Weekly News For Designers № 438

The Grumpy Designer’s Summer Survival Guide – Why GDPR, Gutenberg and Google are making this summer a doozy.
The Grumpy Designer’s Summer Survival Guide

Fluent Kit – A Fluent Design library that is built on top frameworks.
Fluent Kit

A fish in your ear – How Google tweaked their Translate app to better inform users of existing features.
A Fish In Your Ear

youCanCodeAGif – Answering the burning question of whether you can build a high-quality GIF through code.

The Future Is Here! Augmented And Virtual Reality Icon Set – A collection of 33 free icons that depict this new tech.
The Future Is Here! Augmented And Virtual Reality Icon Set

Component Based Design System With Tachyons – Introduction to a functional CSS framework / design system.
Component Based Design System With Tachyons

Grid Layout with Motion Hover Effect and Content Preview – Example of a retro grid layout featuring some interesting hover animations.
Grid Layout With Motion Hover Effect And Content Preview

The biggest WTF in design right now – A look at how user flows can improve your app.
The Biggest Wtf In Design Right Now

Design’s Iron Fist – A free collection of essays with advice about design and business.
Design'S Iron Fist

10 Pens That Pay Homage to Musical Legends – Musicians that have inspired web designers.
10 Pens That Pay Homage To Musical Legends

How not to write an error message – Pro tip: Don’t blame users in error messages.
How Not To Write An Error Message

Developing the Zomato design system – The quest for design consistency across multiple products.
Developing The Zomato Design System

The Slow Death of Internet Explorer and the Future of Progressive Enhancement – Wait, IE is still a thing?
The Slow Death Of Internet Explorer And The Future Of Progressive Enhancement

Running the Numbers: CSS Specificity – Ensuring that your styles target the correct elements.
Running The Numbers: Css Specificity

A Simple Introduction to Intrinsic Web Design – Thanks to Flexbox and CSS Grid, we no longer need hacks for building layouts!
Interactive Design A Simple Introduction To Intrinsic Web Design

Three tips for writing better CSS – A set of very brief tips that you can use to improve your CSS.
Three Tips For Writing Better Css

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