Several leading brands use background movies to make their landing pages more attractive. A moving background, when used correctly, may instantly capture the interest of your visitors. As a result, video backdrops are a prevalent website design trend that brings any site to life.

Above all, employing a WordPress video background is a powerful method to stand out, engage visitors, and magnify your message.

This guide is for you if you’ve been thinking about how to add YouTube video as background in WordPress.

Where can you Source Your Video Background?

Because your video background is on your homepage, it will receive much traffic. As a result, you’ll want it to stand out and pique visitors’ interest. If you have the funds, hire a local videographer to create a film for your company. Make sure to provide the freelancer with specific instructions to fulfill your brand’s requirements.

Don’t you have the time or money to make a video? It’s no problem. Video and Video Blocks are two websites where you may find high-quality, royalty-free video content. You can choose the correct video for your visitors by searching through many industry categories.

Why Add Video as Background in WordPress

  • Video backgrounds are engaging besides giving a great look to your website. Instead of scrolling past your website, viewers will stop by to watch your short video clip.
  • Another essential benefit of having background movies is that they can assist you in highlighting some key characteristics of your company.
  • You can deliver the primary goal of your resource by using a video in the backdrop of your website’s pages.
  • It’s also a great visual feature that will appeal to those who want to learn visually.
  • Video is a feature that will make your website more shareable. Resulting in increased visitors.

How to Add YouTube Video as Background in WordPress

Several big brands use background videos to make their landing pages more intriguing. A moving background, when used correctly, may instantly capture the interest of your visitors.

Start by installing and activating the YTPlayer for the background videos plugin. After activation, go to Parameters » YTPlayer and change the settings.

Add Youtube Video As Background In Wordpress (2022) Easy Guide

Begin by inputting the URL of the YouTube video you want to use as the background. The default parameters should be enough for most websites. But you can fine-tune them to match your specific requirements.

You can include video controls such as aspect ratio, video quality, start and end time, and so on. You may also mute a movie, display or conceal controls, and loop it.

After that, please go over the settings and configure them as appropriate. Finally, click the Save Changes button to save your changes when you’re finished.

You can now witness the background video in action by previewing your site. If you can’t see the video, it’s because your WordPress theme has a container with a backdrop color or image set.

To resolve this, you must remove the background color from that container. You can achieve this by modifying the CSS of your theme. The most popular identifiers for wrapper containers are page, site, content, etc.

Add YouTube Video as Background in WordPress Post or Page

You can make a YouTube video background for a single post or page on your WordPress site if you want to. First, edit a post or page and click the YTPlayer button in the post editor.

Add Youtube Video As Background In Wordpress (2022) Easy Guide

When you click the button, the YTPlayer shortcode generator will appear. The settings page will display you the majority of the options. You must first enter the YouTube video URL before proceeding to the selections. When you’re finished, press the insert shortcode button.

Add Youtube Video As Background In Wordpress (2022) Easy Guide

The plugin will add the required shortcode to your post/page.

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Tips to Add Video as Fullscreen Background in WordPress

You can provide a positive user experience through video backdrops. Here are some things to think about when making a video background:

  • First, upload a high-resolution video of good quality.
  • Then, to make your page load faster, compress your video.
  • Keep the video under one minute long.
  • Set an image background as a fallback for browsers that don’t render videos.
  • Avoid playing the video with sound on auto-play. Instead, allow visitors to choose if they want to hear the video.

A video background is a great way to grab your visitors’ interest right away. It can also assist your company in communicating its brand message. Use plugins to add video as Fullscreen background in WordPress if custom coding isn’t your thing.


WP video backgrounds are simple to use when creating a fullscreen backdrop video for your header or adding a YT video background to a part of a page.

Many WordPress plugins can assist you, but Smart Slider 3 is unrivaled. It’s easy to use and has many choices for adding overlays, text, and other objects on top of your video. This is very helpful with hero headers!


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