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Node.js is an event-driven, JavaScript-based platform that has revolutionized the way web applications are built. Its speed, reliability and sharing capability has been known far and wide among IT professionals. Node.js. is a very prominent choice for apps that work on real-time data

Node.js is a hard beast to tame but very rewarding once you’ve mastered it. I am here to help you to find deserving Node.js developers for hire. So, without further delay let’s get started with tips for hiring Node.js developers.

  1. Why Node.js?

Let’s start with an additional but very important tip. Before hiring a Node.js developer, you need to first ask yourself, do you need Node.js programming in your app-building project. Many of the apps available in the market work on simple CRUD (create, read, update, delete) type models. Such apps don’t have any need for Node.js, a simple Ruby on rails or Django developer would suffice needs of such an app development project.

As mentioned earlier if your project works on real-time data then Node.js is the right tool for your needs. If your need is for an event-based server and/or non-blocking driven server then again going with Node.js developers for hire is the right call.

  1. Experience in Open Source

The only source of knowledge is experience.                                                –Albert Einstein

The greatest skill set that any Node.js developer for hire can have is experience, better if this experience is in open source projects. Your candidate must have a GitHub profile, NPM profile or any other similar platform of open source project sharing where they should have some open source project under their belt.

A plus point would be if your Node.js developer has more experience in creating their own Node projects. If they have collaborated on other projects to find and fix bugs, this would show that they have good communication and social reaching skills.

  1. HTTP

Node.js is a very powerful and multi-faceted tool. Its real power is revealed when used beyond normal HTTP applications. Ask your candidates if they have any experience using Node.js for app development beyond HTTP server. If they have experience with other server/client like XMPP or even peer to peer protocol like BitTorrent, then that could definitely be counted as a plus point.

Even if they don’t have experience with above-mentioned protocols, they should at least have some experience with WebSockets like making multi-user web app.

  1. Database Designing

The most important unit of currency in the digital world is data, and for real-time apps, handling data is more crucial than other apps. So any Node.js developer for hire should have experience in designing and handling database. In Node.js there are many database design options, and it’s crucial to check the candidate’s familiarity with these options.

What type of database design and management should the developer be versed with depends on what type of app you are building. If you need a relational database for your app then MySQL and MariaDB should be known to them, but if you need a NoSQL database then just the knowledge in MongoDB would suffice for your project.

  1. Give Preference To A Devop

DevOp (Development and Operations) means a programmer who can also work in operations. Node.js can be sometimes difficult when it comes to deploying the app. So it is better to hire a Node.js DevOp rather than just Hire Node.js developer. You need to ask the candidates if they know

  • What to do in event of a crash?
  • How to scale the application across various database servers?
  • How to load balance on servers?
  1. Security

The most common mistake that people do while hiring a Node.js developer is overlooking the security aspect. The Node.js developers that you hire must have expertise in Node security as this platform involves JavaScript. And with JavaScript, there is always a high-security risk for your application from SSJSi (server-side JavaScript injection) attacks, and malware.

So the Node.JS developer you hire should be known to Node security and how to mitigate such attacks.

Bonus Tips

  • Create a proper job description with an elaborate explanation of what services, responsibilities, and experience you would need from your Node.js developer.
  • Prepare proper interview questions for your candidates that satisfy your project needs.
  • Your search should not be localized to your working city or state. This could limit your search and give you a limited set of option that you may not like. Search in other countries to get the best Node.js developers.
  • Conduct practical tests that are relevant to your app development project.


Hiring Node.js developers can be a very intimidating task if you don’t fall in the technical spectrum of IT industry. But there is no need to overwhelm from this task. There are many 3rd party businesses that do this work for you, but if you need to hand-pick your desired Node.js developer then you need to get into the ring yourself.

You must also know what salary to pay and what other costs are there to hire a Node.js developer.

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