Best News Aggregator Websites (+ How to Build Your Own)

Do you want to get all your favorite blogs’ latest news and updates in one place?

If that’s the case, the best news aggregator websites are your best bet. These websites display the most recent material from all your favorite websites.

This way, you can keep up with all your news and blog updates without missing a beat.

We’ll offer our picks for the top news aggregator websites in this article. We’ll also show you how to use WordPress to create your best news aggregator website.

News Aggregator Websites

There are a variety of news aggregators available. But the most popular is a type that goes through web content and collects the results, storing them in one place.

The news aggregator’s search results consist of:

  • Blogs
  • Newspapers
  • Podcasts
  • Other types of information

News aggregators go under a variety of names. News readers, feed readers, content aggregators, and RSS readers are all terms for the same thing. They collect news stories and store them in an easily accessible area.

If you’ve ever subscribed to RSS feeds or visited a news aggregator website. You might be familiar with news aggregators. These sites collect stories from all across the internet. Then, they compile them into one page, which is usually organized by topic or category.

It may appear at first that the aggregator is stealing content from another website. But it might be a win-win situation.

The news aggregator site obtains traffic from regular users. Whereas the websites where articles originate receive increased exposure, resulting in increased traffic.

This is especially helpful if the aggregator site is popular and sends users to sites that might not get as much traffic otherwise.

There’s a lot of debate about which news aggregator is the best. Honestly, there is no one answer to that question. It all boils down to personal taste, interests, and the type of news you want. You may come to prefer a news aggregator above others if it gives what you want with an easy-to-navigate interface.

Why should you use news aggregators?

The influx of data is unstoppable. Every day, more data is generated on the internet, and some of that data has an impact on your company.

Business leaders must stay current with important information in their particular industry. But this is not always simple. News aggregators allow you to read the most recent news headlines relevant to you in one place.

There’s no need to sift through dozens of websites in search of the information you need. News aggregators do the legwork for you and put the information right at your fingertips.

Keeping up with the news like this allows you to stay competitive. It allows you to stay on top of current trends and see what your closest competitors are up to.

“Knowledge is power,” as the saying goes, and news aggregators are a great method to gain knowledge and apply it to your business goals.

They assist you in seeing things from a different viewpoint. They provide you with the information you need to keep your company at the forefront of its field.

What is the purpose of a news aggregator?

Before, individual curators would scour the web for stories to post on their sites.

Some news aggregator software and applications are still operated manually. But now, most news aggregator software and applications use pre-programmed systems and processes.

To handle all the new online stories posted to the internet every day, most follow a similar approach.

The initial step in such a workflow is to collect data from websites that have already been chosen. This entails crawling a web page and, in some cases, examining RSS feeds for data.

The following section extracts articles from the information gathered. This is the step in the workflow when the articles’ relevance is decided. The next phase is grouping articles together depending on the themes they cover.

You can do this with a variety of means. Keyword-based strategies and topic modeling are two of the most prominent ways.

The article that best reflects a group of articles based on a topic is then picked. This is typically the first article that the aggregator displays. Finally, the article subjects are represented so that the user may access them.

The user can usually decide the topics they are most interested in. This allows the news aggregator to focus on those areas.

News aggregation’s Importance

One of the greatest ways to stay on top of the news and issues you care about is to use news aggregation. They provide convenience and time savings.

They’re a useful approach to compile pertinent data and display it in an easy format at a time when data is more crucial than ever.

Businesses that use news aggregation will remain ahead of the competition and be prepared for any potential issues.

18 Best News Aggregator Websites


Feedly News Aggregator Website

One of the most prominent news aggregator websites on the internet is Feedly. It allows you to construct your news feed with the most recent stuff from your preferred publishers.

You may subscribe to information on a wide range of topics using this platform. Their content suggestion system can help you find new websites based on your interests.

You can also add your favorite news sites or blogs directly. You can, for example, subscribe to WPBeginner to receive WordPress-related publications.

Feedly comes in both a free and a premium edition. You can subscribe to 100 sources and create up to three personal feeds with the free plan.

Feedly is available as a browser extension, a smartphone app, or a mobile app.

Google News

Google News Aggregator

Google News is a strong news aggregator. It uses Google’s advanced search technology, AI, and the user’s personal search history. It gives you the top news stories based on your location by default.

It provides local, regional, and international news. It can also provide business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, and health news.

To personalize your feed, you can save topics, sources, and searches.

Google News is a free news aggregator available on the web and Android and iOS smartphones.

If you’re looking for a non-Google option, Bing News and Yahoo News both have similar features.


AllTop News Aggregator Website

It collects news and blog posts from the most popular websites throughout the world. Including TechCrunch, Mashable, BBC, CNN, and others. It curates and presents real-time material.

Politics, technology news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, business, and other topics have their sections. You may get the most popular news. You can also get top stories from the top sources in the connected topic by clicking on those categories.

It has a viral category that shows the latest viral content and trends, besides the most recent news.


