Though digital technology currently dominates much of our business lives, networking is one area that’s still rooted in the physical world. That’s why business cards are still as relevant today as they’ve ever been. They’re pocketable representations of a business and need to create a positive and memorable first impression. 

Minimal Business Card Template
Minimal Business Card Template

To create high quality business cards that represent your brand effectively, business card templates like those found at Envato Elements and GraphicRiver are indispensable. They help alleviate the work of making business cards from scratch by providing you with beautiful layouts, typography and graphics that you can customise to suit your needs. 

Unlimited Premium Illustrator Business Card Templates

One of the best programs for creating business cards is Adobe Illustrator. That’s why Envato Elements has developed a range of outstanding Adobe Illustrator business card templates to suit a range of tastes and needs. 

Whether you’re looking for outstanding layouts, typography, graphics or all of the above, Envato Elements provides you with thousands of unique Illustrator business card print templates. 

Envato Elements
Envato Elements – download as many templates as you want for one low price

All these standard business card size Illustrator templates are easy to edit and ready to print, and best of all you can download as many of these amazing templates as you want for one low price.

Here are some carefully curated AI business cards you might like:

1. Renovation Business Card

Renovation Business Card
Renovation Business Card

This multipurpose Adobe Illustrator business card template offers a stylish and modern design that’s suitable for a wide variety of brands. The layered AI and EPS files are fully editable so that you can change the colours and text as needed. 

2. Business Card for AI

Business Card
A Business Card Template for AI from Envato Elements

This double-sided business card template for Illustrator offers terrific layout and graphics that’ll make your business cards stand out. This template is ideal for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and creative brands. The AI and EPS files are super easy to edit. Just download and open up your business card template in Illustrator, drop in your text, change the colours to reflect your brand and your card is ready to send to the printers.

3. Business Card Template Illustrator

Business Card Template Illustrator
Business Card Template for Illustrator

This gorgeous vertical business card template for Illustrator is a bold choice for businesses that want to stand apart from the pack. To customise, add each of your brand colours to each side of the card or if you only have one brand colour, add it to one side of the card and leave the other side white. Then all that’s left to do is enter your text and send your new card off the printers. 

Choose Envato Elements if you need Adobe Illustrator business card templates and other graphic resources regularly. If you’re just interested in making one-off purchases of business card design Illustrator templates, then GraphicRiver may be a better choice for you. You can download a single template for one-time use for an incredibly low fee.

Graphic River
Graphic River – download a single template for one-time use for an incredibly low fee

Just as is the case with Envato Elements, GraphicRiver offers a wide array of top quality business card templates for Illustrator. And just like the templates at Envato Elements, these are ready to print and easy to customise. Here are some AI business card samples from GraphicRiver:

4. Minimalist Business Card Vol. 46

Minimalist Business Card Vol 46
Minimalist Business Card Vol. 46

This is a fabulous Adobe Illustrator business card template for creative, fashion, beauty of lifestyle brands. The ability to upload a photo to your card is a great way to show samples of your work to potential clients.

5. Business Cards Mock-Ups + Template

Business Cards Mock-Ups Template
Business Cards Mockups + Templates

This corporate business card template for Illustrator is ideal for businesses that want to present a clean and bold corporate image to clients. The bold duo-coloured text with your company name is a great way to make a statement, while the clean and modern text with your business contact details is easy to read. 

15+ Free Adobe Illustrator Business Card Templates

Of course, some business are so cash strapped when starting out that they simply have no budget at all for business cards. If you find yourself in these shoes, here are over 15 of the best business card templates for Illustrator free for download. 

1. Flat Corporate Business Card

Flat Corporate Business Card

This attractive business card design is layered. It’s print-ready and easy to edit. The unique design will help this card to stand out in any stack of business cards.

2. Stylish Adobe Illustrator Business Card Free Download

Here’s a stylish business card design you can download for free. It’s got a minimalist and modern look and feel to it. Customise it for your business today.

3. Corporate Business Card

This free business card template for AI captures the corporate image with its sharp angles and contrast. There’s even places for you to add icons to enhance the appearance. 

4. Personal Business Card

This blank business card template for Illustrator is free and fun. Its retro design and colour scheme and playful illustrations will bring a smile to any potential client’s face, every time.

5. Colourful AI Business Card Template Free Download

Colorful Free AI Business Card Template

If you want your business card to make a statement, then consider this free business card design. This card features a pink and green modern colour palette that’s sure to attract attention.

6.  Free Creative Flat Business Card Design Template for AI

Here’s a unique free AI business card design that’s perfect for anyone in the creative business. This minimalist card is a great way to showcase your business. 

7. Free Branded Business Card for Illustrator

This free business card template comes in standard A4 size. It’s fully editable. Add your own images and text to make it fit your brand.

8. Elegant Illustrator Business Card Design

This AI business card features an elegant monochrome design. Although the featured design is for an artist, this would work well for anyone in a creative profession.

9. Free Business Card Download for Adobe Illustrator

This free business card design is unique and editable. It’s got a noticeable geometric pattern that gives this a modern and artistic vibe.

10. Free Professional Business Card Template for AI

Free Professional Business Card Template

This professional business card template for Adobe Illustrator includes a pre-defined bleed setting. This two-tone design will fit with many business branding schemes.

11. Free Retro AI Business Card Template Design

This stylish Adobe Illustrator business card design evokes memories of an earlier era. Consider this if you want your business card to have a classic, yet modern, feel to it.

 12. Free One-Colour Illustrator Business Card Design

Who said that one-colour business card designs have to be boring? With the exception of the QR code, this business card design is based on a single colour.

 13. Simple Business Card Template for Adobe Illustrator (Free Download)

Here’s an easy-to-edit simple business card design that’s flexible enough to work for a variety of businesses. There are also icons for key contact information.

14. Free Business Card Template for AI

Free Business Card Template for Adobe Illustrator

This editable AI business card design might be just what your business needs for their next business cards. The free business card design for Illustrator would work well for a corporation or a personal card.

 15. Free AI Business Card Bundle

Do you like variety? Here’s not one free Adobe Illustrator business card template, but 10. Use these helpful AI business card designs for personal or business use. 

16. Free AI Dental Business Card Design Download

This free business card for Adobe Illustrator has a slot for a corporate tagline, all your contact information, and even room for a QR code. You can easily change the colours and text.

How to Make Business Cards Online (Alternative to Illustrator)

As you can see, there are many wonderful premium and free InDesign business card templates to choose from, but there’s one other option for creating business cards that you should know about. And this one is quite special because it doesn’t require knowledge of InDesign. That option is to use the business card maker at Placeit. 

Online Business Card Maker at Placeit
Online Business Card Maker at Placeit

What’s great about the Placeit business card maker is that you don’t have to mess about with downloading templates or learning new software. All you need to do is open your internet browser and you can create your business cards right there online in a matter of minutes with a few clicks. 

What’s more, Placeit offers tons of business card design templates to suit a wide variety of needs and is a cost-effective way to create your own unique business cards from templates designed by professional graphic designers.  

Learn More About Business Cards

If your interest is piqued and you want to learn more about Placeit’s business card maker and business card design in general, check out these very helpful articles below: 

Create Your Own Stand-Out Business Card Today

There are so many great Adobe Illustrator business card templates here to choose from that it’s probably tough to settle on just one.   

If you’re proficient in Photoshop or Illustrator, there are thousands of professionally designed business card templates available at Envato Elements or you can buy individual business card design templates from GraphicRiver. Alternatively, if you’re looking for simpler and more intuitive business card design ideas, why not try the Placeit Business Card Maker? 


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