If you’re in an office on a beautiful day it’s hard to focus when you look outside and see the great weather. 

You can’t take your audience outdoors when you’re giving a presentation, but you can use nature PPT templates to bring the outdoors inside.

Nature PowerPoint templates
An excellent nature PowerPoint template like Greino brings the best of the outdoors indoors when you’re presenting.

Even if you’re in a conference room, you can still incorporate the best of nature in your presentation. Templates like these are perfect for a nature-based business or any topic that benefits from a taste of the outdoors.

In this article, you’ll see the best free PowerPoint templates with nature themes. You’ll also see the best nature PowerPoint templates from graphic designers on Envato Elements (unlimited downloads) or the best nature PPT designs from GraphicRiver.

Top Premium Nature PowerPoint Templates

Before we dive into the free PowerPoint templates with nature themes in this tutorial, let’s check out the best options from professional graphic designers. When you use premium PowerPoint templates, you can skip the work of designing a nature PPT from scratch.

Above all, you should check out Envato Elements, a flat-rate download source for the best nature PPT templates. This all-you-can-download library is perfect for creatives that want to experiment with many different nature PowerPoint nature templates. 

Free PowerPoint Templates Nature Themes
On Envato Elements, you’ve got access to unlimited nature PPT templates that you can use to bring the outdoors indoors.

On Envato Elements, a single license covers usage of more than a million assets. Beyond PowerPoint templates, you also unlock great resources to use in your presentation like stock photography, graphics, and video clips. 

The reason that Envato Elements is so powerful is that it’s full of slide ideas. When you start with a pre-built nature PowerPoint template, you already have all of the layouts and slide concepts that you need.

If the all-you-can-download model on Envato Elements isn’t your style, make sure to check out nature PPT templates on GraphicRiver. The library is just as deep, filled with the best nature PPT templates, but you’ll pay only for the templates you choose.

Whether you source nature PPT templates from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver, the point is that you can use templates to design an excellent presentation. Choose a pre-built design, add your details, and prepare to present your best work yet.

5 More Nature PowerPoint Templates From Envato (Premium)

Before we go in depth into the best free PowerPoint templates with nature themes, let’s take a closer look at some popular premium nature PPT templates from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

1. Nature – PowerPoint Template

Nature PowerPoint Template

This attractive forest PowerPoint template from Envato Elements was created to promote forests and plants, but it could easily work for any business presentation. The template is based on master slides and you’ll find 35 unique slide layouts. As a bonus, this nature PPT includes 381 vector icons.

2. Minimalist Nature PowerPoint Presentation Template

Minimalist Nature PowerPoint Presentation Template

This clean plant PowerPoint theme from Envato Elements includes the following features:

  • 30 minimalist slides
  • 5 color variations
  • based on a free font
  • HD screen ratio (16:9)

If you’re looking for minimalist nature PowerPoint templates, don’t miss this!

3. PowerPoint Template With Nature Theme

PowerPoint Template With Nature Theme

This Elements Nature PowerPoint template is sure to catch the eye of any nature-loving audience. Plus, it comes with many options so that you can craft just the right presentation for your needs. Choose between over 150 total slide layouts with five pre-made color variations. It even includes a handcrafted PowerPoint infographic.

4. Green Energy PowerPoint Template

Green Energy PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for a nature-based or plant PowerPoint theme, consider the Green Energy PowerPoint template from GraphicRiver. This versatile nature PPT includes 50 unique slides and 20 pre-made XML color themes. It’s also full of charts, including an Excel table, so you can present your data visually.

5. Ecological PowerPoint Presentation Template

Ecological PowerPoint Presentation Template

This gorgeous nature PowerPoint template is one of our top-rated templates on GraphicRiver. With five stars for flexibility and four stars for quality, it’s easy to see why this template is so popular. You also get a massive number of slides to choose from–7200 in all. Plus, you’ll find a rich icon library to help your nature PPT presentation be all that it can be.

20 Best Free Nature PowerPoint Templates

Sometimes, you don’t have the budget to source a premium nature PPT template. In that case, turn to free PowerPoint templates with nature themes from across the web. Let’s take a look at over 20 of the best options in the round-up below:

1. Free Tree Line PowerPoint Template

Nature PPT

Nature PowerPoint templates like this one uses trees to signify growth and progress. One is offset in purple for a bit of contrast. Use built-in layouts for quick customizations. 

2. Free Spring PowerPoint Template

Leaves and butterflies are featured in this spring seasonal PowerPoint. The slides are bright, and text contrasts well against the light backgrounds. You can add images for extra interest.

3. Spring Butterflies PowerPoint Templates

This spring PowerPoint template is more abstract, designed for creatives and artists. It’s got a basic set of placeholder layouts included to add your content. Click within them to insert.

4. Winter Presentation

Winter PowerPoint template

This winter PowerPoint template is styled around the cold season. It shows a skier on a mountaintop, recognizing both nature’s beauty and humankind’s aptitude for overcoming challenges. This makes it adaptable to many projects when you add your content.

5. Leaf Close Up PowerPoint Template

A macro view of a leaf is used as the backdrop for this nature theme template for PPT. On other layouts, it becomes a border. Use this free PowerPoint template with a nature theme for a fall-inspired presentation.

6. Polar Bear PowerPoint Template

Polar bears represent the grandeur of the natural world. One is featured here on the title slide. This is a flexible winter template inspired by the power of nature.

7. Free Painted Hills PowerPoint Template

This arid desert presentation sets the stage for your next project. It features a photograph of sun-baked mountains overlayed with standard PowerPoint content boxes. The default color palette matches the landscape, but you can always change this inside PowerPoint.

8. Free Desert PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint summer templates

Using desert backgrounds, your content is brought to the forefront with this free nature PPT. It’s present across the full array of PowerPoint’s built-in slide layouts, which you can easily swap out. Make sure to mix and match fonts as well.

