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Any simple text editor, such as NotePad, will suffice. But there are better editors available that provide capabilities. It provides syntax highlighting, sophisticated find and replaces FTP connectivity, etc.

We’ll go through some of the Best Code Editors for Editing WordPress Files on Mac and Windows users in this article.

What is a Code Editor, and When Do You Use It?

An essential text editor can usually alter all the code. That you’ll ever need for WordPress development. Such as Notepad or TextEdit. The issue is that basic text editors lack capabilities.

Yet, that may improve the coding experience. Text editors with extra functionality are referred to as code editors.

They can highlight specific portions of the syntax. Or complete particular sections of code for you. And make it easier to traverse a file than a standard text editor would.

But, code editors are text editors. Code editors are convenient while modifying code. They are sophisticated versions of text editors. They have limitations.

It cannot use them to debug the code. For that, you would need the use of a different tool.

Access to an integrated development environment, as most of them include a debugger.

The issue with utilizing an IDE is that they are not always the fastest or most responsive tools. And if all you need to do is update a few lines of CSS or change the functions.php file.

You want to do the task as quickly and efficiently as workable. Unfortunately, IDEs aren’t designed for fast and efficient code editing.

How to find a great code editor to edit WordPress & WooCommerce PHP, JS & CSS Files?

In theory, you may work on WordPress and WooCommerce files with any text editor. But, when looking for one. Access to an integrated development environment (IDE) is also an alternative solution.

Before we go into the top code editors, there are a few things to consider. But, first, let’s have a look at some of the qualities to look for.

  • Support for PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS

When discussing WordPress files, you will be utilizing PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS. As a result, determining if the editor supports these languages is essential.

The majority of popular editors now support these languages.

  • Features to Enhance code readability

It is pretty helpful to highlight specific areas. It would make it a lot simpler to read and understand code.

The feature you’re searching for is syntax highlighting with different colors. However, it will not activate these color changes until the code is complete.

Errors in the code will be much easier to notice. Code folding and automatic indentation are two more techniques that increase code readability.

Another feature that can aid in debugging is the option to display line numbers. These features are available in the majority of new code editors on the market. To be sure, search for this in the features list.

  • A vital search and replace option.

When you’re working on a complex coding project, there is a reasonable probability. You may need to make modifications in many locations across the code.

Finding the part of code to alter by hand would mean you’d be in it for a long time.

It might get even more difficult if you are working with several files. It’s when a strong search and replace feature might come in handy.

A vital search and replace element would do this for you instantly. It will allow you to deal with changes much more quickly.

  • Options for automatic saving

A decent code editor will back up your data regularly. So that vital information is not misplaced.

  • FTP Support

FTP access allows you to access files directly from your web server. Many contemporary code editors have modules. That will enable you to connect to FTP or SFTP servers.

You will be able to deploy files directly from the code editor with the help of this option. FTP support will be essential in a code editor. It will assist you in streamlining your process.

  • Support for Version control

Version control is an essential component of big coding projects. It allows you to revert to an earlier version of your project if you make a coding error.

There are many third-party tools available to assist you with version control. You may verify it while selecting a code editor. If it has built-in version control or if it offers third-party alternatives, that does.

Best WordPress code editors for Mac and Windows

Here are some of the most popular code editors for Mac and Windows.


Best Code Editors for Editing WordPress Files on Mac and Windows

Vim is a customizable text editor. It will assist you in creating or editing any text.

This open-source text editor is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.

Vim’s most notable features are as follows:

  • Undo tree with several levels
  • system of plugins
  • a wide range of file types and programming languages are supported
  • option for searching and replacing
  • smooth integration with a variety of tools

Sublime Text

Image is about Sublime Text

Sublime Text has more advanced tools for editing code. It provides syntax detection algorithms, distraction-free writing.

And other features to assist you with your coding.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the editor’s features.

  • Shortcuts to open files, jump to symbols, lines, or words are available.
  • The inbox of classes, methods, and functions for the whole project.
  • Select multiple lines to alter them interactively.
  • Python Programming Interface
  • The ability to modify everything.


Image showing Notepad++

Notepad++ is a well-known open-source code editor for Windows. It used C++ to write this. It provides a fast execution speed and a minimal program size.

It is suitable for both novice and experienced users.


