Sometimes, people ignore code editors for their workflows. But, this is where they get wrong. You need a proper code editor to complete your work with syntax highlights, advanced find & replace option, Etc.

Code editors for Windows & Mac help Code to complete their work. Further, if you want to make your PHP writing, taking notes for the projects, this editor can help you!

You will get the exact code editors for your windows and Mac until the end of this entire blog. So let’s take a deep knowledge of code editors to decide what you exactly need. Also, you will find some of them are completely easy to run by the experts and the beginners.

But, check out all parameters such as pricing, features, and, most important, pros and cons. These parameters will help you bring out the best one for you as per your desires. So, without wasting time, let’s take a dive and see what it is!

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What is a Code Editor and When to Use One?

Before we start, here is the short information on the code editor below. First of all, let’s understand this before going further!

A code editor helps you in your writing programs. You can write, replace, re-edit the content as per your desire. Also, it helps to adapt the routines and elements so that the programs can look easier at their codes. Isn’t it great for you? If a bit, then continue your reading to know more.

Further, a code editor is an application to edit your books and articles. It comes up with advanced features for your writing and editing workflows. Mainly, software developers can take advantage of this code editor, which is also lightweight and practical for creating, editing, and saving code files. What else do we need? If you are still not getting it, keep your ocean eyes on the further information.

Here, you can manage the projects associated with the project folders. You can also say that the code editor is used for your company’s professional source code making and software. So what else does a software developer need?

If that does not meet your needs, we would like to tell you something more interesting about this. A Code editing software involves altering syntax highlighting, auto filing, debugging, and much more, something you can not miss!

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What to Look for in a Code Editor for WordPress Files?

Before starting with the code editor, let’s know why we should use a code editor for WordPress files? Or is there a doubt in your mind that you can’t edit the WordPress files with any text editor?

Well, many more features you can get into a complete code editor besides the editing only. These features have been created to make your WordPress life easier and save time. And we are sure that the following information will be a goat. After this, we will see the main features of this code editor.

Target Language Support

Ensure that the programming language(s) you want to work with should be there at the moment. Most web developments choose HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript languages for their actual work. Fortunately, all these languages are supported by default. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

Syntax Highlighting and Layout Options

Imagine getting the Code’s highlight features with all the shades! Yes, it becomes the best of both worlds for you. As a result, programming, scripting, and markup language can be smooth. Also, quickly get the results errors, helps to read, and more. Isn’t are these features you desire?

Furthermore, other code editors have extra features like code folding and automatic indentation. All these features help to increase the code readability.

So, it offers almost all programming languages nowadays. And there is nothing not to involve in the code editor.

Search & Replace Function

Sometimes it happens that you want to re-edit complex sites. It can be anything from selecting the colors or making changes in JavaScript. Then, it would be best if you had an option to reduce your stress. But, it might not be accessible when you have to work on many style sheets.

And, the search and replace option will help you out there to make it better than before. Trust us; it will save you from work and eye pressure.

Code Autocompletion

It helps in the content while writing and gives various options to improve your Code. As the name hints, it helps to write without writing out each case thoroughly. Programming languages are picked for these kinds of complexity. As a result, it will make your coding quicker and effortless too.

Built-in FTP Support

We are grateful for the many code editors with this FTP support. It will help you open, edit, and deploy files from the editor directly, like a cherry on the top for your best coding programs.

In the end, it will help you to bring you out from the muddy bog. Specifically, version controls must be in your code editor to work on your new project. So continue reading to meet with the top code editors for your working flows and much more.

Top Code Editors for Windows & Mac

The following are the widespread code editors and the IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). But, of course, that means you can do much more than code editing. So, why waste your time? Let’s check them out!


Notepad++ Logo
When it comes to an excellent choice of code editors, Notepad++ will be there in the primary place on that list. It is a fire, handy, and free-of-cost tool for your fast editing with any WordPress files. People can exploit the advantage of this right after a simple download process.

Also, all the beginners and experts will get what they want in the code editor. As a result, it is not only for the casual user or beginners but also for the world-class developers. Besides that, Notepad++ performs on Microsoft Windows-based computers. Thus, it stands prior on the list of the best Code Editors.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • First, it comes with Syntax Highlighting & Syntax Folding feature.
  • Notepad++ provides the Search & Replace Option to the users.
  • There is an Auto-Completion feature available.
  • You can get the Multi-Documents tab interface.
  • The Zoom (in & out) both are available.
  • You will get Multi-language support on this editor.
  • It supports to HTML & CSS languages.

