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In this tutorial, I will show you a simple yet very effective method to draw a majestic hawk in flight. Follow me to learn how to draw a hawk in just a few steps—from the basic “skeleton” to the body, wings, and feathers.

This is a very basic tutorial. If you want to learn in depth about drawing birds and wings in general, you may be interested in my other tutorials:

1. How to Sketch a Hawk

Step 1

Draw the basic skeleton of the body: the oval torso, the neck, and the tail.

hawk body and tail

Step 2

Add the head and the tail.

hawk head and tail

Step 3

Sketch the basic rhythm of the wings.

hawk wings rhythm

Step 4

Draw the legs. You can safely start at the knees, because in birds they function basically as hips most of the time.

hawk legs structure

Step 5

Add the talons.

hawk left talons
hawk right talons

Step 6

Draw the structure of the wings—an arm with one long finger.

hawk wing structure

Step 7

Draw the length and position of the last primary feather (starting at the wrist) and the secondary feather (starting at the elbow).

hawk primaries secondaries length

Step 8

Outline the basic planes of the primaries and secondaries.

hawk wings planes

Step 9

Add the outline of the minor feathers.

hawk feathers outline

Step 10

Sketch the position of the feathers.

hawk feathers position
hawk right wing feathers
hawk tail feathers

Step 11

Draw the open beak.

haw beak gyide lines

2. How to Draw the Details of a Hawk

Step 1

Draw the details of the head.

hawk head details

Step 2

Draw the details of the talons.

hawk left talons details
hawk right talons details

Step 3

Outline the body.

hawk outline of body

Step 4

Outline the primaries and secondaries—one half first, then the other.

hawk half feathers
hawk big feathers drawing

Step 5

Outline the rest of the feathers.

hawk small feathers

Step 6

Once you’re done with the guide lines, draw the final lines over them. You can use an ink liner for this, so that you can safely erase the guide lines later.

hawk drawing outline

Step 7

If you feel like it, you can add some shades and patterns to your hawk.

hawk how to draw

Good Job!

Did you know we like birds very much here on Envato Tuts+? If you want to keep drawing other birds, we’ve got you covered!

how to draw hawk step by step


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