Image showing TextMate

TextMate is another well-known site. And it’s a versatile text editor for macOS 10.9 or later. It is open-source software that supports many programming languages.

Here’s a brief rundown of the features.

  • Make several adjustments at the same time.
  • Options for quick file searches
  • All major version control systems are supported.
  • Scope pickers for dealing with many languages and build systems
  • Allows the development of custom actions in a variety of languages.
  • Customization bundles
  • To reduce repeated tasks, use macros.


Image Showing Coda

Coda is a sophisticated text editor. And it includes capabilities for managing both local and remote files. It offers a plethora of abilities.

That might be beneficial for large projects.

  • Here are some of its characteristics:
  • Folding of code
  • Across the project, there is an autocomplete option.
  • A useful ‘find and replace option
  • Guides for indentation
  • Opportunity for automatic tag closure
  • Code commenting and moving are done.


Image is about Atom

Atom is yet another sophisticated text editor that it can use on several platforms. It supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js.

Furthermore, it provides simple choices for customizing the appearance and feel.

Here are a few of the features of this well-known text editor.

  • It works with a wide range of operating systems.
  • Package Manager is available right out of the box.
  • You may use the autocomplete feature to help you write code faster.
  • You may open a single file, a complete project, or several projects in a single window.
  • Split the window into many panes.
  • Option to find and replace.


Image is about UltraEdit

UltraEdit is a well-known text editor in the development world, with a slew of unique features.

Some of the main reasons why it is desirable in the developer community are as follows:

  • Files are handled.
  • It is a customization tool. It allows you to tailor the editor. And it’s the entire program to your preferences.
  • Command-line support is given for interacting with other applications.
  • The search function is high-speed.
  • Simple options for sorting and selecting files.
  • The Handles files are larger than 10 GB in size.
  • Support for XML and JSON


Image is about Espresso

Espresso is a popular Mac web editor. It enables you to code your website with relative ease. Whether it is a new project or you are working on an existing site.

Here are a few characteristics to look for:

  • For quicker editing, use the browser preview and Xray.
  • It may change CSS for live web pages.
  • Aids in the creation of standard CSS as well as modular SCSS and LESS.
  • There are other tools to aid with your productivity. It includes Zen snippets, Toolbar Favorites, Re-Indent, and so on.
  • Dynamo is a built-in construction infrastructure.


Image is about jEdit

Many experienced coders use jEdit. It is a free, open-source editor.

Let’s take a quick look at some of this editor’s notable features:

  • Compatibility with many platforms
  • There are several macros and plugins available.
  • Plugin manager for downloading and installing plugins from within jEdit.
  • Auto indent and syntax highlighting are included.
  • UTF8, Unicode, and more character encodings are supported.
  • Customization opportunities abound.


Image showing Araneae

Araneae is a free contemporary text editor. It is both easy and robust enough to assist you in creating engaging websites.

Here are a few characteristics to look for:

  • Supports HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and other markup languages.
  • Syntax emphasizing
  • Browser preview in real-time
  • Interface for many documents
  • It can insert customizable, fast clips.
  • Files and pictures may be dragged and dropped.

Komodo IDE

Image is About Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE is an excellent text editor that can handle various languages. It also works on several different platforms.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the editor’s most popular features.

  • Syntax highlighting, autocomplete, code refactoring, and other coding aids are available.
  • To check your code, use a visual debugger.
  • Many version control softwares is supported.
  • With the aid of add-ons, it is simple to customize.
  • Simple workflow management.

VS Code

Image is about VS Code

VS Code is a fashionable code editor that is completely free—and may be used for various purposes.

With that in mind, you may get started on your new project. Or refine a current one right now.

VS Code is free and open source. And it works everywhere. The user interface is also user-friendly.

It ensures that web designers and developers of all skill levels experience. You may change and customize the editor itself so that it feels as natural to you as workable.

IntelliSense and a built-in Git repository are some of the capabilities of VS Code. And there are a plethora of options.

There are possibilities for stretching and customizing the tool using extensions.


Image Showing ICEcoder

ICEcoder distinguishes itself by being one of the few browser code editors. That can be used both online and offline.

It’s tempting to be able to change code in the browser. Because of the freedom it provides for live testing your code. And witnessing design progress in real-time.

Themes, code suggestions, database administration will appeal to developers and designers.


