Grotesque sans serif fonts are versatile, beautiful, and popular—some of the most popular sans serifs out there are neo-grotesque typeface designs. This is likely because of their neutral, clean aesthetic, as well as their ability to serve so many different roles in a design’s composition. In this article, we’ll take a look at the grotesque typeface classification, as well as some inspiring examples of this aesthetic.

Morton Grotesque Sans Serif
A stylish grotesque sans serif font can be a timeless and versatile addition to your font library.


What Is the Grotesque Typeface Classification? 

So, what is the grotesque typeface classification? If you’re unfamiliar with typeface classification, think of it like a means of identifying the visual characteristics of type. For example, some fonts are considered serif typefaces, and some of them are considered sans serifs—or fonts that do not have a serif. A grotesque sans serif font lacks a serif, which is a little extra stroke commonly seen at the end of some typefaces. It has, instead, a more abrupt edge.

If you’re unfamiliar with these concepts and would like to learn more, check out our free video course below. It’s a wonderful starting point for beginners, and it’s a great refresher for experienced designers too.

If you’re like me, you might wonder, “Why in the world would they give these fonts a name like grotesque? Doesn’t that sound strangely derogatory?” It has been suggested that the meaning may be just that—that they weren’t necessarily attractive fonts in their initial time.

Think about the aesthetics you might commonly associate with the 19th century or the Victorian era—grotesque typefaces might seem quite devoid of detail or artistry, in contrast. They lack serifs, and they lack any sort of ornate or decorative quality. Instead, they are rather stiff and clean. 

Grotesque Typeface
Monotype Grotesque is a grotesque typeface, and Helvetica is a neo-grotesque typeface

But this clearly isn’t the case today, as grotesque sans serif fonts are still with us today, versatile and well-used across platforms. Neo-grotesque typeface design is a continuation and expansion of the grotesques, and they are some of the most popular fonts out there today. For example, Helvetica and Arial are two neo-grotesque typeface designs. 

We continue to see the grotesque typeface aesthetic influence type design today. Look out for key design elements such as a squared “M”, as we see in Monotype Grotesque, and a spurred “G” as we see in Helvetica. Remember, these fonts are sans serifs—and not necessarily geometrics. Particularly in some of the older grotesques, you might see some irregular proportions.

Grotesque Sans Serif
Modern sans serif type design often draws from grotesque sans serif design for inspiration

Let’s take a look at some beautiful typeface design, all with inspiration from grotesque sans serif type design. Whether you’re looking for a neo-grotesque typeface or something that takes the grotesk font aesthetic in an unexpected direction, there’s plenty to see. 

Take a look at this collection of fonts for creative inspiration, to help you choose a font for your next project, or pick up a few to add to your font library.

Stylish Grotesque Sans Serif Fonts From Envato Elements

Grotesque Fonts Envato Elements
Choose from thousands of fonts, including grotesque sans serif fonts, on Envato Elements.

If you love fonts, Envato Elements is a great site to check out. For one low flat fee, you get access to a large library of fonts—and you can download as many as you like, with unlimited downloads.

That means you can try out as many grotesque sans serif fonts as you like, as well as a huge collection of other fonts, because they’re all included. They also come with commercial licensing included, so you can use them in your professional design projects. This is access to a collection of thousands of fonts.

Magazine Template
Choose from a giant library of professional assets, like this magazine design template, all included with unlimited downloads

But Envato Elements isn’t just about fonts. There are also graphic templates, stock photos, infographics, illustrations—you can even pick up a new WordPress template for your website. The best part is, all of this content is included. It’s an awesome resource for professional designers because you get all this content at your fingertips.

With unlimited downloads, you can easily find and download whatever you need because it’s all included. It’s also pretty neat because you can just freely try out as many things as you want. When it’s included with unlimited downloads, you can just dig right in and try any font, photo, or template that strikes your fancy.

Business Card Design Template
Download as many fonts as you like—and pick up a new business card template too. It’s all included.

Let’s take a look at some of the best grotesque fonts over on Envato Elements. Some of them directly draw from the grotesk font aesthetic, while others are more neo-grotesque typefaces, taking inspiration and pushing it in new ways. 

Consider adding one of these professionally designed typefaces to your font library today.

1. Regime Grotesk Font

Regime Grotesk

If you’re looking for a versatile addition to your font library, give this font a look. It includes four weights and could serve so many different roles in so many different compositions. 

2. Focus Grotesk – Geometric Sans-Serif Typeface

Focus Grotesk - Geometric Sans-Serif Typeface

This font is a bit more rounded, and it creates a sleek, semi-geometric aesthetic. Check out some of the interesting variation here, like what we see in the “u” versus the “s” in the word “focus”.

