When it comes to background images, everyone becomes more excited. Background images can help you in many ways, like making a post, customizing a post, and much more. But can we use the background images in WordPress?

We can use the background image, and it helps make your website look prettiest. You will get many background image sizes that fit your website and positively impact the visitors. The best part of background images is that they are not static images.

So, if you are going to find background images for WordPress, stop there! We are here with a few stunning backgrounds for your website. But, before our journey starts, we would like to provide information on background images.

What is a Background Image?

Most people feel that knowing about the background images is easy. However, there are many aspects to define a background image.

Background images provide visual differences in page sections. It will help you grab visitors’ attention often and make your content most visited.

Along with that, an immense benefit of using beautiful background images is the capability to add any of the content on the peak to make it more pretty.

You will have extra pictures, text buttons, and other functions in a similar place with many possibilities. It is vital to make a mesmerizing website and keep the audience browsing. As a result, WordPress background images are most suitable for this job.

You can open up huge possibilities with the help of custom CSS code or plugins to represent your content. So, let’s take a deep breath and dive into the pool of background styles below.

Styles of Background

Many users applied a unique background for their blogs, websites, articles, Etc. Therefore, they start a hunt for elegant free website background images. As a result, you should consider the following styles of background.

Standard Background Images

Standard background images come in PNG, JPG, and other image formats that stay behind your content. It also helps to adorn the content look of your blogs and websites. Isn’t that a great benefit to attract audiences?

In addition to its benefits, it comes with simplicity, high-resolution photos, and WordPress Core support. And that’s what helps make it a wanted background image option by many users.

Despite that, it comes with drawbacks ranging from aptness to disorder with front factors’ clearness to a vast, high-resolution image that slopes down your site.

Suppose you don’t like the above suggestions and don’t want to go further with images with fade transitions. In that case, you should look at solid color backgrounds.

Solid Color Backgrounds

When it comes to WordPress backgrounds, solid color backgrounds are one of the best options out there. They are fit to add an animation to your website, but it doesn’t possess an image that suits your products or one that looks good as a background.

However, it provides a professional visual image, which does not need more time to apply. Thus, such types of backgrounds are great for your products or branding without using a WordPress background image plugin.

Gradient Background

Gradient background type helps to change the color from one to another. It becomes a more attractive visual than a solid color format. It does not need time to add another using a plugin. But, as you know, every small or big thing comes with benefits and drawbacks; gradient background has a downside too. It may look best on one side but not on the other side. So, while choosing the gradient backgrounds, you should consider this.

Pattern or Texture Background

Most people choose the wooden panel background or glass patch for their incredible work. Is that right? Maybe. However, these are the designs of pattern or texture background, and they are as photos.

Do you know the best part about the pattern or texture background? It works great for a custom background image for your blog or website. In addition, it does not show if there is any smash in the pattern when your photo is not quite large enough. It means you can upload small background image sizes for your website.

Image Slideshow Backgrounds

What do you want for your website design? Is it a single type of design or multiple types of innovation in the background to attract people? We can keep away this confusion in your head. An image slideshow background allows you to share and use many types of photos or designs in WordPress blog backgrounds and more.

It will also help you boost your efforts to manage a customer’s mood when he scrolls down on your site. But, the fact is that the slideshow can distract or slow down your site.

Video Backgrounds

We often see the video background on many websites. These are engrossing, fun to watch, and easy to provide information. Therefore, most of us prefer video backgrounds for our website background type. But, you can face issues if you don’t correctly add these backgrounds. Also, it might be the reason for your brand sales down.

Therefore, such videos should be on the perfect dimensions, and you should play them at the correct time. In addition to this, you can choose the free stock videos if these video backgrounds become expensive to you.

The above are the common styles of background you might find on many websites, blogs, and other platforms. However, how will you choose the best WordPress background image on specific page for your site? If this question is bothering you, don’t worry about that. Instead, you should see the following tips to get relief from this headache.

Tips to Choose the Best Background Image

We have seen a common problem of choosing the best background image in many website owners or bloggers. But, choosing a background is key to getting visitor benefits. If a scene is good, your reader will go further to see your brands and more. And vice versa in case of wrong background selection. Therefore, we have a few essential tips for choosing the best background images for your brands, products, and services. So, let’s see how they are?

First things first

The first question that you should ask yourself is: is it suitable for your content or not?

The background dramatically affects visitors’ readability and attracts them to see your content. Therefore, you should consider a thing that the WordPress background images and the other essential factors should match appropriately.

The background is the first one that helps set the tone and look of your website without confusing the content. Using such background lets your visitors wonder, and they will see your whole products and services.

Adobe’s photo editing software can help you make a precise picture if you don’t know the convenience. You can change the layers, layouts, and blocks to make your content eye-catching to others. Besides this, you should not forget to choose the font and font size as per the content need.


Photo background images are one of the most suitable choices to cover the entire space of the website. Also, it will help to display your brand, products, services, and more.

Furthermore, the second essential rule of using image background must be related to your content message. It is an integral part of your brand planning, so make your decision wisely while choosing the background type.

