Yandex is most known for being a search engine, but it is much more. It is a tech company that provides a wide range of services, including Yandex Webmaster Tools, which we will discuss in this post.

Webmaster tools such as Google Search Console, Bing, Yandex, and others can help you improve your site, track traffic, manage robots.txt, and check for mistakes, among other things. In this article, learn how to add WordPress Site in Yandex webmaster tools to track the traffic. Follow the article to know how to add webmaster tools to WordPress. 

What are Yandex Webmaster Tools, and how can I use them?

Yandex is a famous Russian search engine, and its Webmaster Tools is a free website. You can monitor how your material appears in their search results. It offers various services, including a broad search engine, image search, email, videos, and maps. It also includes tools to assist you in ranking your site, tracking traffic statistics, search queries, keywords, etc.

You don’t have to use Yandex Webmaster Tools to appear in search results. But it could help you spot issues before they hurt your ranking. It’s similar to Google’s search console and Microsoft’s Webmaster Tools.

If you manage a website, Yandex as a search engine is likely to be of particular interest to you. Yandex, like other well-known search engines, participates in the markup vocabulary. It helps in providing rich search results to search engine users.

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What is the purpose of Yandex Webmaster Tools?

Yandex Webmaster Tools provides a variety of essential features. For example, you may track the Yandex inquiries that lead to your website showing in search results. Knowing who sees your site is the first step toward improving your position, But it may also help you plan your content production approach.

Yandex Webmaster scans your site for common technical faults and offers troubleshooting methods. Building a mobile-friendly website is no longer an option — it’s the new standard because the number of mobile web users exceeds that of other devices.

Yandex can check your website for mobile compatibility and highlight any parts that may create issues in mobile browsers. Finally, Yandex will inform you of any search engine rules breaches as well as any site reviews, which you may respond to and assess your site structure to ensure efficient operation. It can also be used to build high-speed versions of your websites.

There are plenty of reasons to use Yandex Webmaster to optimize your website, even if you don’t expect a significant part of your users to be Russian-speaking or find you through Yandex searches.

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How To Add WordPress Site in Yandex Webmaster Tools

To connect your site, you’ll need a Yandex Webmaster Tools account first. After account creation, you can use plugins like the “All in One SEO plugin” to configure Yandex webmaster tools on your WordPress site.  Let’s use the “All in One SEO plugin” as an example to add a WordPress site in Yandex Webmaster Tools.

Step 1: Sign up for a Yandex account.

The first step is to sign in to your Yandex webmaster tools account.

Yandex Webmaster Registration Form

The Yandex Webmaster page will appear when you’ve created an account. On this page, click on the ‘+ ‘button in the top bar to add site to Yandex.

Image Showing Yandex Webmaster Page To Add The Website

Add your website’s entire domain name to the site address area and then click the Add button.

Note: If your main domain’s URL includes “www,” you must include it before the domain name.

Add Website In Yandex

You’ll be prompted to authenticate website ownership on the next page by adding meta content to your WordPress site. Copy the content code from this page because you’ll need it later in Step 2.

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Step 2: Go to the WordPress Admin Panel and enter the code.

Go to the All in One SEO webmaster settings in your WordPress admin area. Paste/ insert the verification code there. The webmaster tool verification feature is also available in the free edition. Their pro edition includes more robust SEO capabilities.

Go to All in One SEO » General Settings and select the ‘Webmaster Tools’ menu from the drop-down menu.

Image Showing All In One Seo

Select the ‘Yandex Webmaster Tools’ block after that. Then, in the Yandex verification code area, Insert the code and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Image Showing Yandex Webmaster Tools

Now, return to the Yandex Webmaster Tools page from whence you copied the code. Click the Check button to verify ownership.

Image Showing Yandex Webmaster Tools Page

After successful authentication, Yandex Webmaster Tools will display your Username. This Username provides you the authority to control and manage your site. You could also Delegate rights to the other users on Yandex. Enter their login credentials and select Assign Permissions Button.

How To Add Wordpress Site In Yandex Webmaster Tools In 2022?

Now that your site has been verified and added to Yandex Webmaster tools. You would be able to see many features on the Yandex dashboard.

These features and functions include-

  • traffic statistics
  • search errors and queries
  • internal and external links
  • site information
  • robots .txt analysis
  • Mobile audit pages

You can access whatever information you need by using the menu on the left side of the screen.

Yandex Dashboard

Yandex Webmaster tools offer site optimization solutions ranging from troubleshooting to critical settings. Such as robots .txt and .htaccess. You may optimize your robots .txt for SEO separately. Alongside, conduct WordPress maintenance activities regularly to keep it updated.

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Step 3: Set geotargeting and add a sitemap.

The dashboard and reports may take a few days to populate with valuable data. Meanwhile, do these two things right away to improve your site’s performance.

Include your sitemap.

Including a sitemap will make it much easier for Yandex to find all your website’s pages.

When you’re in the Yandex dashboard, follow these steps to upload your sitemap:

  • First, click “Indexing” on the left sidebar.
  • Next, select “Sitemap files” from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, enter the URL of your sitemap.
  • Finally, click the “Add” button.

Image Showing Your Sitemap

The sitemap will be added to the processing queue, which may take several days.

Configure your geotargeting

Yandex’s search results vary greatly based on the searcher’s location. If you own a local business, make sure you tell Yandex the geographical area you want to target. If your website caters to a global audience, you can disable geotargeting.

Under Site Information -> Region, you may configure your geotargeting choices. If you don’t want geotargeting, check the box next to “No geographic targeting.”

Step 4: Check back in a few days.

There’s nothing else you could do but wait. You should check Yandex webmaster in a few days to check if the reports have begun to reveal helpful data.

Here are some intriguing reports to read:

  • External hyperlinks
  • Internal hyperlinks
  • Indicators for site quality
  • Statistics on search queries
  • Statistics on crawling

There are also other reports and tools available, some of which are beneficial to SEO.

What are the benefits of using Yandex Webmaster Tools?

You should add and validate your WordPress website with Yandex for a variety of reasons:

  • Please keep track of your website’s traffic to see how it appears in search engines.
  • Check the mobile compatibility of your website.
  • Look for and fix common website issues.
  • Make sure your website complies with search engine guidelines.
  • With the search engine tools, you may manage your website’s indexing and structure.


Yandex Webmaster Tools is easy to set up, free and requires very little time. So even if you don’t expect a considerable part of your traffic to come from Russia, there’s no reason not to use Yandex’s suite. Instead, there’s every reason to optimize your website for Yandex searches if you do.

We hope that this article has helped you use Yandex Webmaster Tools to add your WordPress site.


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