3. Exensa Grotesk – Sans Serif Typeface & Web Fonts

Exensa Grotesk - Sans Serif Typeface &Amp; Web Fonts

Here’s another font with a lot of versatile potential. Its neutrality means it can serve your work in so many different ways. Pair it with a decorative font if you’re looking for a supplement. 

4. Mriya Grotesk – Premium Sans-Serif Typeface

Mriya Grotesk - Premium Sans-Serif Typeface

Choose from four weights and four italics in this lovely font family. This is a great example of how different weights can be used to our advantage. Use this font on its own, or pair it with another typeface. 

5. Physineo Grotesque Typeface


Isn’t this font stylish? Try pairing the thin weight with the bold weight to help establish hierarchy in your next composition. This font could serve so many different purposes in your design.

6. Morton Grotesque Sans Serif


There are nine different weights in this font family—plenty to choose from and work with. If you’re looking for a staple font that you can always turn to, a font like this one is an excellent choice.

7. Argo Neo Grotesque Typeface


Here is a different take on the grotesque sans serif aesthetic. It has more angular edges and even a sort of futuristic look and feel. If you love sans serifs, but you also want something different, give this one a try. 

8. Gorga Grotesk Font

Gorga Grotesque

This is such an elegantly designed typeface. There’s plenty to work with here too—check out the weights, the italics, and the variants too. If you’re looking for an all-around strong addition, this one is a great choice.

9. Phenom Grotesque – Modern Typeface + Webfonts

Phenom Grotesque - Modern Typeface + Webfonts

Clean, elegant, and sleek—this font has plenty of offer. It also comes with web fonts included, so it’s ready to go for your website designs. It’s a great fit for print too, like packaging, branding, and more. 

10. Ethelin Sans Serif Font


This font takes the grotesque aesthetic in a different direction. There’s a bit more contrast here, and it makes for an interesting and classy aesthetic. Imagine this one on invitations, high-end packaging, and more.

11. Catesque Grotesque Typeface


Can you see the grotesque font inspiration in this one? It’s a lovely design with a lot of potential. Try setting your body copy in this font, or use it at larger sizes for display copy.

12. GC Blaft Sans Serif Font

Gc Blaft

Isn’t the spur interesting in the letter “G” here? This is a stylish typeface that could work really well for commanding attention in points of emphasis. This bold font could really catch glances.

13. GROTESKA – Minimal & Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

Groteska - Minimal &Amp; Modern Sans-Serif Typeface

This font has such a stylish, sleek design. There’s a little bit of an extra curvature to some of these letters, and it gives the font extra personality. Give this beautiful sans serif type a try today. 

14. Quadra Sans Serif Font


There’s something so clean and so timeless about a well-designed sans serif typeface. Give this one a shot in your next branding project, try it out in a poster design, or even try it out in your next layout. 

15. Oliviar Sans Regular Family

Oliviar Sans Regular Family

Looking for a whole font family to add to your collection? Check this one out. There’s everything here from thin to very bold, so there’s lots to try and apply to so many different scenarios. 

16. HAMLIN – Minimal Geometric Typeface + Web Fonts

Hamlin - Minimal Geometric Typeface + Web Fonts

Love a clean, minimalist look? Then this typeface might be the perfect choice for you. Choose from light, regular, bold, and extra bold in this stylish font family with grotesk font inspiration.

17. Espion Grotesk – Modern Display Typeface

Espion Grotesk - Modern Display Typeface

Don’t sans serif fonts look beautiful on eye-catching photography? If you’re looking for aesthetic fonts, sans serifs can often prove to be a strong choice. They can be dressed up, dressed down, and everything in between.

18. Obadiah Pro – Modern Typeface + WebFont

Obadiah Pro - Modern Typeface + Webfont

A beautifully designed font with plenty of versatility—that describes this pretty neo-grotesque typeface. Whether you’re designing for print or web, this one fits the bill (and includes web fonts).

19. RNS Sisma Sans Serif Font

Rns Sisma

Love a font family with tons of options to try? Then you’re going to love this font. This demonstration is just a sample of the possibilities here—choose from nine weights and alternates too.

20. Undeka Regular Sans Serif Font

Undeka Regular Font

If you love a contemporary look, but you also want some of the grotesque style, this font is a great choice. It’s a versatile design that looks wonderful at both small and larger sizes. 

21. CA Cula Sans Serif Font Family

Ca Cula Family

Here’s a font family with an interesting aesthetic. Note the base of the “u” and the “a” here—this really makes for an interesting visual at larger sizes. However, it reads well at smaller sizes too.

