Blink and you’ll miss it: sports photography is fast-paced
and not for the faint of heart. While you concentrate on nailing that crucial
shot, let us help you with the post-event work. Here are our 5 Amazing Assets
for Sports Photographers

If you’re putting together a sports bulletin for your
featured game or event, then try the Sports Plus Broadcast Package for Adobe After Effects. It’s easy
to customise and works with logos or pictures with transparency, with a
duration lasting up to one minute. Best of all, you can loop it!

Sports Plus - Broadcast Package
Sports Plus – Broadcast Package

Whilst not specifically about sport, Cognition for Adobe Photoshop creates a cool, modern effect
with just a few clicks — perfect to add a contemporary look to your sports
photographs. Try using it to create flyers, banners or posters.

Cognition Photoshop Action
Cognition Photoshop Action

Epic Logo is, well, epic! Add
some dynamism and drama to your plain ol’ logo using Apple Motion. You won’t
need any plugins and it’s available in full HD.

Epic Logo
Epic Logo

You can’t quite beat the drama of a countdown clock and it’s
ideal for most sporting events. The clock counts down from 30 to zero, with the
option to include an extra decimal place.

30 Second Countdown On Sports Clock Scoreboard
30 Second Countdown on Sports Clock Scoreboard

Fast Track is a speedy-looking, all caps font.
This would be great for fast-paced sports like Forumla 1, or athletics. Use it
with posters and flyers, or even just to create some great social media assets
for your client as an added extra.

Fast Track - A Speedy Display Font
Fast Track – A Speedy Display Font

asset here is from Envato Elements, where you can download
unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Sports Photography

  • A
    long (telephoto), fast lens
    will be a necessity with sports
    photography, so try to get the best you can for your budget.
  • In
    sport, anything can happen, and often does! Make sure you protect
    your kit
    (and yourself) adequately.
  • The action will continue whether you’re ready
    for it or not. Try not to be constantly looking at photos on your LCD or you
    might miss something great.
  • Ditch ‘auto’ mode or you could be in for a world of
  • Be wary
    of your ISO.
    Fast shutter speeds and high ISOs can make for noisy images.

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