25 Best Brochure PowerPoint Templates Free Pro to Download

When you’re creating a brochure, how should you start? With a blank slate in an advanced layout app you’re learning, like InDesign or Photoshop?

The best answer is to use an app you already know, like PowerPoint, along with a brochure template. Brochure templates for PowerPoint give you the blueprint for a successful printed product.

PowerPoint portfolio brochure template
A brochure PowerPoint template like Booklet is waiting for your customizations.

In this article, you’ll see free brochure templates for PowerPoint. You’ll also see professionally designed brochure templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements. You’ll also browse advanced PowerPoint brochures from GraphicRiver. Both options help you create your best PowerPoint brochure yet!


The Best Brochure Templates for PowerPoint (With Unlimited Downloads)

Later in this tutorial, you’ll see free options to free PowerPoint brochure templates. But before you jump at no-cost templates, you owe it to yourself to see the premium options. 

Envato Elements PowerPoint Brochure downloads
Download unlimited PowerPoint brochure templates (and complementary assets) with an all-you-can-download subscription to Envato Elements.

With a subscription to Envato Elementsyou’ll unlock unlimited downloads across many categories. All these files come together to create great PowerPoint brochures. That includes unlimited access to files like:

  • PowerPoint brochure templates that are print-ready to show to your audience.
  • Professional stock photos that complement your brochure perfectly with eye-catching scenes.
  • Advanced graphics like icons and illustrations that illustrate critical points in brochures.

Premium PowerPoint brochure templates are your shortcut to success. With the help of a great template, you can skip hours ahead in the design process. 

Open your PowerPoint brochure template. Add your content, and presto! You’ve created a great brochure.

Free templates keep cost at zero. But the small expense of Envato Elements practically guarantees your success. It’s these PowerPoint brochures templates that give you a professionally designed touch, even if you aren’t a designer.

5 Premium Brochure Templates for PowerPoint from Envato Elements

Start your search for a brochure template for PowerPoint on Envato Elements. Thanks to a carefully curated library, you won’t need to sift through free brochure templates for PowerPoint. These premium designs are ready for your easy customizations.

Here are five of the best PowerPoint brochure templates on Envato Elements. Remember, they’re all included for a single flat rate!

1. Novera: Corporate Business Brochure PowerPoint

PowerPoint Brochure template for corporate

Use a corporate brochure template for PowerPoint to tell your organization’s story. With the help of a PowerPoint brochure, condense a company presentation into a simple handout. Use this template to do that efficiently.

2. Fashion Catalog Presentation

Fashion catalog PowerPoint brochure template

Eye-catching fashion needs an equally stunning design to stand out. With this PowerPoint brochure template, you’re sure to catch the eye of fashionistas. It’s got 25 editable pages that are tailormade for a chic design. This PowerPoint brochure is far better than a free design with its professionally designed slides.

3. Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Annual report PowerPoint brochure

Annual reports show investors and employees the results for a year. It’s a popular brochure template for PowerPoint format. Use an annual report PowerPoint brochure to review the past and chart the course for the future. With the help of a professional brochure template for PowerPoint, it’s easy to create your annual report. 

4. The Elegant

Elegant PowerPoint brochure template

This PowerPoint brochure template uses a dark set of colors that gives it a serious feel. With the help of 94 unique slide designs, it lends itself to a corporate showcase. Highlight your key employees and services wit each of these slide designs. 

5. Booklet – PowerPoint Template

Booklet PowerPoint brochure template

Thanks to its ease-of-use, PowerPoint is the perfect minimalist design tool. That includes print outs like brochures. With the help of a PowerPoint brochure template like Booklet, it’s easy to create an eye-catching design.

Note: this template is labeled as a Google Slide template. But it includes a PPTX format file that’s usable as a brochure template for PowerPoint.

Pay-As-You-Go With PowerPoint Brochure Templates and GraphicRiver

You might be convinced that a PowerPoint brochure template is the best way to create your printed design. But maybe you don’t need unlimited downloads. 

On GraphicRiver, the PowerPoint brochure templates are just as professional. You can buy templates one at a time at a low cost. These are just as helpful to jump ahead while designing a PowerPoint brochure, but you’ll pay only for what you choose.

GrpahicRiver PowerPoint brochure templates
GraphicRiver features pay-as-you-go PowerPoint brochure templates. So, you can choose single designs and keep costs low.

