options. Keep the original colors or add unique textures.

T-Shirt Mockup Urban Edition

2. 10 T-Shirt Mock-Ups (PSD, PDF)

Create stunning timelines with this pack of Instagram-worthy T-shirt mockups! A full set of ten incredible designs, these templates feature high-resolution images of models in various locations. Enjoy dreamy, soft-focus shots and interesting urban scenes in one fantastic download!

10 T-Shirt Mock-Ups

3. Minimal T-Shirt Mockups (PSD)

Need a simple template that’s easy to edit? This minimal T-shirt mockup showcases your best designs with ten unique looks! Change the fabric patterns or add even more texture for a stylized effect. Need help? You’ll also get access to a quick PDF guide to help you with each step.

Minimal T-Shirt Mockups

4. Crew Neck T-Shirt Mock-Up (PSD, PDF)

Celebrate summer with the launch of new tees! This crew neck T-shirt mockup is simple and easy to use. Just replace the smart object layers with your very own images to check out many cool options. Change the T-shirt colors and more for unlimited results!

Crew Neck T-Shirt Mock-Up

5. Crew Neck T-Shirt Mock-Up (PSD, PDF)

Sell your surfer shirts or summer apparel with this crew neck T-shirt mockup. This download includes four high-quality mockups, all available to customize with Adobe Photoshop. Edit your work fast with smart object layers and more to achieve wicked results! Check it out!

Crew Neck T-Shirt Mock-Up

6. Gildan 2000 T-Shirt Mockups (PSD)

Design generators are a creative’s best friend. Now you can make ultra-realistic T-shirts with this Gildan 2000 T-shirt mockup set. This pack features 3D design mapping, a wide brand color library, and 4K HD to make awesome tees. Add it to your collection!

Gildan 2000 T-Shirt Mockups

7. T-Shirt and Packages Scene Generator (PSD)

Brand your best life with this amazing T-shirt and package scene generator. Easily rearrange objects to fit your needs with this pack of fully layered files. Just drag and drop any graphic onto the tee to see how it would look! What will you try?

T-Shirt And Packages Scene Generator

8. Black T-Shirt Presentation Mockup (PSD, PDF)

Eliminate bad habits in design with the perfect presentation mockup. This black T-shirt mockup is suitable for Photoshop CS5 and above. Each file contains neatly organized layers with moveable smart objects for efficient editing. Try it out today!

Black T-Shirt Presentation Mockup

9. T-Shirt Mock-Up Fashion Girl (PSD)

Add some glamour to your online shop with this stunning mockup set. This pack of ten PSD files includes professionally retouched images in various locations. Easily insert your logos and illustrations for a successful turnaround!  A special help guide is also included.

T-Shirt Mock-Up Fashion Girl

10. T-Shirt Mock-Up (PSD)

Get a duo pack for men and women tees! This electric mockup set features T-shirt design templates that are well lit and photo-realistic. Navigate the layers fast to edit the colors of your tees for a customized look! Try it out with quotes, graphics, and more.

T-Shirt Mock-Up

11. Crew Neck T-Shirt Mock-Up Kids Version (PSD, PDF)

We can’t forget to add some cool options for the kids too! Make fantastic T-shirt designs with the help of this mockup template. Featuring four scenes in one file, this pack includes simplistic tees set alongside youthful scenarios. You’ll love it for babies, toddlers, and children’s apparel.

Crew Neck T-Shirt Mock-Up Kids Version

11 Modern T-Shirt Templates From Placeit

You just finished your T-shirt design. If only you could place it on a model or blank tee. Create the images you need with Placeit, a selection of smart templates to do just that! This next selection features a variety of styles, models, and layouts to fit many projects.

How to Use Placeit

Enjoy cool T-shirt templates like the one below. Here I used this design from my Frankenstein tutorial to test out this beautiful T-shirt model with styled dreadlocks. Doesn’t she look great? Add a cute hashtag or filter for more amazing effects.

Dreadlocks Model T-Shirt Mockup
Dreadlocks Model T-Shirt Mockup

1. Heather T-Shirt Mockup of a Man With Glasses and Locs

Here’s a minimal T-shirt mockup perfect for highlighting your designs. The model is standing in front of a simple background, drawing attention towards what you add to the mockup. Not only can you upload your logo or new design, but you can add text too. This mockup is perfect for marketing.

Heather T-Shirt Mockup

2. Closeup T-Shirt Mockup

Highlight your brand logo with a nice closeup photo. Let this T-shirt mockup help you sell more designs in your online shop! Download one 750×1200 sized image for promotions, flyers, and more. Great for small businesses and other professional creatives.

Closeup T-Shirt Mockup

3. Folded T-Shirt Mockup

Stack your T-shirts high with a clean mockup like this awesome template. Display multiple designs at once using easy-to-edit smart objects to replace the main image. Keep in mind that a small portion of the design may get cut off, so position new graphics accordingly.

Folded T-Shirt Mockup

4. T-Shirt Mockup on a Hanger

What if you could see your design hanging in the window? Now you can with this smart mockup! This T-shirt template hangs your custom graphics inside a fashionable clothing store for more marketing edge. Create a polished, professional image with this design!

T-Shirt Mockup On A Hanger

5. Crop Tee Mockup

Crop tops are a fashion essential for many beauty gurus. Try out your design on a cute crop tee mockup with this fashionable download. Get an instant download you can post on Instagram right away! Try this with other promotions for more creative projects.

 Crop Tee Mockup

6. T-Shirts Mockup on Hangers

Place your tees on a wooden hanger, then swap the background. Create stunning scenes in two easy steps with this T-shirt mockup. The transparent background allows you to freely rearrange your tees for a better fit. Looks amazing against solid colors or blurred backgrounds.

T-Shirts Mockup On Hangers

7. T-Shirt Mockup

For added contrast, hang a tee in a stylish room. This T-shirt mockup does the trick for a fast and efficient result. Download the high-quality PSD file to get started right away. Place your designs front and center for a stunning look across websites and social media.

T-Shirt Mockup

8. Coworkers Wearing T-Shirts Mockup

How would all your friends look in custom tees? Try it out with this fun mockup set dedicated to different co-workers. Update this easy template with one graphic or change the design for each friend. Mix and match brands or quotes for a cool result!

Coworkers Wearing T-Shirts Mockup

9. Smiling Girl T-Shirt Mockup

Design T-shirts for children of all ages with this adorable mockup. This mockup shines with the personality of the model against huge paper cut-outs of the sun and clouds. Add your brand or logo to see how your design works out.

Smiling Girl T-Shirt Mockup

10. Hand Drawn Illustrations T-Shirt Mockup

Push your creativity with T-shirt mockups. This compelling design features hand-drawn elements to make your photos stand out. Customize the look with even more drawings if you’re familiar with Adobe Photoshop. It’s definitely worth a shot!

Hand Drawn Illustrations T-Shirt Mockup

11. Clothing T-Shirt Mockup

A basic white tee mockup is all you need for most projects. They’re so versatile that you can simply change the background to any photo or location you need. Pair this mockup with bright colors, gradients, or wood-grained backgrounds for the perfect scene!

Clothing T-Shirt Mockup


Mockup templates are an essential resource for many T-shirt designers. They help you achieve high-quality professional looks without the need for photo shoots or expensive budgets. Let us know your favorites from this selection in the comments!

This has been a collection of T-shirt template and mockup resources hand-picked from Envato Elements and Placeit. For more amazing T-shirt design templates, check out Envato Market. Happy designing!

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