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TUI Calendar: An Attractive, Full Featured Calendar Control — From the creators of TUI Chart comes TUI Calendar, a highly customizable JavaScript calendar widget that supports numerous view types (weekly, monthly, etc.), dragging and resizing of schedule items, and is basically like your own Google Calendar in a box. MIT licensed too.

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Node 10 Released: Node Weekly's Feature Roundup — Our sister newsletter Node Weekly featured this week’s Node 10 release in full, including a bulletpoint rundown of new features with useful links. In short: v8 6.6, N-API goes mainstream, OpenSSL 1.1, native async iteration, new regex features..

Node Weekly

Cheat Sheet: Functional Programming with JavaScript — JavaScript developers, here’s a handy resource for your reference stack. This cheat sheet structures some of the language features most commonly used by JavaScript developers interested in writing functional style code. Check it out.

Progress Kendo UI

Give Parcel a Try, You May Like It — Parcel suits many straightforward situations really well with minimal fuss, but webpack is more flexible with a vast ecosystem.

Michael Sholty

Senior Software Engineer (NYC) — Hospitality/tech platform focused on building help into our homes. React, React Native, Node, TypeScript, PostgreSQL.

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▶  Iterators in JavaScript — New FunFunFunction video about iterators in JavaScript, or how to iterate over anything with the for-of loop.


Build your own webpack configs with this tool

jQuery's 'data' Method Goes Haywire for the Name 'Infinity' — This is one of those “oh, weird!” items. Basically jQuery’s data method can see the string ‘Infinity’ and convert it to a number. Even more intriguingly, Paul Irish stepped in to take the blame 🙂 We love you Paul!


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