Remember: pre-built templates are customizable. You’ve got all the design objects that you need, but you can still tweak and change them to include your content.

GraphicRiver has an incredibly deep library. Here are five of my favorite PowerPoint brochure templates.

1. Alder Vertical PowerPoint Presentation

Alder PowerPoint Brochure template

While many PowerPoint templates are landscape orientation, Alder uses a print-friendly vertical layout. If you’re wondering how to make a brochure on PowerPoint that shows your brand, this is the perfect template. The minimalist design is waiting for your images to show your products with pizzazz.

2. SiB – PowerPoint Presentation

Seeing is Believing PowerPoint Brochure template

A classic design like this is sure to be picked up and read by a passerby. Use pre-built layouts like charts to tell your story quickly. With free fonts utilized, you can keep your costs low while building your PowerPoint brochure.

3. Product Catalog – PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint brochure template

This brochure template for PowerPoint is ideal to leave with a customer. With a well-designed brochure, share all your product details for consideration. A low-cost PowerPoint product brochure like this can lead to a big sale later.

4. Fashion Catalog Presentation Template

Fashion catalog PowerPoint brochure

High fashion requires a professional design. This PowerPoint brochure template fits the bill perfectly with image-centric slide designs. Use the double spreads for the perfect printed fashion design.

5. Childhood PowerPoint Presentation

Childhood PowerPoint Brochure template

This fun and playful PowerPoint brochure is colorful and eye-catching. There’s a slide for practically every purpose. Plus, they’re easy to update with your specifics. Use the Childhood PowerPoint brochure template because it’s ideal for promoting your school or daycare.

18+ Best Free Brochure PowerPoint Templates

To design your first ever PowerPoint brochure, you might not be willing to spend on a template. In that case, free brochure templates for PowerPoint are a “good enough” start. These eighteen brochure templates for PowerPoint from around the web can help you create a design at no cost.

Note: The free PowerPoint brochure templates linked to here are hosted by their respective sites. Their availability depends on the hosting site. Also, some of these free templates have special terms. For example, they may only be available for non-commercial use. Read the terms of use carefully before you download a template.

1. Tri-fold Travel Brochure

This free brochure template for PowerPoint sets the stage for your next trip. Use the three-panel approach to advertise travel services effectively.

2. Trifold Brochure Template

This free PowerPoint brochure template is print-ready on 11×17 paper. With three key panels, it’s easy to update this template. Add your details and prepare to print it to share.

3. Blank Trifold Brochure Template

Sometimes, you’ll want to work from a blank slate. Free brochure templates for PowerPoint include barebone options like this one. It’s a good starting point if you want to design everything from scratch. Only the rulers and layout are set for you.

Note: Google Slides templates also work as PowerPoint templates. Choose File > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint to export as a PPTX format template.

4. Travel Brochure Presentation PPT

Free Brochure templates for PowerPoint

Here’s a free PowerPoint brochure template that you can use for travel. Whether you run a travel agency, or want to pitch your next trip, use the image placeholders to show the destination.

5. Brochure Sample Presentation PPT

This is a nearly complete free PowerPoint brochure template. Add your images and text for a slid design. Use the image placeholders for extra visual effects.

6. Tri-fold Travel Brochure (Red and Gray Design)

The red and gold color scheme of this design makes it a solid choice for your holiday brochure. Use this free brochure template for PowerPoint with its three panels.

7. Small Business Flyer Gold Design

With a bit of folding, flyers make effective brochure designs too. This gold design in a free PowerPoint brochure template has a regal feel that’s ready for your details.

8. Brochure (Business)

Free brochure template for PowerPoint

The professionalism of this free brochure template for PowerPoint makes it a solid choice. It’s a three-panel presentation that’s ready for your company’s details. Add your corporate information. And you’re finished.

9. New Employee Briefing Brochure

This template, published by Portland State University, can be customized to your needs. It’s print-ready with the perfect dimensions for a printed brochure.

10. Olives PowerPoint Templates

Here’s an abstract design that you can use for a food-centric PowerPoint brochure. The olive-friendly design won’t work for just any presentation. But it could work well for a restaurant or culinary presentation.

11. Tri-fold Business, Medical Brochure (Red, White Design)

The medical industry expects seriousness and cleanliness in design. Use this tri-fold brochure template for PowerPoint to embody both principles in your finished product.

