Frontera Tec is helping small sized businesses reach their online marketing potential.

Below is the short interview we had with The team of  Frontera Tec:

Name Of The Company: Frontera Tec

Name Of All The Founders/Core Team Members:  John W. Capps IV

The vision of The Company & Its Founders:

Create a technology services company which is friendly to small businesses and companies. We aim to build and teach you how to run your technology solution. We want small businesses and companies to be independent when we complete our service so that they can easily manage their website, software, or other technology solution.

How Did You Start This Company?

Frontera Tec started back in 2008. John started in technology working over a combined 8 years at Circuit City and Office Depot, but with college and research, his time did not allow for a full-time job. John started doing freelance work for Antonio E. Puente Ph.D., his psychology professor, and mentor. John rebuilt all his websites and ran the technology in his office. From there, John’s amount of clients grew.

What Was The Trigger Point Which Happened To Start This Company?

After having a good client base, John decided that he needed to form a company to take care of them all. He decided to form JCappsIV Technologies serving clients in the South Eastern North Carolina area. Then John moved to Texas to complete his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at El Paso. All the while the company continued to grow to serve many small businesses and companies, but now also serving Texas and Northern Mexico. At this point, the name changed to Frontera Tec Web Design and More. This was to reflect the fact that the company serves both US and Mexican clients and that services are also offered in Spanish.

What Is The Core Problem You Feel Many Of Your Ideal Clients Face In Their Business?

Correct Education, One-on-One time with a consultant, and Inflation of prices by many BIG web design companies.

Any Tips / Advice You Would Like To Share:

Educate yourself first, do the research and make sure that you plan ahead.

What Are The Core Services You Offer

  • Web Design
  • Technology Training
  • Graphic Design
  • Computer Repair
  • Installation
  • Technology Consulting
  • Data Analysis

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Small Business, Start-up Company, Individual person needing help

What Makes You The Best Compared To Your Competitors?

Our friendly one-on-one service and very accessible prices. Frontera tec has the best prices around, and we make sure to educate and train you so that you are not stuck for years paying high prices.

Best way to contact you?


Address: El Paso, TX.

Note from Editor,

If you deal with Frontera Tec please do let us know your experience with Frontera Tec through comments or use our contact us page if you are interested to contact them as an investor.


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