22. ESPION Rounded – Modern Typeface

Espion Rounded - Modern Typeface

Prefer a more rounded look? Check out how much those rounded edges affect the overall aesthetic. Use the included web fonts for your website, or try this one out for your next logo design project. 

23. Groningen – Modern San-serif Typeface + Webfonts

Groningen - Modern San-Serif Typeface + Webfonts

Rounded, thin, and with a stylish aesthetic, this font is a fun addition to any font library. Choose from four different weights. This one is a great fit if you want a touch of geometry but not necessarily a completely geometric font.

24. Oliviar Sans Extended Family

Oliviar Sans Extended Family

Looking for a sans serif display font specifically? Then give this bold font a look. This one definitely has the potential to command a lot of attention. Use it for poster design, logos, and much more. 

Best Grotesque Fonts From GraphicRiver

Grotesque Fonts
Choose from a large collection of professionally designed typefaces, including grotesque sans serif fonts, on GraphicRiver

If you love fonts, but you’re not necessarily looking for access to an entire library, check out GraphicRiver. It’s a great choice if you’d prefer to keep things simple and download only what you need. Choose from an impressive library of beautifully designed fonts by professional designers from all over the world. Keep it simple with GraphicRiver—one download, one fee, no strings attached.

Have a look at some of the lovely grotesque typeface designs over on GraphicRiver, right now.

1. Katarsis Sans Serif Font

Katarsis Font

This font is clean and stylish—but it also supports over 70 languages and includes 10 different variant weights to experiment with. It’s jam packed with content and possibilities for your design projects. 

2. Feda Grotesk Font

Feda Grotesk Font

There are two weights and two italics in this modern font family. It’s a great example of a stylish neo-grotesque font, and it has plenty of potential applications too. Give this font a try today.

3. Tatype Sans Serif Font Family

Tatype Font Family

If you love a font family with a lot of different weights, this one might be just what you’re looking for. Choose from ten different weights, perfect for promoting hierarchy in your compositions. 

4. Noveltica Nova Pro Neo Grotesque Typeface

Noveltica Nova Pro Font

Isn’t this a classy font? This one would be such a great fit for logo design—but it also has just as much potential for body copy too. This is one of those fonts that works well as a catch-all workhorse.

5. AS Grammatika Sans Serif Font

As Grammatika

If you prefer a bit of height, check out this font. There are five different weights, and we can see a lot of the grotesque aesthetic here. It’s a fun one to experiment with, and would be a great addition to any font library.

6. Mugo Sans Serif Font

Mugo Sans Font

Here’s a neo-grotesque with a modern look and feel. It’s got a universal appeal, in that it could serve so many different functions. Try it out alone or pair it with a decorative typeface. 

7. Neo Baum Sans Serif Font

Neo Baum Sans Font

This is another bold, sleek typeface with a versatile neutrality. There are five different weights here, and each of them could be paired with another font, or you could use the font family on its own. 

8. Hodor Neu Sans Serif Font

Hodor Neu Sans Serif Font

Looking for language support? This one supports 90 different languages, has a whole host of different weights, and has plenty of versatility. There’s so much in this beautiful neo-grotesque typeface to love.

9. LEANER Extended -Bold

Leaner Extended -Bold

This modern sans serif pushes the aesthetic in a different direction. There’s interesting variation here, and this one could be a great fit if you love sans serifs, but you’re looking for something with a more angular vibe.

10. Murimi Sans Serif Font

Murimi Sans Font

A great sans serif font can serve so many purposes in so many designs. Check out this beautiful sans serif typeface. Complete with multiple weights, it’s versatile, elegant, and an excellent choice. 

Which Grotesque Sans Serif Fonts Do You Like?

So, what are some of the best grotesque fonts for your next design project? A well-designed grotesque typeface can prove to be such a strong addition to your design arsenal. Sans serifs are a popular choice, and it’s easy to see why—they’re so versatile. Use them for body copy, use them for points of emphasis. Both can work. A great sans serif can also serve you well in a number of projects, time and time again.

Looking for fonts? Remember to check out Envato Elements. There are many more fonts to see over there, including even more neo-grotesque typeface designs. Choose from thousands of fonts—with unlimited downloads, you can download as many as you like. 

Or check out the impressive collection of neo-grotesque typeface designs over on GraphicRiver. Pick and choose from thousands of fonts, and download only what you need.

Looking for even more font inspiration? Check out these collections from Envato Tuts+ and find your new favorite font today.

34 Best Grotesque Fonts (Typefaces Ready To Download)34 Best Grotesque Fonts (Typefaces Ready To Download)34 Best Grotesque Fonts (Typefaces Ready To Download)


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