Image Showing Code Editor In Notepad++


  • The server direct connects to FTP.
  • It supports external plugins.
  • It is like an Open-source to all.
  • The GNU license is available.
  • It supports Mac, Linux, or UNIX devices.


  • It requires an update to complete ongoing enterprise demands.
  • Extra software to operate with OS


  • It is a free code editor.

So, what are you thinking? First, it will prove trustworthy for your workflow of the enterprise.


Top 23 Best Code Editors For Windows, Mac, &Amp; Linux (2022)
Atom is one of the free and best coding programs that work best for everyone. Do you want to know why it is on the best list? Then, get down to learn more about this.

Atom is open-source, initially created by the Github group. The programmers have designed this for developers with an easy interface. It provides the benefit of many languages and specific packages built-in. You can easily rely on Atom to edit or write with all the necessary tools.

Along with this, Atom is one of the best code editors for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Let’s know more through the following features, pros & cons, and pricing.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It supports many operating systems.
  • The Auto-complete option is available.
  • The Command Palette is an available feature for you.
  • You will get the Find and Replace option.
  • It supports FTP through packages.
  • Many themes are available.

Image Showing Code Editing In Atom


  • It is Simpler to use.
  • It works well with the OS system.
  • It is expandable and customizable too.
  • It’s a core module editor.


  • It is a bit slow from the other editors on the list
  • It can’t handle the large files

However, if you avoid these two cons, you will not find any other flows. So what else do you need to make your coding effortless?

Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

Visual Studio Code - Code Editor Logo
Would that be ok with you when you get a Microsoft code editor?

We want to add Visual Studio Code for you, created by Microsoft and launched in 2015, lit for you. It supports Mac and Linux for your convenience as well. In addition, it supports many languages that grab the attention of developers or programmers.

Furthermore, it is also famous as the fastest coding editor and a lightweight tool. It has many features, and the following are a few of them.

Image Showing Example Code Editing With Vs Code Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It supports Full customization.
  • You can get FTP support through an extension.
  • You will get IntelliSense to help.
  • There is an availability of Built-in Git commands.
  • It is known as Open-source access.
  • It comes in multiplatform (Mac, Linux, Windows).
  • It is fast and responsive as well.


  • It controls the SPA applications.
  • It supports to NPM-Based applications.
  • It is exceptionally pluggable.
  • You will get the actual code writing without issues.
  • It is better than other paid code editors.


  • It becomes hard to change the settings on visual studio code.


  • Free

Suppose you are searching for a Microsoft code editor. In that case, your search can stop here as it has various features satisfying all developers’ needs.


Brackets Code Editor Logo
The Bracket is another free code editor along with an open-source interface. Adobe has designed this mini-yet-powerful code editor for the coding. Thus, it comes up with all the necessary, unique, and helpful features. It is helpful to adobe lovers who were waiting for the code editor from Adobe.

The Bracket is a modern code editor that blends the visual tools into the editor. This way, you can get the exact help when you need it; so, look at the following features for more.

Image Showing Code Editing In Brackets Code Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • There is an inline editor available.
  • It supports live preview.
  • You will get the extract support.
  • There is an extensive library.
  • You can refactor the JavaScript.
  • You can get the Preprocessor report.
  • It supports W3C authorization.
  • It is pretty simplistic.


  • It offers a live preview.
  • It has many languages, IntelliSense.
  • You can do easy coding.
  • Easy to operate, extensibility is available.
  • An inline editor is free.
  • It can switch between tabs and pages too.


  • A few plugins have issues.
  • They can improve color schemes.


  • At no charge

Also, it allows you to take out the information on shades, fonts, gradients, measurements from the PSDs as entire CSS. We suggest Brackets! If you want to get an advanced code editor.


Netbeans Code Editor Logo
NetBeans is not just a code editor, but much more than this. Use it once, and you will understand why we have said this!

It helps to highlight the Code and easily refactor it with powerful tools. Also, it comes with editors, wizards, templates to help you create an application in PHP. Along with this, you can do the same with other programming languages like Java and more.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • You will get Java support.
  • It supports numerous languages.
  • It also supports maven.
  • It is an Open-source platform.
  • You will get an Improved profile.