Ensure that the background or photo should have ample space. It is an excellent choice for connecting with your readers because they provide a clean and elegant look for your product.

Choose high-resolution images

When you choose background image sizes, make sure that they are vital. During this, ensure that you choose a high-resolution image for technical aspects. It is said that if you choose a high-resolution image, you can add detailed information to it. Therefore, the standard size for such photos should be at least 1024×768 pixels and more.

Consider that the image pixels are also crucial to its file size. If you choose a large image, the file size will also be significant. But, the fact is that these size images can affect the page loading time and can slow down your website. The speed also impacts the SEO, and it is one of the factors pages ranks on the search engines.

Perfect your sizing

The perfect size of the background image will make all the arrangements in the appearance of your site. Also, ideal image sizing is essential if you search for a professional and well-organized page background.

Do you know about todays’ background trend? Most websites use a full-screen image background because it captures visitors’ attention. Beneficially, WordPress offers two options for using your background image full-screen. By using the WordPress background image plugin (Full-Screen image plugin), you can set your full-size background image.

Visual composer is amongst the best plugins to edit WordPress image sizes. You can also add a custom one.

Furthermore, the JPEG or PNG formats are the best choices for background images. You can take their help with photos and graphics respectively.

So, these above tips will prove helpful to choose the best background for your products, blogs, and websites. But, after knowing all these things, the question arises: Where can you get high-quality images?

The Useful Sources of High-quality Images

Finding a high-quality WordPress background image size resolution is a vital part of your WordPress site. Therefore, you should look at the following sources of high-quality images.

You will meet many paid stock image sites, but our following picks will give you the wanted results.


Shutterstock is the most full-bodied and well-known platform for paid stock photos. Also, it has a royalty-free collection of more than 300 million videos, music, and illustrations files. In addition, you can find 178,000 new images and either become a contributor or a buyer. Besides that, it offers three plans and a pro version free with any subscriptions.


iStockphoto is another best option to get royalty-free and copyright-free images online at an affordable price range. You will get an extensive collection of outstanding stock of images, video clips, audio files, illustrations, and more. Along with that, all their sizes are available for the same price range.


Gettyimages is also the finest and most prestigious high-quality image stock agency source. They provide royalty-free images and rights-managed images for commercial and editorial use. It comes with more than 8 million high-quality designs, conceptual files, photos, vectors, illustrations, and more. However, with the range from hundred dollars to thousand, media becomes costly. It will prove helpful if you are searching for high-quality stock photography for your site.

Free stock images site

You can go for WordPress background image free if you are looking for something more. We have gone through a lot and got the high-resolution background images below which will suit your WordPress site. In addition, they have a collection of unlimited background images for your WordPress sites. So, continue your reading to meet them.


Unsplash offers more than 300,000 free high-resolution images from more than 50,000 contributors. You can use these images for free without giving credit to their photographers. In addition, it collaborates with visual composer, which allows you to download and add pictures to the WordPress site. Also, it comes with a robust search tool that helps to browse the collection or search for something better for your site.



Pexels is amongst the well-organized stunning free stock photos and videos collection. You can upload an image, browse by themes, and search for the unique one through Pexels. Most web designers and app designers use Pexels for their official work and more. Besides that, most bloggers prefer Pexels for their blog background images.


Pixabay is famous for its large base of free images, vectors, illustrations, and videos. It is helpful for the WordPress blog backgrounds and content marketers because it is business and marketing oriented. The search box will work for you as the most significant benefit in Pixabay to find high-quality images.


Gratisography is amongst the “World’s quirkiest collection of high-resolution free stock images.” But, they have less stock of photos than other websites out there. The best part is that you can start to make something unique using this type of source for high-resolution images.


When you look for a vast library of photos for your WordPress site, Pikwizard stands there for you. It will help you make your website’s appearance convenient for your visitors. The best thing is that it comes with an “Edit image” option that takes you to the Design Wizard tool. Using these sources, you can do whatever you want, like adding effects, text, and many others.

Google Image Search

Using the Google image search, you can get a bundle of public images for free. Also, this tool will help you to find the list of pictures that are not available on the site, like pixels and pixabay. However, be careful to get an image because it shows low-resolution image results too.

In addition to this, we would like to give you another best suggestion. Go with the Parallax Background Images that add a brilliant effect to a website.

Now, once you are done with the background images for WordPress, it’s time to add them. But, if you are thinking about how to set background images in WordPress, don’t overthink. We are here to help you.

How to Add Background Images in WordPress?

Now, we are close to the end of this article. You have seen styles, tips, and valuable sources of background images. But, here, everything stops if you can’t add them to your WordPress site. Therefore, we have included this section to give you complete information on adding a background image in WordPress.

Add a background image using your WordPress theme settings

WordPress themes come with a custom background image feature, the most common method. By using this method, you can customize your page. You can follow the below steps to add a background image using your WordPress theme settings.

  • Go to the WordPress admin and find the Appearance.
  • Appearance → Customize page.

(The above steps will open a customizer.)

  • Choose the “Background Image” option.
  • Go with the “Choose Image” option and change the settings.

