Envato Elements

Gradient Generator Tool – Quickly generate a beautiful CSS gradient for your project with this online tool.
Example From Gradient Generator Tool

Stop Using Icon Fonts – The downsides of icon fonts and why SVG is a better alternative.
Example From Stop Using Icon Fonts

Reseter.css – This boilerplate normalizes the browser’s stylesheet for a better cross-browser experience.
Example From Reseter.css

Dealing With Sudden Client Designer Syndrome – How to guide your clients away from a design disaster.
Example From Dealing With Sudden Client Designer Syndrome

Ethical Design Guide – Learn how to create ethical products that don’t cause harm.
Example From Ethical Design Guide

SVG Repo – Explore and search a library of 300k+ vectors and icons.
Example From Svg Repo

Create Responsive Image Effects With CSS Gradients And aspect-ratio – Learn how to maintain image aspect ratio with some newfangled CSS.
Example From Create Responsive Image Effects With Css Gradients And Aspect-Ratio

Hiding Content Responsibly – A look at different methods for hiding content and their impact on accessibility.
Example From Hiding Content Repsonsibly

How to display language-specific quotes in CSS – Switching quote punctuation based on the language being used.
Example From How To Display Language-Specific Quotes In Css

State Of GDPR In 2021: Key Updates And What They Mean – How changes to GDPR impact web designers and clients.
Example From State Of Gdpr In 2021: Key Updates And What They Mean

Thoughts on WordPress Achieving 40% Market Share – A look at how WordPress climbed its way to dominance – and how it can stay there.
Example From Thoughts On Wordpress Achieving 40% Market Share

Core Font – Grab a copy of this highly-legible open-source font.
Example From Core Font

Choosing New Tools and Technology for Your Web Projects – What to consider before you buy into something new and unknown.
Example From Choosing New Tools And Technology For Your Web Projects

Toolbox Glassmorphism Generator – Craft beautiful glass-effect elements for your web projects.
Example From Toolbox Glassmorphism Generator

Low Vision – This Figma-based simulator checks your UI against different types of visual impairments and scenarios to create more accessible designs.
Example From Low Vision

Type Scale Clamp Generator – Use this tool to create the perfect responsive typographic scale with CSS.
Example From Type Scale Clamp Generator

The Pudding Cup – Check out the best visual and data-driven stories of 2020.
Example From The Pudding Cup

GitHub Skyline – Are you a GitHub developer? Check out your contribution graph in 3D.
Example From Github Skyline


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