  • Autocompletion is available.
  • You can do effortless coding.
  • It is linked with Github.
  • It supports multiple platforms.
  • Integrating with other tools becomes easier.


  • It takes time to start.


  • Free

The above features make it easy to edit the HTML with code completion and snippets. So, it can be your best solution for coding.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text Code Editor Logo
Windows, Linux, and Mac users can use the lightweight Subline Text code editor for their convenience. As a powerful code editor, you can get all the features you need. The best function is to find shortcuts and search tools to get the instant parts. Also, you can make changes in many lines at once. Therefore, it comes full of features.

As with Atom and VS code, it also comes in packages. The extra essentials make it more beneficial to use with other platforms. So, without any doubt, this might be the best key for your coding. And now, let’s see the following features of it.

Image Showing Code In Sublime Text Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • There is an availability of Command Palette.
  • Everything becomes easy when you use the keyboard shortcuts.
  • It is customizable and adjustable too.
  • You can make many selections.
  • Immediate project switching is possible on this platform.
  • API plugin is available.
  • You will get the syntax highlighting feature.


  • It’s a rood platform WordPress code editor.
  • The free basic code editor version is available.
  • They provide a free trial on this.
  • It is beginner-friendly.
  • A direct interface is possible.


  • Poor code plugins


  • You can get the basic version for free of cost. However, you have to spend $99 for the full-feature version.

It might look costly, but that is fine as it offers all these incredible features. So, start with the free version, and if you like it, you can purchase the pro version. Great deal, isn’t it?


Coda(Nova) Code Editor Logo
You can see that coda is one of the best web expansion and programming code editors. However, Code has become Nova, now that offers the latest advanced features than before. Mainly it is famous for its easy-to-use interface with powerful features. It works ably for remote files, project management, works on many files at once, Etc.

Apart from these, you will get a wide range of features for your large projects. Indirectly, it proves to be a good deal. Likewise, you can open it on any FTP server to get your Code on. The following are the features that it offers to the users.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It finds Code.
  • Project autocompletion alternative is there.
  • There are a few Shades with Pops.
  • It supports CSS.
  • It supports more than 70 languages, including HTML and more.
  • There are many customizable layouts.


  • It supports color creation.
  • You will get the best file management system.
  • MySQL queries are present on this editor.
  • Local and remote file editing is possible.
  • You will get the in-built terminal.
  • Auto tag closing feature will help you in many ways.
  • Drag and drop options are available.


  • It is a little expensive.
  • It may crush large files.


  • Available at $99

All the features make it more valuable than other code editors and worth the price.


Textmate Code Editor Logo
When it comes to MacOS, TextMate is one of the best platforms for coding. Presently, it follows the 50 languages, and you will see the practical find and replace option and autocompletion.

Also, you will get the foldable code blocks and much more. All such programs will reduce mental overload and finish the frequentness of coding. Learn the exciting features of this platform below.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • There are more than 50 languages on this code editor.
  • You can get worldly column typing.
  • It works with more than one file at a time.
  • The FTP and XC code support is possible here.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The clipboard control can help you in coding.
  • It can do Ruby and Rails editing.
  • It comes with syntax highlighting and clipboard history.

Image Showing Code In Textmate Code Editor


  • Column selections and typing are possible.
  • It supports to FTP feature.
  • It has JavaScript support.
  • It is an Open-source.
  • It works for a PHP developer.
  • You can use the keyboard shortcuts.


  • User interference needs an update.
  • Available for Mac users only


  • No cost

So, before it starts costing you dollars, download it now and benefit from all the features.


Textwrangler Code Editor Logo
TextWrangler is famous as another most popular iOS-based platform for coding. It is powerful and has exciting features, making it a rich code editor in application software. Now, TextWrangler is a part of BBEdit.

It is helping to give the essential functions which are helpful to edit the WordPress files fast. So get down to know the additional features of TextWrangler.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It has Plugin support.
  • It comes with a Sophisticated syntax highlighting feature.
  • Code and Word folding are possible through this editor.
  • An auto-correct function is available.
  • It supports many programming languages.
  • It has Utf-8 support.

Image Showing Code In Textwrangler Code Editor


  • It supports large files.
  • It supports HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Etc.
  • Remote handlings are available.
  • You will get an intuitive interface.
  • It is a lightweight code editor.