(You can make changes in the background image position and other essential things.)

You can also make changes and see “live preview” in a WordPress theme customizer.

Add a custom background image in WordPress using a Plugin

We suggest using a visual composer background image plugin to work with any WordPress theme.

Also, it is flexible to add custom background images to a WordPress site. It allows you to set your backgrounds in any other part of your page. So, without wasting time, let’s follow the below steps to add a background image.

  • Go to the “Visual composer.”
  • Unfold the “row/column element” window.
  • Go to the “Design Options.”
  • Select a “background type.”
  • Use “Media Library.” add a background image.

You can also customize your background by adding color, slideshows, and more.

Add background images using CSS Hero

CSS Hero helps to make changes to your theme without using any code. Users can add a background image in a few simple ways.

First, you have to install and activate the CSS Hero and customize your website. Now, you can go with the following steps to complete the process of adding a background image.

  • Open the homepage browser.
  • Click on the “Customize CSS Hero” link.
  • Select the area you want to add an image.
  • You will get the “.header-filter-gradient are.” Go with that.
  • After that, choose the background option from the left sidebar.
  • Tap on the “Image” and select an image on your uploads.
  • After choosing, go with the “Apply Image” button.
  • Choose an image size.
  • Now you can press the “Save and Publish” option.

How to add background images in wordpress using CSS code.

If you are bothered about how to add a background image in WordPress using CSS, don’t worry. You will get several CSS classes on different HTML factors on your entire WordPress site. People can add custom backgrounds images for their posts, categories, author, and the rest of the pages through these WordPress CSS classes.

For instance, if you go with a category of your website called a car, WordPress will add these CSS classes to the body tag.

1 <body class=”archive category category-car category-4”>

Inspect tool is helpful to see which WordPress includes CSS classes to the body tag. Also, you can go with the first “category-car” or “category-4” CSS class to style just this category page separately.

1 body.category-car {

2 background-image: url (“http://example.com/wp-content/upload/2022/03/your-background-image-jpg”);

3 background-position: center center;

4 background-size: cover;

5 background repeat: no-repeat;

6 background-attachment: fixed;

7 }

Now we can add a custom background image to a category archive page. You have to add custom CSS to your theme but ensure that you have replaced the background image URL and category class.

Background image for posts, pages, and categories

You will be surprised to know that the full-screen background pro helps you to set a background image for posts, pages, and categories. See how from the below.

First, edit the post or page to show a unique background. You will get the new “Full-Screen Background Image” box on the post editor‘s post edit screen.

  • Now go to the Appearance Full-Screen Background Image page.
  • Click on the “Add New Image.”
  • Choose a category.
  • Type a specific category ID or slug where you will show the image.
  • And now save the image to store your settings.

In this way, WordPress adds a background image to a specific page, post, and category.


How to add a background image to your entire WordPress site?

Follow the below steps to add a background image to your entire WordPress site.

  • Visit Appearance Customize
  • Go further with the “Background Image” option.
  • Hit the Select Image button and upload or choose the image for your background.
  • After this, go with “Fill Screen” as prearranged and “Center” as Image position.
  • Hit the “Save and Publish” option.

How to set background color instead of an image for your entire Website?

The below steps will guide you through setting background color instead of an image for your entire website in HTML.

  • First, choose the HTML factor you want to add as a background.
  • Now select the background color.
  • You can add the style attribute on the opening tag.

These easy steps will help you change the background color by choosing an image for your website.

How to add a background image to a WordPress post?

Follow the below steps if you use the classic editor and wish to add a background image to a WordPress post.

  • Hit the “Advanced WordPress Backgrounds”
  • Go to the “General Tab” and click the “Background Type.”
  • Choose an Image option to go downside.
  • Hit the “Select Image” option and select the image.
  • Press on the “Insert”
  • It will create a shortcode. Then, you can type your text to show on the background image.
  • After that, go with the “Publish/Update” option.

You can add a background image to a WordPress post by using this.

How to put a background image behind the WordPress header?

Go with the following steps to put a background image behind the WordPress header.

To set your header title background, you have to log into WordPress. After that, go to the Appearance → Customizer → General theme options → page header title.

You can choose a style from that panel and change the header background image. In this way, you can put a background image behind the WordPress header.


With a proper background, your website can attract many people. Therefore, finding easy background images can be a difficult task. But, by reading this blog, you will get relief on background images and the following points.

  • You will get information on the Background images from the What is Background Image?
  • You will find the unique background styles in this blog ranging from standard to video backgrounds.
  • If you are stuck and not getting the best background images, use the given tips to choose the best background images.
  • After this, you will meet with valuable sources of high-quality images because it is hard to find a better one out of many.
  • Soon after that, you will know how to add a background image in WordPress. It includes using WordPress theme settings, plugins, CSS Hero, CSS Code, and much more.

Besides that, you will meet with random questions from people in the FAQ section. So in the end, we hope that this article will be helpful to you. Also, may you find the best style as per your choice and choose the background image using the given tips.

Furthermore, we hope you will get the background images from the above useful sources and add them to your websites, blog, and more.


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