As I am currently writing a book using HTML5 and CSS3, I have been excited to hear the press release of "Announcing HTML5 Support in Kindle Format 8". Amazon . Custom formats have been migrated to HTML5, with ePUB announcing recently that ePUB 3 will be based on XHTML5 (XML serialization of HTML5), and it seems obvious that future book readers will also have web browsers. I was hoping that Amazon was increasing the setting and enabling HTML5 / CSS3 based books.

Unfortunately, the list " linked HTML tags and CSS elements supported " [sic] indicates that Amazon is only moving the HTML5 train into BS-land marketing. Here is a breakdown of Amazon "HTML5", compared to HTML5 and HTML 4:

Key of the table:

Green: New HTML5 element in Amazon "HTML5"
Yellow: HTML5 element not in Amazon "HTML5"
Red: HTML5 element that should be in Amazon "HTML5", or HTML 4 element that should not be in 🙂
Comparison of elements in HTML 4, HTML 5 and Amazon "HTML5"
Amazon "HTML5"
91 items
108 items
75 items
aaaabbrabbracronymaddressaddressaddressappletareaareaarticlearticleasideasideaudiobbbbasebasebasefontbdibdobdobigblockquoteblockquoteblockquotebodybodybodybrbrbrbuttonbuttoncanvascaptioncaptioncaptioncentercentercitecitecitecodecodecodecolcolcolcolgroupcolgroupcommanddatalistdddddddeldeldeldetailsdfndfndfndirdivdivdivdldldldtdtdtemememembedfieldsetfieldsetfigcaptionfigcaptionfigurefigurefontfooterfooterformformframeframeseth1h1h1h2h2h2h3h3h3h4h4h4h5h5h5h6h6h6headheadheadheaderheaderhgrouphgrouphrhrhrhtmlhtmlhtmliiiiframeiframeimgimgimginputinputinsinsinsisindexkbdkbdkbdkeygenlabellabellegendlegendlilililinklinklinkmapmapmapmarkmarkmenumenumenumetametameternavnavnoframesnoscriptnoscriptobjectobjectolololoptgroupoptgroupoptionoptionoutputoutputpppparamparampreprepreprogressqqqrprprtrtrubysssampsampsampscriptscriptsectionsectionselectselectsmallsmallsmallsourcesourcespanspanspanstrikestrikestrongstrongstrongstylestylestylesubsubsubsummarysummarysupsupsuptabletabletabletbodytbodytbodytdtdt dtextareatextareatfoottfoottfootthththeadtheadtheadetimetitletletlettrtrtrackttuuuulululvarvarvarvideowbrwbr

HTML5? Ohrly ?? Amazon is missing 33 HTML5 elements (or 35 HTML 4 elements). Asserting that it's HTML5 when they're missing 30% of HTML5 elements seem a little rich. It is understandable to delete application-specific forms and elements, but this will limit editors and publishers in the future.

I will let someone else do the decomposition on CSS3, but calling this "CSS3 support" is embarrassing . This is not even CSS 2.1 Of the 95 properties listed, here are the ones that are not CSS 2.1:

origin of origin
color index
device-aspect ratio
height of the device

I have also noticed strange omissions. No background or background image (!), Which makes the background, the background and the background completely useless. There is a clip for "clip [ping] an absolutely positioned element", but no position. They have and for the text ruby, but no .

I guess these features will be "pretty good" for a lot of writers and editors, and it's great to see SVG support, but I'm still wondering why these formats are so good. Ebook exist. Apart from the support of @page (in the latest version of Opera dev, being implemented in WebKit) and internationalization, for example, Text CJK (also in progress) Implementation), the web stack is already doing everything ebook formats do, and so much more (

Why bother?

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