It's been two years since I was very involved with WebVR at Mozilla but, even though I do not contribute every day, I can see the virtual reality leap, Firefox making extra effort for Chrome pushing VR and Oculus and HTC (Vive) improve their offerings. Native games are improving but, more importantly, browsers are faster and three.js and aframe allow for incredible VR experiences with JavaScript.

Before you can serve VR experiments, you need to make sure the browser supports VR experiments. To do this, you must make sure that navigator.getVRDisplays is available:

const supportsVR = & # 39; getVRDisplays & # 39; in the browser;

if (supportsVR) {
navigator.getVRDisplays (). then (function (poster) {
// ... Load the VR experience
other {
// ... Show "you need the message {x} browser"

If navigator.getVRDisplays is present, it is likely that the browser supports VR and AR experiments.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have the potential to change the world and enrich lives. Learning to code virtual reality experiences will get you ahead of the curve, and as always, coding these experiences for the browser will break the barrier of entry!

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