Minimalist logo design is an art. How can you convey your brand with a professional logo, but keep the simplicity of a minimal, clean, and simple design? Getting that balance right is the key to crafting an iconic logo.

One strategy we’re is to try using a pre-designed minimal logo template to base your next logo mark or branding project on. Will it be as perfectly tailor-made as a high-end custom logo? Probably not. But it’s a great solution for getting your branding project started fast. To show you how amazing these logo templates can be, we picked some of the best minimalist logo designs from Envato Elements.

You can download any (or all) of these minimal logo templates to tweak, build upon, and use to design your own creative logo all by yourself. It’s a great, flexible way to experiment with your next logo project! If you think your company could use a beautiful minimal logo, this is a great place to start.

This minimalist logo template is perfect for crafting an attractive logo for many different types of businesses and brands, including startups, corporate businesses, and brands. The template is fully-editable and scalable.

The subtle letter S design of this logo template makes it ideal for designing a logo for businesses and brands that start with the letter S. You can easily customize this template using Illustrator as well.

This adorable logo template comes with a feminine design, making it perfect for fashion, health, jewelry, and other types of feminine product logos and branding works.

A great logo template you can use to design a logo for a security agency, an insurance company, or an anti-virus software. This logo comes in 2 variants, in colored and black and white designs.

This logo template features a creative design with a colorful rocket icon. It’s ideal for designing a logo for a startup or an agency. The template is fully scalable and customizable as well.

If you’re a fan of minimal logos, then this logo template is perfect for you. This template comes with a design featuring raging bull created using the low-poly design technique. The logo can be customized to change colors and resize using Illustrator.

Featuring a colorful bird icon done in the style of line-based design, this minimalist logo template can be used to design logos for many different types of businesses and brands.

According to different religions and cultures, the lotus flower represents the cleanliness and purity. You can use this template to design a logo to represent these characteristics of your own brand and business.

If you’re working on a logo design for an environmentally-friendly business or a brand, this template will come in handy. This editable logo template can be easily customized using Adobe Illustrator.

This logo template is best for crafting a logo for scientific and research-based agencies and brands. It’s also suitable for designing gaming and app logos as well.

A minimal logo featuring a magnificent lion head surrounded by a blue fire. This logo template will help you represent strength and authority. It can be customized using Adobe Illustrator.

This logo template is designed specifically for crafting logos for real-estate businesses and agencies. You can also use it to design a logo for home-based products and appliances businesses as well.

You probably won’t have to scroll past this bundle as it comes packed with 250 minimal logo design templates. All available in editable AI and PSD files.

This pack of logo design templates comes with 6 vintage logo templates with fully editable elements for making the design your own. The templates are also available in light and dark themes.

With a mix of retro and modern design, the unique illustration of the globe makes this template truly stand out. The template can be customized to edit colors, shape, text, font type, position, and more.

This minimalist logo template features a design based on the letter A. Perfect for a modern business or a corporation with a name that starts with the same letter. Color and text of the design are editable as well.

Planet rocket is a fully customizable logo template that also comes in white, black, and color variations. The logo design will fit in nicely with any modern business, especially ones in science and technology.

This brilliantly illustrated logo design shows the true nature of our brain. It’s a labyrinth even the scientists are still trying to figure out. This logo design looks perfect for educational or science related branding work.

This vintage logo design templates bundle comes with designs for several types of businesses, including barber shops, butcher shops, tool shops, and more. It features 12 editable logo templates.

A modern logo design that will fit in nicely for a startup, real estate, or a creative agency branding work. The logo is available as a vector design and is fully customizable.

This logo design is perfect for a professional blog. Notice the brilliant pen-shaped tie in the design. The text and color of the design can be easily customized.

Working on a logo design for a car wash business? Here’s a simple and a minimalist logo design you can use right away. The design of this logo is completely customizable and comes in multiple color variations.

With a unique take on a familiar design, the color hex logo seems ideal for almost any type of a business or brand. The logo template is fully editable, including colors and text.

This logo is simply perfect for a real estate business and many other types of businesses as well. The template can be customized to change colors.

A unique take on the popular infinity symbol. This fully editable logo design will go along well with a music related business, a startup, and many others.

The modern and influential design of this logo template will help any businesses influence the minds of their customers. It’s ideal for an advertising or a marketing business.

Inspired by a bee hive like design, this logo will fit in with almost any type of a branding work, including technology, web hosting, and creative agencies. The color and text of the template are easily customizable as well.

