Browsers, Every Person Has A Different Browser Choice. Like Mine Is Chrome. Yours might be Firefox/Edge/Opera or something else. We Fixed The Inconsistencies In Browsers By Vendor Prefixing. But What About The Defaults. Each Page Will Look Somewhat Different On Different Browsers.

This Is A Screenshot Of A Really Basic Page From Chrome:

With Chrome

This One Is A Screenshot Of The Same Page From Internet Explorer

With Ie

You might be using more complex websites. Then there must be a way how google/facebook/twitter keep there websites look alike.

There’s a way: Of Using A CSS Reset/Normalizer

I used many css resets and normalizers
But When we use them everything breaks out.
There Are No Predefined Font Styles For H1/H2/…/p/b

For That I Needed To Make A CSS Normalizer Myself. It is named Reseter.css. Make Sure To Check:

Now Here’s A Screenshot Of Both Browsers Again:

Chrome: With Chrome &Amp; Reseter.css
IE: With Ie &Amp; Reseter.css

To Use It You Can Install It Using NPM: npm i reseter.css
Many More Options Are Available At:


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