News360 News Aggregator Website

One of the most popular news aggregator apps on the internet is News360. It allows you to search for global news as well as stories that are relevant to your interests. It’s a great substitute for Google News and Feedly.

When you sign up for News360, you may select the topics that interest you. It will then display the most recent content on those themes. This provides a balanced news feed right out of the box. You can further personalize your feed by adding or removing topics and sources.

It provides you with the most up-to-date data from over 100,000 reputable online sources.

News360 is available on your browser, iOS, and Android devices.


Panda Content Aggregator Website

Panda gathers stuff that is valuable to web designers, developers, and IT entrepreneurs. It pulls content from sites like Dribble, Behance, TechCrunch, Wired, and others.

As a specialty news aggregator, it presents news in a more engaging format. This allows you to find fascinating stories. A smart grid of thumbnails serves as the content feed for sites like Dribble and Awwwards.


Techmeme Tech News Aggregator

Techmeme is a website that aggregates technology news. It features top technology stories from reputable sources. Such as TechCrunch, Wired, the New York Times, and others.

The homepage includes:

  • Top tech news
  • Sponsor articles
  • Job openings
  • Upcoming tech events

You can also try the Leaderboard view to see news by topic or the River view for real-time updates.

It is an excellent place to start if you are looking for a more convenient method to keep up with the newest tech news.


Flipboard Blog Aggregator Website

Flipboard is a fantastic blog aggregator. It lets you build your content feed depending on your preferences. It covers a variety of subjects, such as:

  • Business news
  • Technology news
  • Travel
  • Political news
  • Beauty news

You can use it as a local news aggregator because it offers feeds for practically every city on the planet.

Flipboard has a beautiful magazine-style layout with interactive features. Such as liking, commenting, and sharing information across your social media accounts.

Flipboard is accessible on Android and iOS devices as a browser or as a mobile app.


Pocket News Aggregator Website

Pocket is yet another news aggregation software. It allows you to browse the most popular information on the web. It can also build your reading environment by saving your favorite articles.

It offers a variety of information from a variety of sources, including:

  • Articles
  • Video
  • Stories

It features many content categories for simple browsing. Such as must-reads, trending, tech, finance, health, and so on.

It is accessible as browser extensions as well as mobile apps. It also allows you to save articles to read later while on the go.



Inoreader is a powerful Feedly alternative as well as a great feed reader. Innoreader is available on the web, iOS, and Android smartphones. It allows you to quickly add your favorite websites or discover new blogs to subscribe to.

It provides many possibilities for curating, rearranging, and presenting content in various layouts and color schemes.


Front page of review aggregator MetaCritic

It is one of our favorite news aggregation websites and unquestionably one of the best. Like Rotten Tomatoes, it is a review aggregator, but it also contains games and music.

We included it as well because of how they leverage aggregated content to create meta content. Such as rating iconic film franchises based on aggregated reviews.

With that amazing organization on the top page, Metacritic exudes professionalism. Although there are many advertisements, how you repeat the categories in each part makes it easy for users to navigate.

(e)Science News

eScience News is a popular science news aggregator

This aggregator is a good method to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in popular science. It has never been more befitting of the moniker.

We like the variety of categories and how they’re organized. It’s both user-friendly and authoritative. There’s also a neat categorization of articles into popular, new, and breaking. The top page isn’t overly cluttered, and there are no advertisements on this one.

The morning news

​​ The Morning News aggregates news from a wide variety of sources

This one is included out of a sense of affection. The Morning News is unique in that it contains only one news column that covers a wide range of topics. The themes aren’t your typical news aggregator topics, with more unusual items making it to the first page.

The information comes from a variety of places. Including the mainstream media and more unexpected places like Reddit. We like how the website’s niche issues, rather than a broad approach, are the driving force behind it.

The Morning News website is well-organized and uses fewer photos. The Morning News has a hand-crafted appearance to it, with photos used on a case-by-case basis. It also chose the language intending to give the website some breathing room.


Fark logo 2011.jpg

Fark is a wonderful place to go if you’re looking for unusual news. Community members submit prospective news articles to the website daily. The Fark staff selects roughly 100 to post on the homepage, founded by Drew Curtis in 1999. Awkward, Creepy, Ironic, and Florida are some of the tags used to categorize articles.

Fark is further divided into tabs for Entertainment, Sports, Politics, and other topics. On, there’s also a mobile app called Hey! for iOS. But, Android users will have to make do with the website’s mobile version for the time being.

Apple News

Apple News icon (iOS)

Apple News comes preloaded on every iOS device. It’s an excellent place to start if you’re seeking to catch up on the day’s news on your iPhone or iPad. The app has a simple design with gorgeous photography. Also, the articles are optimized for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This ensures that readers have a pleasant reading experience on any platform.

It has a large number of news organizations and indie publications. Apple claims that the more people use it, the better it will understand their interests. There’s also a daily curated digest and the option to save articles for offline viewing.

Apple News launched a streamlined search function with the iOS 14.5 update. This makes it easier to find the subjects, channels, and stories that interest you.

