Dark UX Patterns in Advertising – Unsavory tactics marketers are using to get your click.
Dark Ux Patterns In Advertising

Font Playground – A place to play with variable fonts.
Font Playground

CSS: A New Kind Of JavaScript – Satire or not? You decide.
Css: A New Kind Of Javascript

10 Free Powerpoint Templates for Creatives – Create a stunning presentation in no time with these templates.
10 Free Powerpoint Templates For Creatives

The div that looks different in every browser – An odd case of browsers rendering the same CSS quite differently.
The Div That Looks Different In Every Browser

coolHue – Handpicked gradient hues and swatches that you can personalize.

Pattern Library First: An Approach For Managing CSS – Using Fractal to manage CSS Grid components.
Pattern Library First: An Approach For Managing Css

Stitches – A web app that generates HTML based on commonly used UI patterns.

8 Ways to Make the Search Field Sexy with CSS – Give your search field the royal treatment with these snippets.
8 Ways To Make The Search Field Sexy With Css

Teutonic CSS – A modern CSS framework that weighs in at just 12KB.
Teutonic Css

Popbox.js – A tiny JS plugin for creating stackable modal windows.

Cunia – A free sans serif font with slightly rounded corners.

Pushbar.js – Create sliding drawer elements with this JS plugin.

6 Helpful Facebook Groups for WordPress Developers – Groups to help you learn various aspects of WordPress.
6 Helpful Facebook Groups For Wordpress Developers

TermSheets – Create animated terminal presentations and export to several popular formats.

How to build complicated grids using CSS grid – A step-by-step guide to creating an example layout.
How To Build Complicated Grids Using Css Grid

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