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Create React + Redux app structure with build configurations.

What can I find here?

  • Express, Cors
  • React + Redux, ES6, async/await
  • Web Components (Custom Elements) integration
  • React Router
  • Internationalization
  • SASS
  • PostCSS (autoprefixer), so you do not need -webkit, -moz or other prefixes
  • Build script configuration Development, Staging, Production with CDN, cache-busting support
  • Build script to bundle JS, CSS, with sourcemaps
  • Unit tests Jest, Enzyme
  • E2E Cypress tests
  • ESLint
  • Ghooks (pre-commit with unit tests and eslint validation)
  • Code Coverage (
  • Travis CI runs Unit and E2E tests and report to codecov

Quick Start

Create React + Redux app structure works on macOS, Windows, and Linux.
If something doesn’t work, please file an issue.


npm i -g create-react-redux-app-structure


yarn add -g create-react-redux-app-structure

create-react-redux-app-structure my-app
cd my-app/
npm run fast-start

https://localhost:8080/ will be opened automatically.

When you are ready to deploy to staging/production please see Build Scripts section.

Getting Started

You will need to have Node >= 6 on your local development machine and Yarn installed.

Install it once globally:


npm i -g create-react-redux-app-structure


yarn add -g create-react-redux-app-structure

Patience, please. It takes time, most of it is spent installing npm packages.

Creating an App

To create a new app, run:

create-react-redux-app-structure my-app
cd my-app/

It will create a directory called my-app inside the current folder.

Prepare config.json for build configurations

For running builds you need to have config.json in app/ folder.
So you can create new one or rename app/config.json.example.

Inside that file:

  • PATHS is used in Grunt and Gulp tasks
  • assetHost CDN path for each build
  • serverHost is used for running e2e Cypress tests


npm install or yarn install

You can run npm run fast-start script, it will install all npm packages, run dev build, server and open https://localhost:8080/

Create React + Redux App Structure With Build Configurations

Run build script

Have a look at Build Scripts section

Run server

node index.js or npm run server

Then open https://localhost:8080/ to see test weather app 🙂

Build scripts

Development – npm run dev or yarn run dev

Production – npm run prod or yarn run prod

Staging – npm run staging or yarn run staging


Unit – npm run test or yarn run test

Unit with watch – npm run test:watch or yarn run test:watch

E2E – npm run e2e or yarn run e2e

Coverage is here – app/tests/tests/coverage/Icon-report/index.html

Automation tests

Let’s imagine that for automation tests we need to get access to the Redux store.
We can do that by adding to the window object property with reference to the store. For e.g. in app.jsx file.
Automation tests run only in staging, so for production build we remove them out by Grunt task strip_code

/* staging-code */ = store;
/* end-staging-code */


Kill all node processes:

  • MacOS sudo killall -9 node
  • Windows (cmd) taskkill /f /im node.exe

Detailed description about features and approaches


I would love to have your help.

If you have an idea how to improve or found an issue please read the Contributions Guidelines before submitting a PR.


MIT © Vasyl Stokolosa


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