Ap News

Associated Press logo 2012

Many news organizations have their mobile apps. But, AP News is the place to go for accurate information. AP is a nonprofit news cooperative. It provides material to other news organizations. Since it started in 1917, the organization has won 52 Pulitzer Prizes.

The app isn’t as flashy as some of the others on this list. But it’s clean, readable, and full of stunning photo galleries from the AP’s award-winning photographers.



Yes, Reddit is known for hosting some of the worst internet stuff, but it is also excellent. It’s great for a mix of fascinating news, memes, and community interaction.

Subscribing to many subreddits can help you customize your news feed. Or you can contribute your photographs, memes, and stories.

Reddit’s community is very active. That is why there’s always something interesting to read or discuss. Also, the official app includes extra features such as community group chat, a night mode, and more.



Every day, SmartNews promises to analyze millions of articles to bring you the most popular news stories from across the world. It prioritizes discovery above personalization, providing a “both sides” perspective on current events. Users can then select channels Which are collections of articles organized by publications or subjects. Such as Politics, Science, or Entertainment. You can also select the frequency with which they receive headline notifications.

The app’s UI is simple yet colorful, and its SmartView mode claims to block off distractions and increase readability. This is a useful feature for those who have slower internet connections.



Pulse is available for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) and Android. It takes care of the haggling and finds the greatest news of the day that you’ll be interested in reading. It then presents you with that information in an appealing tiled interface. This allows you to easily tap a story to read it or view a video.

You can still add your favorite websites and topics. You also have some control over what sources you read and what themes you read about.

But Pulse does a terrific job of bringing the day’s top articles to you on the move.

Building a News Aggregator Website with WordPress

News aggregator websites are very valuable, and there are many undiscovered areas. You may easily generate money online by selling subscriptions, sponsorships, and adverts. If you create a news aggregator website that caters to those categories.

The best thing is that you’ll be curating the material rather than creating it yourself. You’d be able to provide your users with useful information from the best sources.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to make your news aggregator website.

Step 1: Set up Your News Aggregator Website

You can use other website builders or custom code to create a news aggregator website. Both solutions are challenging for a novice user with no programming experience.

WP is the simplest way to do this. and are two different types of WordPress websites. You will need since it provides complete freedom and flexibility.

You’ll need a web hosting account and a domain name to get started with

A domain name is normally $14.99 per year, and a WordPress hosting plan is $7.99 per month. Now that all websites need SSL, you can add another $69.99 per year to that total. This is a large sum of money.

Step 2: Installing and Activating WP RSS Aggregator Plugin

The next step is installing and activating the WP RSS Aggregator plugin after setting up your WP website. See our step-by-step guide on installing a plugin in WordPress for more information.

The finest WP plugin for turning a WP website into a content aggregator is WP RSS Aggregator. It allows you to import, integrate, and display RSS feeds on your WP website without knowing how to code.

To configure the plugin settings, go to RSS Aggregator. Select Settings from your dashboard after it’s been activated.

The default settings should suffice for most websites. But, you should review them and make any necessary changes.

Step 3. Adding Feed Sources to Import Feed Items

Your website is now set up to display news feeds. All you have to do now is add the sources you wish to show on your website.

WP RSS Aggregator can pull content from any website that has an RSS feed and display it. An RSS feed is available on most news and blog websites.

To begin, go to your dashboard’s RSS Aggregator » Feed Sources page and select the Add New option.

Then you’ll be able to add your feed source. Enter the feed source website’s name, such as WPBeginner.

You must then enter the feed source URL. In most circumstances, all you need to do is type in the website’s URL.

To confirm the RSS feed validity, click the ‘Validate feed’ option underneath the URL field.

You can publish your feed source if the link is legitimate.

After that, the plugin will begin importing feed articles right away.

Go to RSS Aggregator » Feed Items to see the imported feed items.

Then, to add more feed sources to your website, repeat the process.

Step 4: Publishing Your Content Aggregator Live

You can now post your aggregated articles live on your site after importing feed items.

To publish your content feed, create a new page or post. Then, under the Widgets section, click the Add New Block icon and select the WP RSS Aggregator block.

When you’re finished, the plugin will load your WordPress feed for you.

You may now publish your page and watch your content feed in real-time. This is how it appeared on your demo site.

Step 5: Adding More Features to WordPress Content Aggregator

With WP RSS Aggregator’s premium add-ons. You may extend the functionality of your WordPress content aggregator. From your dashboard, navigate to RSS Aggregator. Here, go to More Features to see the available add-ons.

You can import your feed items as WP articles and create a news aggregator site with more features with these add-ons. With the Feed to Post extension, you can add that feature, allowing each feed item to have its content.

With feeds, you may also show post thumbnails and extracts. The Excerpts & Thumbnails add-on is required to enable this functionality.


We hope you found this article useful in learning about the finest news aggregator websites and how to create your own using WP. If you’re a content publisher, you might also be interested in our guide to RSS feed optimization. This will increase the number of visitors you receive from news aggregator websites with your feed.

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