A great logo design for a web development agency or a startup. The template is 100% customizable and it’s ready for both print and web related design work.

The perfect logo for a dating website. The design is fully editable and the logo template is also available in white, black, and color versions as well.

A great logo design for a startup or a creative agency, especially ones related to growth or marketing. The logo template is fully editable and can be easily resized as well.

A logo design that’s been specially crafted for outdoor, adventure, and extreme sports related businesses. The template can be customized and it’s available in multiple color variations.

If you’re designing a logo for an app or a service related to photography or messaging, this logo design will help you create a unique design. The color and the design of the logo is 100% editable.

An adorable logo design for a programming or a web design startup. The vector template is available in both vertical and horizontal layouts.

This beautifully minimalist logo design looks perfect for gardening or environmental related businesses and organizations. The template if fully customizable, including the colors and text.

Yet another logo design for startup and software development agencies. The template can be customized with either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

This logo design is made specifically for online security startups and agencies. The playful and the modern design of the logo will allow security agencies to represent themselves more casually, rather than too serious.

Gladiator is a unique logo design template unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s perfect for video game development agencies and apps. All the elements in the design are fully customizable.

It’s a playful take on the YouTube logo. Except this one is all about fruit videos? The fun and stylish design of this logo make it more suitable for kids or an entertainment related branding work.

This logo design seems ideal for a cloud storage or a cloud sync service. The design comes in 4 color variations and the template is completely editable as well.

It’s not Red Bull. It’s BlueBull. Get it? Obviously not the best logo for a new energy drink, but the design will fit many other types of businesses.

It’s not easy to spot the letter N in this logo design, but it certainly makes your look at the logo twice. People will be staring at this logo design for hours. The template is 100% editable.

There are many businesses forming around the drone industry. This logo design will come in handy for those new drone-related businesses and services.

Go green with this wonderfully crafted logo design that features a crown made out of leaves. Perfect for eco-friendly or environmental organizations.

A two-in-one mascot and a logo design for a restaurant or a food related business. The template comes as a fully editable vector file, which you can easily customize to fit your needs.

An environmentally-friendly logo template featuring a unique design. The logo template is 100% customizable and resizable as well.

Just as the name describes, this logo design is simply perfect for a web design or a creative design agency. The color and text can be easily edited to your preference.

It’s difficult to decide whether this logo design is for a coffee shop or a video game related service because it’ll somehow remind you of the Twitch logo. We’ll let you decide.

This stylish logo looks just perfect for a photography app or an online service. The template is easily editable and can be resized to match both print and web branding work.

A scalable logo design template with a music theme. The logo is great for an educational or music-related organization and business. Its’ simple and minimal design makes it stand out from the crowd.

The perfect logo design for an automobile shop or a repair shop. This template is easily editable and comes in both PSD and EPS file formats for customizations.

This logo will fit in nicely for a healthy food related business or a restaurant. The heart-shaped design will help you send a strong message about staying healthy through the logo.

A logo design featuring a mix of modern and a retro design touch. It’s mostly suitable for a literary or an educational related business.

A unique logo design featuring fully editable template files. The logo is available in both horizontal and vertical layouts.

This logo is not just great for a yoga studio but it can also be used for a spa or fitness programs and businesses as well.

Yet another great logo design for a science or an education related branding work.

The fun and playful design of this logo make it perfect for a children’s website or a toy store. The template is fully customizable and resizable.

This logo template comes in several versions, including a colored version, that’ll fit in with any type of background.

A logo design that truly portrays professionalism through a brilliant design. It’s ideal for a corporate business.

A highly minimalist logo design for a food related business.

Another logo template that doubles as a mascot. With this logo design, you’ll get a two-in-one deal.

A speeding logo design that’s ideal for a courier or a delivery business.

A set of 5 vintage logo design templates for hotel or restaurant branding work.

This minimalist logo design is made just for creative businesses and agencies.

Look how adorable this logo design is. It’s the cutest logo you can find for any business related to babies and children.

Looking for logo mockup templates to showcase your logo designs? Then check out our collection of best logo mockups.

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  1. Akshitha

    February 1, 2019 at 11:50 am

    Great Tips. Thanks for sharing


  2. OneNine Creative

    April 17, 2019 at 2:16 am

    Awesome templates! Thanks for coming up with this list and sharing, I can use this for some inspiration! I too, prefer minimalism when it comes to designing logos. Something that is eye catching, easy to remember yet sends a strong message, and of course there’s a touch of simplicity.


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