9. Free Summer PowerPoint Template

Featuring images of a warm summer day, this multipurpose nature PowerPoint free download can be utilized across a variety of projects. Layouts and styles are left up to you. Utilize PowerPoint’s tools to make this deck your own.

10. Outdoors Presentation

An outdoor presentation like this leverages nature in the slide design. Swap in your content to style it to your liking. Tutorial instructions are included with the download to assist in the process.

11. Winter Trees – Nature PowerPoint Templates

These free PowerPoint template nature themes complement winter projects by showing an abstract winter forest. Three slides are built-in: one cover slide and two backgrounds. PowerPoint itself can adapt these to meet your needs. 

12. Ceres Presentation Template

Spring PowerPoint template

Ceres, a free nature PowerPoint template, is a fully customizable design. Twenty-four layouts are included to start. It’s built to adapt well to widescreen projectors and displays.

13. Ariel Presentation Template

Nature factors heavily into the design of this seasonal nature PowerPoint template theme. Two-color palettes are included, designed to match land and water. Other edits can be made by the end-user.

14. Free Starfish PowerPoint Template

The sea is part of nature, and thus factors into this landscape PPT nature theme. The focal points are starfish and pearls, with brown and blue colors.

15. Nature Presentation, Illustrated Landscape Design (Widescreen)

With hand-drawn artistic graphics, these slides can be customized to fit any season. They are in 16:9 format, commonly used on many modern projectors. 

16. Four Seasons Nature Presentation (Widescreen)

Nature PPT

It can be difficult to decide a season to feature when building a nature PowerPoint. This template incorporates all four in a series of tiles. Basic charts, graphs, and tables are added for data visualization.

17. Serenity Nature Presentation (Widescreen)

This blue nature presentation theme for PPT provides a light background for your next project. The image is of a mountain lake with reflected forests. A collection of layouts is displayed in the initial download.

18. Free Autumn PPT Template

This free PPT theme is designed for fall presentations. It derives a color palette from nature’s autumn leaves. PowerPoint allows you to adjust fonts to match.

19. Free Sunflowers PowerPoint Template

Sunflowers are a staple of summer. Use them to your design advantage with this simple template by adding it to PowerPoint’s diverse set of slide layouts and themes.

20. Leaves on Yellow PowerPoint Templates

Nature PPT

Suitable for spring, summer, or fall projects, green leaves are overlaid here against a yellow-orange backdrop. Creative layout designs are left up to the slide builder: you. Three master slides are used to streamline bulk edits.

Nature PowerPoint PPT Presentation Design Tips

There are many options to design a nature PPT. Whether you source PowerPoint templates with a nature theme or a more premium option, some tips can help you capture the spirit of the outdoors. 

Here are some of my favorite tips to create the best nature PPT:

1. Think Seasonal

Nature has a powerful way of shifting how it shows itself each season. To display the best of the outdoors, you might want to try out spring, winter, summer, or fall PowerPoint templates. 

Free Fall autumn PowerPoint templates
The perfect example of season templates is the Autumn PowerPoint template in the Envato Elements library.

Envato Elements has such a deep library that you can source designs for practically any time of the year. You’ll find templates for each season that show the shifts that occur in nature. It’s a great way to put your audience in the midst of a specific time of year.

2. Stock Photos Make a Difference

Another essential technique to put the audience in a season is to use matching stock photography. This is yet another reason that choosing Envato Elements delivers a ton of value.

Stock photography is a must but using it can be tricky. One mistake that many presenters make is going to Google Images and sourcing all stock with a few simple searches. Many times, these images aren’t licensed for use and can create a usage issue. 

Envato Elements Nature PowerPoint templates
On Envato Elements, you’ll also have access to a massive stock photo library that perfectly complements any nature PPT presentation.

The solution is to use Envato Elements for all stock photography. The library is extremely deep, and of course, all images are fully licensed for unlimited use.

The same subscription that unlocks nature PowerPoint themes also grants you access to the best stock imagery. Again, the flat-rate subscription model means that each additional high-resolution photo costs you nothing.

For a complete guide to using images in Microsoft PowerPoint, make sure to check out the set of quick screencasts below:

3. Color Schemes Capture the Spirit of the Outdoors

Nature PowerPoint templates often feature strong color schemes. Choosing a nature PowerPoint template with a fitting color palette can help you create the perfect nature presentation.

Remember, nature can include a lot of different settings. The term “nature” to some inspires seaside views, while others automatically associate it with a hike in the mountains. The key is to choose a color scheme that fits your idea of nature. 

If you want to take the audience (virtually) outdoors, make sure you sample a nature PPT that features an outdoorsy color scheme. The color scheme might vary with the season you’re representing, but make sure it fits with the stock photos and intended design.

4. Learn More About Microsoft PowerPoint

No matter what type of presentation you’re building, it helps to know as much as possible about Microsoft’s flagship presentation app. The key is knowing the app well enough to work quickly in it. 

At Tuts+, we’ve been building a library of the best PowerPoint tutorials. Each of these guides is designed to teach you a different skill to work effectively. They’re combined in a single resource, How to Use PowerPoint (Ultimate Tutorial Guide) that can serve as the best starting point for your next presentation.

Check out the three beginner tutorials below to kick off your learning:

Go Design a Nature PPT Today

In this round-up, you saw the best of both free and premium nature PowerPoint templates. All of the templates and tips you saw in this tutorial are the best way to bring outdoor elements to your next presentation.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the best elements of the outdoors and bring them to your next presentation. Use the best nature PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements or source single nature PPTs from GraphicRiver. Or, use a free PowerPoint template with nature themes in this round-up when budgets just don’t allow for a premium option.


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