I posted a JSON and macOS-related tip to Twitter earlier this week that was surprisingly popular, and I was encouraged to include it here.. so if you’re curious, scroll to the end of this issue 😄
— Peter Cooper, editor

Is The 'Typescript Tax' Worth It?

The TypeScript Tax: A Cost vs Benefit Analysis — TypeScript’s becoming increasingly popular, but is it worth it? Eric Elliott presents some critical, data-driven analysis to establish the viability of using TypeScript when building larger apps.

Eric Elliott

The “Bug-O” NotationBig O helps us think about the running time or memory complexity of our algorithms, but here Dan Abramov urges us to think about Bug-O (or how much an API slows you down as your codebase grows).

Dan Abramov

Yarn’s Future: Looking to v2 and BeyondYarn is a popular JavaScript dependency management tool and an interesting alternative to npm. This update reflects on what Yarn has achieved and what’s yet to come.


The NPM Universe, Visualized — A ‘code galaxies’ visualization of thousands of npm packages and their relationships and correlations to each other. Neat to fly around in.

Andrei Kashcha

📘 Tutorials and Opinions

The JSConf and CSSconf EU Finances — JSConf EU is a not-for-profit conference but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap to put on. Here are the numbers behind its success.


Is The 'Typescript Tax' Worth It?

Ionic 4 Released — Ionic is now distributed as a set of Web Components using the Custom Elements and Shadow DOM APIs available in all modern mobile and desktop browsers. If you’ve thought of Ionic as an Angular UI framework in the past, this is no longer true.

Max Lynch (Ionic)

⚡️ A quick tip for Mac Users

If you’re on macOS and have Homebrew installed, run brew cask install quicklook-json and Quick Look (where you press the spacebar with a file highlighted in Finder) will let you quickly look into JSON files with the correct formatting:

Is The 'Typescript Tax' Worth It?

If you don’t have Homebrew, you can install quicklook-json manually, though I can’t vouch for that directly.

There are a lot of other Quick Look plugins covering other formats too, such as Markdown or APKs, and even adding syntax coloring to previewed code.


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