  • Available only for the iOS
  • It can’t do collaborative editing.


  • Free of cost

So, for all the iOS users, TextWrangler is in town. Get it free now!


Jedit Code Editor Logo
jEdit is an application used for coding purposes. As a developer’s code editor, it helps manage projects and work with the rest of the programming tools. Also, it’s an open-source text editor favored by many expert programmers, as it helps to complete their tasks. So, let’s take the time to look at its exciting features.


What are the Exciting Features?

  • It is suitable for more than one platform.
  • Many plugins and macros are available on this editor.
  • You can download and install plugins within it.
  • Syntax highlighting feature is available.
  • It supports character encoding.
  • We can see the customization options in it.


  • There is an auto-indent.
  • It runs on more than one platform.
  • GPL license is available.
  • It comes with bracket matchings.
  • It supports UTF8.


  • Although it is available to the OS, the users have to install Java.


  • Free of charge

So, if you want to be a professional programmer in code editing, this is what you need!


If you are searching for a code editor for windows only, stop your hunt at the Araneae. It is a modern text editor available to Windows users free of cost. In addition, you can meet more than one programming language on this platform like HTML, CSS, PHP, and more.

Besides that, it is easy and powerful to help you create convincing sites with smooth coding. With that, don’t forget to check the extra features of Araneae below.

Image Showing Code In Araneae Code Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It supports JavaScript and many other languages.
  • The feature syntax highlighting is increasing the value of Araneae.
  • You can see the actual browser preview.
  • You will get the Multi-instrument interface.
  • There are a few customizable clips.
  • You can enjoy the coding with Drag and Drop files option.


  • Blessed with the best features search and replace and more
  • Supports more than one cases
  • Many programming languages support through extensions.
  • Open-source tools for Windows users.


  • An external plugin is not allowed.


  • It is free.

You must try the Araneae if you look for a code editor that works effortlessly on Microsoft Windows.


Ultraedit Code Editor Logo
UltraEdit is also a robust code editor, works on Windows, iOS, and Linux platforms fluent, and comes with a bucket of features. However, you have to pay some amount to use it, but you can get the free update for future releases once you buy it.

Some of the best additions to UltraEdits are Finder options and Compare Tools. However, it is mainly famous for performance and customization capabilities with snatched themes. Despite that, the following exciting features make it more popular in the code editing tools world.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • Column block editing is possible.
  • There are multi-caret editing options.
  • There is a syntax highlighting feature.
  • You can get the FTP client handling support.
  • Best editor themes are available on this code editor.


  • You will get powerful features.
  • It supports file and data sorting options.
  • It has a large file handling capacity.
  • A free trial is available.


  • Somewhat expensive


  • $79.95 per year.

If you need many options for coding, including finding and comparing, you can go with this.


Coffee Cup Code Editor Logo
CoffeeCup is one of the best-advanced code editors from this era. It furnishes users with an easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it is best for text editing and overall web design management.

Besides that, this CoffeeCup code editor comes in two versions. You can either pay for it or receive it for free. However, the free version lacks a few features. So level up your designing experience with CoffeeCup.

Despite that, CoffeeCup is a tool that supports HTML, CSS, PHP, and other languages.

Image Showing Html Editor In Coffee Cup Code Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • Syntax highlighting feature is available for your projects.
  • Easy and quick startups.
  • Better themes are available.
  • It supports FTP connections.
  • It’s a visual code editor.
  • Website previews are available.


  • You can get a quick setup.
  • It supports HTML, PHP, CSS, and much more.
  • The remote and local run is available.
  • It supports Windows and macOS.
  • The free version is available.


  • The free version has minor features.


  • It is accessible for the people. However, it charges differently for windows and macOS users.

So, it has everything you need to make your web presence powerful.


Bluefish Code Editor Logo
BlueFish is the lightweight code editor that comes up with markup language support. And, if you bypass this, then there is another reason to choose this for your projects; it means you can select it for its superior speed service and quick response.

Beneficially, we can use a complete website in seconds, and that too in free of cost. Mainly, it is designed to run on the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris platforms. Along with this, you can manage high-volume files frequently because of their potential. Now, keep your ocean eyes on the following features that it offers.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It supports snippets.
  • A search and replace option make it more favorable.
  • The Undo-Redo options allow you to make valid Codes.
  • It supports to Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • It has an automatic recovery system.
  • It comes up with customizable language support.
  • The code editor is lightweight.


