Moodle is a powerful learning management system which is widely used by academics and students to build online course management and e-learning websites for universities and institutions around the world.

Moodle templates and themes let you quickly establish a great looking platform, without too much development time and resource. These templates are easy to implement and offer full customization. Some of these templates cover the corporate arena, while others focus more on education and learning. They’re a great starting point when developing your own platform!


Brite is a modern and a responsive Moodle theme that you can use to build a creative learning platform or even an agency website. It features an attractive slideshow and comes with several different homepage layouts. The theme also includes a unique login page and a course listing page as well.


Klassroom is a Moodle theme designed for online learning websites and schools. The theme includes predefined color skins, which you can easily switch between, as well as course categories, teacher profiles, an events section, and much more.


Just as the name suggests, this is a Moodle theme for building websites and learning platforms for universities and colleges. The theme supports multiple languages and RTL. It also comes with a visual page builder, allowing you to easily customize the design.


Trending is a fully-responsive premium Moodle theme that comes with a unique and a highly professional design. It’s perfect for building a unique and a complete online learning platform or setting up an online classroom for a college.


This Moodle theme comes with its own course dashboard designs for teachers and students as well as an A-Z courses index design. The theme also supports multiple languages and features a responsive design.


LearningZone is a professional Moodle theme made for setting up a website for a college or a school. The theme includes sections for teacher profiles, course pages, an event calendar, and much more.


Edutech is a feature-rich Moodle theme made for universities and colleges. It comes with a customized user interface with support for RTL and other languages. The theme also allows you to change its colors however you like.


This Moodle theme is perfect for creating a website and an online learning platform for middle-schools and high schools. The theme features a colorful design with photo galleries, course index, teacher profiles, and more.


Cognitio is a professional Moodle theme designed for universities. It comes with a fully-customizable design, an A-Z courses index, course formats, support for RTL and other languages, and a code generator.


This Moodle theme comes with a beautiful and a minimalist design. It’s ideal for setting up a website for an online learning platform or a college. The theme features unlimited color options, several different header styles, and lots of custom plugins.


You can build any type of an academic website using this Moodle theme. It includes a customized design with a beautiful courses page, teacher profiles, a photo gallery, and more.


Flora is a basic Moodle theme you can use to setup a school website. The theme features a fully-responsive design with a photo gallery, custom fonts, a unique login page, a slider, and an event calendar page.


The Lambda Basic Theme can be quickly and easily changed, including logos, link colors and block background colors. This theme is mobile optimized and uses a responsive design to provide a positive user experience across different device sizes, including tablets and smartphones.


This free Moodle theme is ideal for making a basic educational website. It features a responsive design with a custom login page and supports multiple languages.


Moove is another free Moodle theme that you can use to design a professional educational website on a budget. The theme comes with a responsive design, course page designs, an events calendar, and more.


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