Instagram is one of the best sites to find quality UX inspiration. But you must know who to follow and what hashtags are worth consulting.

I hope this article will put you on the right track with a collection of the top 12 UX accounts on Instagram. These are all very active and perfect for anyone who adventure in the field, or are looking to expand their reach with more Instagram inspiration.

1. @ux_ui_wireframes

  Uiux Wireframe Instagram

My favorite absolute account is @ux_ui_wireframes and it's been years now.

New messages are added frequently, and many of them are originally from designer accounts through hashtags. It works as a curation resource where the account owner connects with other designers and asks if they can republish the photo on their account.

Of course this draws more attention to the designer's work and gives you a UX inspiration. Cool stuff!

2. @uxdesignmastery

  Ux Mastery Design

Here's another one that I really like and that only has 100,000 subscribers.

The account @uxdesignmastery comes from the main site offering tutorials and courses on this subject. Thus, their photos are meant to guide you to the site and increase the number of users while providing fresh inspiration.

The new designers of UX will find this incredibly valuable since the website is full of knowledge. But even if you simply follow the Instagram account, you can still learn a lot from their downloads.

3. @wireflow

  Page Instagram Wireflow

The @wireflow team has its own Instagram account for publishing custom wireframes, prototypes, and storyboards for user feeds.

by the main site which promotes their tool for the management of simple organigrams. It's actually a great tool because you can use it freely on the web and the results are instant in your browser.

But their Instagram account goes beyond digital work to include a lot of wireframes hand drawn user stream. Excellent for people who prefer classic methods of brainstorming.

4. @uxpiration

  Uxpiration Instagram

With a suite of 12k designers and growing rapidly, one of my new favorite accounts is @uxpiration .

It is built solely to promote designers and help them get work out there for ideas. This account takes almost a common feeling of giving back to the overall design community.

Well worth following if you want UX, UI, or general design inspiration.

5. @uxdesigns

  Uxdesigns Instagram

Looking for animated interface designs? Then you'll want to follow the Instagram page @uxdesigns

Many of these photos are from Dribbble where designers share UX animations and custom interfaces. They are all properly labeled, so you can usually find the original designer quite quickly.

But it's a feature that I appreciate about Instagram support for GIFs, and that shows just how useful this account is.


  Humble Ux Instagram

For a good mix of digital and traditional, check out @humble_ux .

It has nearly 20,000 subscribers and over 150 posts with many new ones added each week. The photos are from Humble UX's team which organizes and shares some web-based shots.

Most drawings are sketches or brainstormings on a whiteboard, so you'll see a lot of traditional mediums. It's perfect for all types of mobile UX to websites and even desktop applications.

7. @uiuxgifs

  Uiuxgifs Instagram

Here is a first UX animation account that everyone should know.

@uiuxgifs only publishes cartoons with logos, icons or moving interfaces. It's a pretty big account with over 50,000 subscribers and they are constantly updating themselves.

But the thing to note is that they publish much more than just interfaces. Many of their messages are centered around logos and icons that animate regardless of any interface, which may not be as relevant to strict UX designers.

8. @uitrends

  Uitrends Instagram

On the other hand, here is an account that focuses only on interfaces. The @uitrends Instagram is full of custom designs and even new designs of popular websites

Many of them come from Dribbble, so they all have Dribbblification to them .

] But there are some mixed gems, and you can find a lot of quality inspiration on this page. In addition, they are frequently updated, making it an excellent resource for searching for design ideas.

9. @interaction_design_foundation

  Instagram Design Interaction

The Interaction Design Foundation offers UX design courses and courses as well as free articles for beginners. It's a massive resource with a ton of good learning materials on the subject of the user experience.

So, of course, they have an Instagram account and there are a lot of messages out there.

It has more than 1,330 publications and a little over 16,000 subscribers. It's one of the few Instagram accounts that mixes UX inspiration with photos containing tips, tips, infographics, statistics and quotes from UX designers.

I really recommend this account to add variety to your feed. . @wittydigital

  Wittydigital Instagram

The @wittydigital team manages a magnificent digital design account with over 50,000 subscribers.

I do not know who updates this account but it is the official one of the Witty Digital Agency . It is a massive international design firm with operations from Hong Kong to Israel.

But their Instagram account is packed full of animated pieces of UX and some really inspiring design concepts. Well worth following if you like GIF cartoons.

11. @Uidesignpatterns

  Uidesignpatterns Instagram

@Uidesignpatterns is without doubt the largest Instagram account on design

It totals a huge 167,000 followers with only about 600 messages. These articles come from designers around the world, and you can even tag your content on Instagram for your work to appear.

Each message includes a mention to the designer so you can navigate and find people who could inspire you. job. Plus, this account is really made for designers, and you can tell by some humorous messages that they do.

12. @instaui

  Instaui Instagram

Last but not least: @instaui . This one is also quite large with over 50,000 subscribers and new messages every day.

One thing to note is that despite their user name, they do not always publish the UI designs. There are many digital artwork, vector icons, logo designs and general graphic pieces.

But it's still a really cool Instagram account if you're looking for general design ideas and want to track active accounts

And if you want to try to find even more accounts, check out the hashtag #uxdesign . If you dig deep enough, you will surely find more profiles that deserve to be followed.


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