Customize Bootstrap 4 colors for website project, SCSS variables

  1. Visit Palettes page.
  2. Choose “Bootstrap 4 colors” palette press “Edit Copy” button
    Clone Palette

  3. Adjust palette colors.
    Play with slider and change RGB colors.
    Drag and drop or remove color.
    Clone Palette

  4. When your palette is ready press “Save” button.
    Palette Save

  5. Visit Palettes page and find your palette (Bootstrap 4 colors palette my website).

  6. Open palette and press “Exprot Button”.
    Export Scss Variables Button

  7. Choose “SCSS” or “LESS” and press “Download” button.
    Download Scss Variables Button

  8. Import “colorswall_bootstrap-4-colors-palette-my-website.scss” file with varibale to your project.

Video version


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