12. PowerPoint Travel Brochure

Tri fold brochure template for PowerPoint

A simple, blank three-panel free brochure template is a good starting point. Use it and fill it in with your details to set the course for your next trip.

13. PowerPoint Brochure Template

If you want to learn how to make a brochure on PowerPoint, you might be surprised that the answer lies in using templates. This free PowerPoint brochure template is a simple and straightforward example. Use it to skip the hard work of creating a design on a blank canvas.

14. Business Tri-Fold Brochure

Straight from Microsoft’s library, this tri-fold brochure template for PowerPoint has the design elements you need for a great printed design.

15. Blank PowerPoint Brochure Template

Here’s another free PowerPoint brochure template that embodies a “less is more” design philosophy. It’s got only the basics set for you. So, you can add all your design preferences, easily.

16. Tri-fold Business Brochure (Black, Red Design)

Tri fold brochure template for PowerPoint

Tri-fold brochure templates for PowerPoint are a popular design style. In three simple panels, you can capture practically every detail. Use this free PowerPoint brochure template as a robust starting design.

17. Blank Tri-Fold Brochure

Blank templates are sometimes all you need. This free PowerPoint brochure template is a tri-fold design with all the proper settings for a print-ready brochure.

Note: Google Slides templates also work as PowerPoint templates. Choose File > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint to export as a PPTX format template.

18. Tri-Fold Brochure

It’s undoubtedly true that tri-fold brochures are a popular format. This free brochure template helps you create a trifold brochure in PowerPoint. It’s got simple elements and the margins set for your three-panel design.

19. Tri-Fold Business Brochure (Green, Black Design)

Tri fold PowerPoint brochure

Want to learn how to create a trifold brochure in PowerPoint? What if you skipped the work and used a Microsoft template instead? This PowerPoint brochure template uses a green color scheme and helps you do just that.

5 Quick Tips to Make Great Brochures in PowerPoint

No matter what content your brochure will feature, a few tips are sure to help you create your best design. Here are five of the best tips to use while designing your PowerPoint brochure: 

1. Use a Professional Print Shop

Using a professional print shop ensures that your document prints correctly. And even better, the quality of the ink and paper is usually better than a desktop printer. That helps your brochure make an impression.

For PowerPoint printing tips, check out our article below:

2. Add Stunning Stock Imagery

No matter what type of PowerPoint brochure you’re building, it’s better with great images.

Stock images in PowerPoint brochure
Stock imagery is a great way to spice up a PowerPoint brochure.

Don’t forget that Envato Elements includes access to a massive stock photography library. The same flat-rate subscription that you can use for PowerPoint brochure templates also includes imagery.

3. Use Alignment Carefully

If you want to learn how to make a great brochure on PowerPoint, remember one word: alignment. Keeping your objects neat, tidy, and aligned to the canvas is crucial to a clean design.

Novera Brochure template PowerPoint
This well-aligned slide has a good visual rhythm and is easy to read.

When you use proper alignment, it’s easy for the reader to jump from panel to panel. This means your entire brochure is more likely to be read and considered.

Use this quick video lesson to help you master the art of alignment:

4. Less Text Is More

Remember, brochures and flyers are typically consumed as printed products. You’re always battling the ever-shortening attention span of society. That means culling the content carefully.

Less text in PowerPoint brochure
Use slides with less text that help you reach your audience.

That means that less text is more. With fewer blocks of text to absorb, your message is more likely to reach the reader.

5. Start the Conversation

You can put together the most beautiful brochure, but it’s all for naught if you don’t use it to start a conversation.

Slide with contact
Use a contact sheet in your brochure to start a conversation.

Most brochures are used to promote a business or product. That’s why it’s essential to use it as the segue to a conversation. Make sure to leave your contact details like a website URL or email address. That turns your PowerPoint brochure into a powerful business tool.

Design a PowerPoint Brochure Today

Remember: you don’t have to start with a blank slate when you create a PowerPoint brochure. Brochure templates for PowerPoint are professionally designed and easy to update with your content.

With the help of a premium template, you’re sure to design a compelling PowerPoint brochure. Envato Elements unlocks unlimited brochure templates for PowerPoint. GraphicRiver gives you single PowerPoint brochures at a low cost. Both are outstanding options.

Design a brochure today! Grab a template, fill it out, and press Print. 

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