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So, you’re working with Cricut cursive fonts that connect, but your Cricut cursive fonts just don’t stay together when it’s time to make your project. How do you connect cursive letters in Cricut Design Space? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to connect cursive letters on Cricut and how to attach letters on Cricut too.

how to attach letters on cricut
Download this cute cursive Cricut font on Envato Elements.

What You’ll Need

In this tutorial, we’ll use the following Cricut font:

cricut fonts
Download this pretty Cricut font and other Cricut cursive fonts on Envato Elements.

We’ll use this cursive font in this tutorial, but you could use any cursive or script font you’d like for this demonstration. The techniques will apply to any Cricut cursive fonts of your choice, as connecting cursive letters in Cricut uses the same method, no matter the font.

Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

Not sure how to use custom fonts in Cricut? We’ve got a free tutorial that will walk you through how to do it.

And if you’re looking for new fonts to add to Cricut Design Space, check out Envato Elements. It’s an amazing bargain—for one low, flat fee, you get access to thousands of fonts. They’re even licensed for commercial use, so you can use them in projects you plan to sell. Stock images, clip art, and all kinds of professional assets are also included. 

Here’s just a sample of some of the cute script fonts you can download right now—they’re all included.

cricut cursive fonts
Gain access to an entire library of fonts on Envato Elements. That’s thousands of fonts!

Now, let’s dig in and walk through how to connect cursive letters on Cricut. 

1. How to Connect Letters on Cricut

Step 1

Before we ask “how do you connect cursive letters in Cricut Design Space”, let’s set some text in our work area. Make sure you’re in Cricut Design Space. In this example, I’m in a new project.

Begin by selecting the Text button.

cricut text

Step 2

Before we start typing, let’s select a font. I’m going to select Sweetness Script from my system fonts. 

cricut font

Step 3

Then, go ahead and start typing. You’ll notice that the initial text is rather spaced out. This most likely not how you want your Cricut cursive fonts to look.

cricut text spacing

Step 4

We can adjust the overall letter spacing up in our font options, with our text selected. However, this is rather limited, as it adjusts all of the letters collectively. It’s an okay start, but definitely not the best solution for connecting cursive letters in Cricut.

cricut letter spacing

Step 5

So let’s talk about how to connect cursive letters on Cricut in a better way. Take a look at your layers. In this example, we see our text on one layer. Make note of this.

Begin by right-clicking on your text and selecting Ungroup

cricut ungroup

Step 6

After we’ve Ungrouped our text, take a look at your Layers. Now, every layer has been separated onto its own layer. This is exactly what we want—it gives us a customized way to connect cursive letters on Cricut.

cricut layers ungrouped

Step 7

Now, you can select each letter individually to position it just the way you’d like it. Click and drag on each letter so they connect the way you’d like them to.

The great thing about this is how custom you can make this. If you want some letters higher or lower, you can do that. You can also rotate and resize individual letters. Arrange the letters any way you prefer. 

cricut cursive font

Step 8

You may want to Group your letters, especially if you plan on working on another aspect of your design. This keeps your letters all together again. You can do so by selecting all of your letters, right-clicking, and then selecting Group.

cricut group

Step 9

However, while we’ve arranged our letters and made them connect, we haven’t discussed how to attach letters on Cricut. That process is a little different.

For example, if I click Make It right now, check out what my result looks like. Oh no! All of my cursive letters are separate again! What happened? 

connecting cursive letters in cricut

Step 10

Just because we’ve arranged or grouped our letters doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to cut that way. Instead, we need to Weld the letters, so your Cricut Machine sees this content as one continuous shape, not individual letters.

To do this, begin by selecting all of your letters.

cricut font

Step 11

Take note of your layers. Then, at the bottom of your Layers, click Weld

cricut weld

Step 12

Take a look at your Layers again. Notice, after we’ve Welded our work, that we have everything on one layer again. Perfect! This is exactly what we want. 

Think of welding like merging layers together.

cricut welding

Step 13

Let’s test out what we’ve done by going to Make It again, at the top of Cricut Design Space.

cricut make

Step 14

Ta-dah! Now our Cricut font is displayed as one continuous shape, ready to be cut. No more separated letters.

cricut make connected letters

Step 15

These concepts also apply to other things you can do with your Cricut machine, like drawing. Check out the preview when we look at our work as a drawing, rather than a cut. We have one continuous outlined shape now.

cricut draw

Love Fonts? Check Out These Cute Cricut Cursive Fonts!

Try saying “cute Cricut cursive fonts” three times fast! Then, give these cute Cricut cursive fonts a look. They’re such a fun fit for so many projects, whether you’re designing for friends and family or you’re creating stuff to sell. All of these fonts come with a commercial license for professional use.

Now that you know how to work with Cricut connected fonts, add these to your collection and get making!

1. Hughoney Brush Script Cricut Font

Hughoney Brush Script Cricut Font

This cute, curly font is a great choice for so many projects. This one only has semi-connecting cursive letters in Cricut. Remember to weld the content, if you want any of the letters cut together.

2. Banoffee Cute Script Font (Cricut Cursive Fonts that Connect)

Banoffee Cute Script Font (Cricut Cursive Fonts that Connect)

If you’re looking for Cricut cursive fonts that connect, this one is a great choice. It has such a friendly, hand-drawn aesthetic, doesn’t it? Imagine this one on a shirt, mug, or even a poster design. 

3. Romantics Cute Script Cricut Font

Romantics Cute Script Cricut Font

Wouldn’t this font be fun in a sparkly vinyl or maybe in a foil sticker paper? These letters have so much potential as a Cricut font. Consider adding this one to your collection today. 

4. Catheline Cute Cricut Cursive Fonts

Catheline Cute Cricut Cursive Fonts

You’ll need to know how to connect letters on Cricut to get the most out of this one—and hey, now you do! This one could be great for greeting cards, Valentine’s Day, and much more.

5. Bright Candy Cute Cricut Connected Fonts

Bright Candy Cute Cricut Connected Fonts

If you love a handwriting look and feel, you’re going to love this one as your next Cricut font. It’s chunky, fun, and could be right at home in a child’s playroom or on party favors. 

Looking for Even More Fonts?

If you’re looking for even more font inspiration, there’s plenty more to see. Check out these fun collections of beautiful fonts today. 

Learn More About Using Your Cricut Machine

Love working with your Cricut machine? There are so many fun things you could create! Check out these free tutorials and articles from Envato Tuts+ for even more insights and inspirations for Cricut creations. 

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