Image showing Brackets

Brackets is another fantastic code editor. And it caters to web designers. Brackets remove the term “difficult” from the equation.

And it builds websites straight from the browser, thanks to built-in visuals.

Brackets are updated. The platform also takes comments from the community into account. It is making changes and optimizations.

You may extract design information from your PSD files.

This feature is not available in any other code editor today. Changes to CSS and HTML may be made using Brackets. You’ll also see the modifications on the screen right away.

You can also check where your CSS selector is being used in the browser by hovering your cursor over it. It combines the capability of a code editor with the ease of use of in-browser dev tools.


Image is about Emacs

According to many who use it, Emacs is the successor to Vim. It’s a Screen editor. Yet, there is no insertion mode editor.

It is unless there is a command prefix. Each character input in Emacs is immediately written into the file.

Many people choose Emacs because of the customization options it provides. Yet, you should check it out for yourself to see which one you like.


Image showing WeBuilder

WeBuilder is an excellent code editor for web developers. It supports a wide range of languages.

And it provides a plethora of tools to enhance your coding experience. It’s offered as a free trial, yet, if you want to use it.

You must pay a modest fee.

WeBuilder’s best features are syntax highlighting, Unicode support, and code completion. And it also includes navigation, code recommendations, library support, and so on.

WeBuilder has the following features:

  • FTP, SFTP, and FTPS are all supported.
  • HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP code are all handled by a separate editor.
  • Code validation tools such as a spell checker, HTML and CSS validator. It includes PHP debugger, JS checker, and so on.


Image is about BBEdit

BBEdit is a text editor based on the same technology as TextWrangler. TextWrangler has been discontinued. And all its users are being urged to use BBEdit instead.

BBEdit is only available for the Mac operating system. It has advanced functionality. But it also tries for a bare-bones look to match the acronym BB.

BBEdit has several great features, such as Git integration and auto-completion.

There’s also syntax highlighting and fast lookups and editing windows. you can divide up and position next to each other for more straightforward editing.

An individual license for the current version of BBEdit costs $49.99. You may also upgrade to newer versions for a lower cost.

You have total control over the content in your editor with BBEdit. And the straightforward interface and fast workflows make it easy to search.

Text editing is one method to use BBEdit. It has excellent capabilities, including canonization, complex wraps, and case changes.

With its strong previews in any browser and the ability, it adds special characters to any HTML. This text editor is also handy for web development.

Programming tools are also available in the BBEdit text editor. For example, many programmers like the ability to auto-indent.

And verify their syntax in scripts such as Python and Ruby. We also enjoy that this text editor supports code folding.

It makes your file simpler to read, more significant portions of code are hidden. Overall, BBEdit is one of the most incredible text editors available.

Particularly for people who already use the Mac operating system.

What Is Your Preferred Code Editor?

A well-rounded code editor is one of the essential tools for anyone working on (or fiddling with).

The ability to edit core files, templates, style sheets.

And other elements are critical for customizing WordPress websites. And it makes WordPress your own.

While any text editor can theoretically suffice, specialist applications can significantly improve workflow.

Improved readability and style choices, direct FTP connections, search. And replace and version control are just a few of the ways these tools simplify labor.

Which one is the best code editor for you ultimately depends on what you require and desire.

Also, as I already stated, the list is not exhaustive.


Suppose you’re still unsure about which text editor to use. Here’s a list of our final choices;

Vim – Use Vim if you’re a professional developer. It is for those who prefer an older Interface or prefers to work from the command line.

Sublime Text — This is the best choice for hardcore coders. It is lightweight and uses fewer resources.

Atom – An atom is a good option for those who wish to use a text editor and a collaborative tool.

Notepad++ – If you are a beginner or an experienced user, this text editor is worth a look. It offers the capabilities that developers want without being overly complicated.

It is for those who are just getting started.

TextMate — If you have a Mac and require support for all languages, consider TextMate.

UltraEdit – UltraEdit helps upload and edit huge files.

Coda – Use Coda if you have a Mac and want a stunning UI.

Komodo Edit – You may use Komodo whether you are a novice or an established pro. Just be sure you get the correct version based on your location.

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) – Here’s a text editor with a one-of-a-kind auto-completion function. If it seems fascinating to you, give it a go.

Brackets – If you enjoy live previews and extensions, give Brackets a try.

BBEdit – Another option for Mac users.

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