  • You can get a quick response.
  • It can work with you on more than 500 documents constantly.
  • It is an open-source code editor.
  • It supports to FTP system.
  • You can enjoy remote file access.


  • Windows crashing might be a problem.


  • Free

As per the above, you can do a lot with the BlueFish code editor to reduce your working stress.


Bbedit Code Editor Logo
Bare Bones have designed the BBEdit, including the technology used in TextWrangler. All the consumers are of TexztWranglers are now moving to BBEdit code editor. You can do editing and influence text for your coding assignments.

Besides that, it supports many programming languages. It also has many options, such as searching and replacing many files, autocompletion, and much more. Read the following for more features and pricing.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • You can get a Grep matching system.
  • Easy to search and replace across many files.
  • Code folding feature.
  • It supports FTP and SFTP.
  • It works for many languages.
  • People can add special characters while coding.
  • There are a few automation tools for suggesting.


  • It can help Mac Users.
  • It has FTP & SFTP support.
  • There are a few Saving functions.
  • There are HTML Markup Tools.
  • It supports AppleScript.
  • Mac OS X Scripting support.


  • Only limited platforms


  • $49.99 for a single license

Plus, it has tools for your web development projects and text handling. Along with this, the users will get the best interface.


Espresso Code Editor Logo
If you need a web development tool for your Mac, Espresso is another best choice. It offers an excellent interface and best-advanced features that make your coding journey more enjoyable.

Likewise, beginners can use WordPress themes cheat sheets for formulas, vital points, and theories. It helps in writing, coding, designing, building, and more. On top of this, it comes with text features, live previews, and browser Xray that make it more valuable. Let’s know the other parts from the following.

Image Showing Code In Espresso Code Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It comes up with SCSS & LESS.
  • It has an option of Custom spacings.
  • It supports Plugins and Linting.
  • Keywords shortcuts are available.
  • You can get the coding snippets.
  • Many edits are possible.


  • It supports many programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Etc.
  • A free trial is available.
  • It has Sync and Quick publish features.
  • It is best for Mac users.


  • It becomes expensive sometimes.


  • $99; however, a free trial is available.

We assure you that you will never feel scammed by using this code editor with all such features.


ATPad is known as the simple code editor. You can easily replace it through Notepad. However, it is a substitute but has many other features that have not occurred in the earlier Notepad. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platform users too.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It is easily accessible from any drive.
  • There is no need for computers.
  • Find and replace functions.
  • Bookmarks options
  • It is the best online code editor
  • Line numbering is possible.


  • It supports Windows.
  • You can get the snippet support.
  • Users can use it Virtually.


  • It supports limited languages only.


  • It is cost-free

It will be the best option to replace your Notepad with something handy.

Komodo Edit

Komodo Code Editor Logo
Komodo Edit is mainly used as the free, open-source code editor. You can get many language support, including Python, Perl, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, and more. It is also famous as the modern programming text editor.

You can get extra features such as debugging and unit testing, which are now free. Following are the beneficial features that it offers.

Image Showing Code In Komodo Code Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • There are more than one or multiple selections on this code editor.
  • You can get customizable icons.
  • It supports HTML, PHP, Python, Perl, and more.
  • An advanced version is also available.
  • IDE options and integrations options there.


  • It comes up with a Syntax highlighting feature.
  • Code coloring option is available.
  • Code integration
  • It has extension support.


  • Not supports large files
  • Spell check is missing


  • Free

Are you looking for a low code editor? Then, Komodo Edit would be the perfect pick.


Icecoder Code Editor Logo

ICEcoder is one of the exciting code editors as it works exactly the opposite of basic code editors. In addition, the direct working inside the browser makes it helpful for other operating systems. You can also use technologies like tabbing as an advantage on this ICEcoder.

Furthermore, it supports many languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more. Learn more about the exciting features from the following.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • The Find & Replace option is available.
  • There is a Code highlighting option.
  • Many pointers are available.
  • You can enjoy the fantastic themes.
  • Remote editing
  • File management. Image Showing Code In Icecoder Code Editor


  • A secure sign-in facility is helpful.
  • It supports to MySQL database.
  • It also supports all OS.


