Nearly every video can benefit from an eye-catching title. Simple text can introduce the purpose of the video and add commentary that audio just can’t capture.

The best titles stick to a few key principles: quick (but not too quick), catchy, and bold. We all know that attention spans are shorter than ever, and getting an audience drawn into your video is becoming more and more important. 

In this round-up, you’ll learn how to use templates to add titles to your video in Final Cut Pro.

15 Best Title Templates for Final Cut Pro

The benefit of using a template is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel: instead of learning animation and creating the titles from scratch, you can use the work of others to save hours of design work. Just open a title, add your text and choice of colors, and you’ll see it animated onto the canvas.

When you’re ready to add a title, start with a template from Envato Elements. This all-you-can-download service for creatives gives you hundreds of Final Cut Pro templates, plus a million assets across categories like stock images, graphics, footage, and more.

15 Top Title Templates for FCPX
All of these title templates are included with a subscription to Envato Element, ready to use in Final Cut Pro.

Let’s dive in and look at 15 of my favorite choices that are included under the Envato Elements umbrella. Note: many of these templates will require Apple’s Motion software to fully customize the animation. 

1. Modern Minimalism Titles

With 30 stunning title options, this pack is sure to please. Each one is fully customizable to meet any need. Whether you’re making a professional promo or a social media video, you’re sure to find sleek titles just right for you.

2. Glitch Titles

Edgy glitch styling adds an element of grunge to your productions. Capture it here with this cool glitch title pack for Final Cut Pro. Choose from 15 animations for ultimate customization.

3. FCPX Animated Typography Titles

Animated typography adds a personal touch to any video. It seamlessly integrates words and video into a single, fluid motion. And with this easy template, you can add it to your own work in a flash.

4. Award Show Titles – Apple Motion

These golden titles serve as the perfect introduction to award videos, wedding highlights, and more. Glittering graphics grab audience attention, and truly bring your text to life. All you have to do is drop in your own content.

5. FCPX Titles 4K

The future of video is ultra-high definition. Capture the clarity here with these sharp 4K titles. Versatile enough for any project, they’ll look great on any display.

6. Motion Titles 4K

Keeping with the 4K theme, these motion titles add fluid animation to high definition displays. Select from 26 unique options to perfectly match your videos. Then drop in your own content, and go.

7. Glitch Minimal Titles

Glitch titles need not be overpowering. Paired with minimal design philosophy, they can fade into the background while stylishly overlaying your video. This template captures this spirit, giving you gritty style without distraction.

8. Universal Titles // FCPX or Motion 5

Searching for a multipurpose, flexible title pack for Final Cut? You’ve found it here, with this 30-option template package. Colors are fully customizable, and free fonts are utilized throughout.

9. Simple Titles | FCPX or Apple Motion

If simplicity is the name of the game, these refined titles are just right for you. Each one is elegant without being overpowering. They’re designed to complement your video content without overwhelming it.

10. Titles Pack | FCPX or Apple Motion

Usable across any type of video project, these clean corporate titles deliver value anywhere. They’re right at home in top presentations, commercials, intros, and more. This template even includes a handy tutorial to help you get started.

11. Colourful Glitch Titles 2

Glitch designs need not be dark and moody. This is vividly illustrated by this vibrant collection of glitch titles. These bright animated captions bring new life to your work in a flash.

12. Minimal Titles | FCPX or Apple Motion

Let your videos shine with supporting text. All you’ll need are bold captions and this pack to drive your creativity! Tailored to bring inspired design anywhere, these minimal titles are the perfect fit for your next production.

13. Creative Titles | FCPX or Apple Motion

Whatever your creative need, you can meet it with these handcrafted titles. Each is designed with the video creator in mind. And with pre-made templates like this, you don’t need professional video experience to build great things.

14. 50 Minimal Titles | FCPX or Apple Motion

Featuring over four dozen diverse title options, this pack offers the ultimate creative flexibility in a single download. Featuring titles, overlays, and more, you’re sure to find one just right for you. Each one is then customizable, letting you build out totally unique titles in seconds.

15. Titles Minimalism | FCPX or Apple Motion

Last but not least, be sure to explore this amazing versatile title pack. Each of the 30 designs is minimalist in spirit, but offers high-powered style. It’s up to you to build your own designs, thanks to easy customization options.

More Final Cut Pro Titles from Envato Market

If you just want to purchase single FCPX templates for your next video project,  Envato Market might be the perfect model for you. Instead of a subscription-based model, Market offers pay-as-you-go purchases of the best Final Cut Pro templates. Here are five of my favorite Final Cut Pro projects from Envato Market.

1. FCP Titles

With resolutions all the way up to 4K, you’d have no problem using this project for your next Blu-Ray release! Even if you’ll never publish in that format, these sharp, scalable tiles are an incredibly appealing visual option.

2. Titles Collection

Not only is this a solid choice of Final Cut Pro text titles, it also has the animation elements that will help you start your video with a bang. Use any of these options to start your video with a bang!

Titles Collection

3. Wedding Titles

For a more elegant feel, the Wedding Titles package has a soft and stylish way of bringing your big day to life.

4. Modern Titles

Another solid and clean option in this round-up, the Modern Titles package has a variety of visual styles for bringing text into your production. The multiple options in this pack mean you might never use the same title text twice.

Modern Titles

5. Modern Minimalism Titles

Because Envato Market is a pay-as-you-go option, the best value is in elements that can be re-used without repeating the same effect. This Final Cut Pro title package fits the bill perfectly thanks to the depth of options that are included for animating bright titles.

Modern minimalism Titles

More Final Cut Pro Tutorials & Projects

A title can set the stage properly for your next video, and they’re easy to create in Final Cut Pro. With the help of templates, you can produce your next video easily. Check out these tutorials that are useful for any title maker and beginner FCPX user:


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