The visitors come to your website for the entire content, products, and services you provide. But, many factors attract them and leave a fantastic site impression. It helps them see the brands, offers, features, and more. As a result, you want to add a line break in WordPress to provide comfort to your visitors so that they can check all the content of the site. Everyone knows that they can add the extra line space by pressing the Enter key. You can also make the double-spaced line after a paragraph by using the formatting options.

But, if you face an issue of WordPress stipes between two lines, you should keep reading to get your solutions.

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How To Add A Link Break In WordPress?

How to add a link break between paragraph blocks?

To add a specific paragraph in your content on the top of the page, you should set a page break to appear before a section. Soon after that, you should follow the following bullet points.

  • Choose a para where you want to follow the page break.
  • Go to the Format menu and click the paragraph.
  • After that, click on the Line and Page Breaks tab.
  • Before the check box, you can pick the Page break before.

In this way, you can add a link break between paragraph blocks. How simple is that!

Adding a double line space

When you thumb the “Enter” key from your keyboard to add a line break, the visual editor of WordPress considers this as a new paragraph. Therefore, it simply adds a double line space, allowing that your theme is elegant for it. For example, it would be better if you looked at the following.

Just get inside and after a line, press the Enter key. Then, you can type something else on the following line.

Easy Ways To Add A Line Break In Wordpress - 2022 Ultimate Guide

After doing this, you can see a clear contrast between paragraphs, i.e., double line spacing. So, with this, let’s move on to adding a single line space.

Adding single line spacing

Like the above, spacing a paragraph in content is not an issue. However, if you make an address, you want it to be single-spaced instead of double. It’s obvious! Therefore, you only need two keys, i.e., Shift + Enter. See the following picture.

Easy Ways To Add A Line Break In Wordpress - 2022 Ultimate Guide

It will help WordPress begin with a new line inside the existing paragraph. Thus, it needs a single line spacing vs. double line spacing.

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Adding a Line Break using Plugin & manually

Sometimes a few people add the line spacing in the editor. But, it doesn’t seem like the way they want in their theme. Therefore, we suggest the following three methods for adding a link break.

Adding a line spacing with a plugin

If you want to make style changes to your theme with a plugin, you should go with the CSS Hero, which is the best way to do this.

You can change the WordPress site design quickly without knowing any code with CSS Hero. Similarly, suppose you want to make more significant changes like changes in the sidebar or adding a footer. In that case, a drag and drop page builder is the most suitable option for you.

Easy Ways To Add A Line Break In Wordpress - 2022 Ultimate Guide

With this, you can make small mixtures like changing font shades or adding line breaks in WordPress. That means you are getting the best of both worlds. What a lovely thing it is! But still, if you don’t want to use the Plugin, the manual CSS code option is the best for you.

Adding paragraph spacing manually with CSS code

You have to add a few CSS to your theme for adding line breaks manually. If you don’t know about CSS, we would like to tell you that the CSS is similar to the formatting feature in Microsoft Word. So you can write some simple CSS code instead of pressing any buttons.

Don’t worry, and it is simpler than your imagination CSS is straightforward to understand if you follow the related instructions.

Firstly, you must visit the Appearance customize page to add CSS to your theme. It will help to launch the WordPress theme customizer. You can then click on the “Additional CSS” tab from the left column.

Easy Ways To Add A Line Break In Wordpress - 2022 Ultimate Guide

Image source → (

After that, you have to add the below codes in the custom CSS box.

  1. .post p{line-height: 1.5em;}

Easy Ways To Add A Line Break In Wordpress - 2022 Ultimate Guide

The above rule will change the line spacing of the content’s paragraph to 1.5em. Em is the unit of width for typography. Now, we are using the .post class, which WordPress adds to the content section of the entire posts to ensure that it affects posts and paragraphs used elsewhere. Isn’t that great?

Here, it only changes the single spacing. Suppose you want to change paragraph spacing in WordPress; you have to add the paddings afterward.

.post p {

line-height: 1.5em;

padding-bottom: 15px;


You can adjust the numbers as per your needs.

3. Adding line break with shortcodes

After knowing this, still, most people face the problem of adding a broken line with the above Plugin or manually. However, you don’t have to worry about it because we have the solution for you.

You can go with the most straightforward option, which means just holding the Shift key and pressing the Enter button. It will help push your text to the following line as you’re typing. Is it the best solution?

Yes, of course, it is. But remember that it will work only for the one line break. If you add two or more leaves, it will simply result in WordPress pushing your text in a new paragraph. So, you can use the shortcodes to make the significant gaps between your content.

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Adding spaces between bullet points in WordPress

Going with the bulled lists in WordPress, you will see a few bullet items by default.

Line breaks for bullet lists in WordPress

You can use the Shift+Enter to add a single space between lines and ensure a double line spacing paragraph. Do you know why only these keys are used in it?

Well, the Enter button is commonly used to get a “new paragraph.” On the other side, the Shift button is used in WordPress to get a “newline” and not a new paragraph.

Line breaks for numbered list in WordPress

The easiest choice to add line breaks for the numbered list is to hold the shift button and click on the enter button. It will take your text to the following line. That means you don’t have to go beyond science, and it’s as easy as writing your name on the register before starting.

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How do I add line breaks to my website?

You can use the <br> tag to make the line breaks in your HTML site. There is no other closing tag needed, and it comes up with a single line break to add many <br> tags if you want many line breaks. <br> is the html code for line break. 

How do you insert a line break-in CSS?

You can add a line break to your HTML website using CSS only. The pseudo-class::after or::before will help you out there. But unfortunately, people use these pseudo-classes in different stylesheets. So, along with the HTML class id, before or after, people want to add a line break.

How do I make one space between lines in HTML?

Most people ask this question, but not all get a perfect answer. So, believe it or not, we have a solution for them. They can use the &nbsp; (non-breaking space) extended HTML character to create one space between lines in HTML.


If you are one of those people facing the issues of break links, you should look on to this blog. We have the best ways to add a broken link in WordPress in this entire blog. You also have the chance to know about the single line spacing, line break by the Plugin, manually and shortcodes, along with adding bullet points and numbered lists in WordPress.

So, all in all, it can change your theme’s attraction style, and there is the possibility to get more visitors to your site. With that, we are hoping that you are satisfied with our blog.


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