  • Web-based equipment


  • Free of cost

Don’t have money to spend? Well, with ICEcoder, you do not have to!

Light Table

Lighttable Code Editor Logo
Light Table is an open-source for coding that, too, is free of cost! It works basically on Windows, Mac, Linux with a clean surface. Immediate response is an exciting factor of this code editor. Let’s take a look at the following features.

Image Showing Code In Lighttable Code Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It is a lightweight code editor.
  • Frizzy file searching.
  • It helps with various embeds.
  • Syntax highlighting option is available.
  • You can do Debugging.


  • It is an Open-source for all.
  • It works for all primary OS.
  • It provides an easy and clean interface
  • You will get a quick response.
  • It has a Plugin manager and can complete Powerful editing.


  • Fewer features as compared to other code editors


  • As free as air

It is supported by the significant OS being low capacitive, making it different from others.


Rapidphp Code Editor Logo
Although RapidPHP is a PHP code editor, it supports languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Web development. Also, the program will connect to the FTP, SFTP, and FTPS servers directly, without any issues. On top of this, people will get the file management tools with Git integration. Image Showing Code In Rapidphp Code Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • Code folding is available on this editor.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 is now possible thoroughly.
  • Search and replace options.
  • There are code snippets.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use
  • Faster setup
  • FTP, SFTP, FTPS support
  • Integrated tools


  • Sometimes it becomes costly to pay for it.


  • It charges $49.95 as a one-time fee.

Beneficially, you can use the free version 30 times to ensure that you will need it or not. So, grab your free version and work efficiently.


Chocolat Code Editor Logo
As the name indicates, Chocolat is a divine code editor for your writing. It is beneficial to the Mac OS interface, offering code completion in many languages, including HTML, JavaScript, Python, Etc. The following other features will give you knowledge additionally. Image Showing Code In Chocolat Code Editor

What are the Exciting Features?

  • You can get customizable snippets.
  • You can check the error live.
  • Cold folding
  • Many selections are available.
  • You can do split editing.


  • It has the IDE with all benefits.
  • You can take the Split viewing option.
  • There is a live previews option.
  • Code completion.
  • Integrated web-based documentation.


  • Suitable for Mac only


  • $49.00

It becomes easy to create the projects via drag and drop, which is most beneficial for the users.


Vim Code Editor Logo
When it comes to flexibility and advanced text editor, Vim is the choice for many users. It is the last but not least powerful advanced code editor on this list. Also, you can use it on various platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. The one who knows about UNIX is the users who also know Vim and its features.

What are the Exciting Features?

  • It .support to the plugin.
  • You can get Extensive support.
  • The search and replace option is available.
  • It is based on UNIX.
  • It is Safe to log in.


  • It is a lightweight code editor.
  • It is an efficient editor when you get familiar.
  • An instant editing is possible.
  • You can get the powerful keybinding.


  • It takes time to learn.


  • No cost is applicable.

It is a powerful code editor for you and even more. So, install it and enjoy your coding with no complications.


What code editor should I use for Mac?

Visual Code Editor is an ideal choice for mac users. From the beginning (2015), it has been the standard for software improvements. Also, VS code is available on several systems for Mac, Windows, and Linux users.

Does Mac have a code editor?

Today Mac users don’t need specific applications for writing or coding. We say this because they can use TextEdit to write or edit the HTML code. If you don’t like this suggestion, you can find more on this blog. And you can choose from them as per your choice.

What is the fastest code editor?

There are plenty of options for the fastest code editor, starting from the Atom, Sublime Text, Notepad++, CoffeeCup, and more. You can choose one of them as per your desire. However, every code editor has its features, pros & cons. So, before you choose, make sure that you get what you want.

How to find suitable code editors to edit WordPress & WooCommerce PHP, JS, & CSS Files?

So many organizations depend on the developer, programmer, and text editor. So many of us spend time finding the best editor to edit WordPress, PHP, JS, and CSS files. But, you can quickly get them on this blog, as we have listed the best code editors for your convenience.

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There are many options you will get in terms of code editor. But, choosing one of them for your needs is just a blessing. You can reduce your stress by looking up to the above article to get your suitable code editor.

We have mentioned the best alternatives and their pros & cons, features, and pricing. You can use them on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. So, we hope you will find your partner for coding in this entire blog.


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