Best Places To Hire Wordpress Developers

WordPress is a popular platform. There are dozens of professionals who can help you with WordPress development. They all have different skill sets, experiences, or knowledge.

Finding a qualified and experienced developer can be a long, tedious process. There are hundreds of websites with millions of members. They are all competing for projects and undercutting each other’s pricing.

The issue is that many of these individuals aren’t quite ready for the arena. Many websites don’t bother to check their providers instead of relying on natural selection to filter out the weaker members.

Many clients grow frustrated and lose faith in the process due to bad user experience. It can also be quite costly. Some people have to try several developers before settling on one with whom they feel comfortable.

But, a few platforms out there do take steps to improve their users’ hiring experiences. They even attract professional talent to their platforms.

We’ll discuss where to get the Best Places to Hire WordPress Developers with the proper talents and experience for the task.

When and why should you hire a WordPress developer?

WordPress is simple to use. Most WP users don’t need to pay a web designer to develop a website. But, when your website rises in popularity, so do your costs.

Many small enterprises can be successful with a do-it-yourself attitude. They can also save money by using as many free tools and plugins as possible.

You might want to explore creating a custom WP theme or custom plugins if your site starts making money. In that scenario, you’ll need to find a developer to help you get the work done correctly.

How to Find and Hire a Professional WordPress Developer (5 Steps)

When looking for the ideal WordPress developer. It’s critical to remember that it’s up to you to establish the tone right from the start and vet your applicants. You’ll waste a lot of time going back and forth if you don’t. You’ll almost certainly wind up with a sub-par task or project. Checking the following five areas in depth from the start will go a long way toward selecting the best.

Look at the ratings and reviews, and demand to see previous work.

When evaluating applicants. The first thing to look for is ratings and reviews of previous work. But don’t stop there; you should also search for:

  • Portfolio work
  • Number of projects they’ve completed
  • Code they have published

Image Showing User Rating

A strong portfolio shows that the developer is capable of delivering high-quality projects. Accessible code repositories show that they are interested in current standards and allow you to review their code.

You could even go a step further and have them take a coding test.

This is a simple technique to drop candidates who do not have the required skill set. You can demand candidates to take a PHP and WordPress test from TestDome. This involves their ability to fix PHP coding issues and provide answers to concerns about the WP API and architecture.

Don’t Be Fooled by Low Prices

Instead of costing you money, a competent developer should make you money. Don’t be fooled by the promise of low-cost outsourced development; you usually get what you pay for. When you have to scrap an entire project and start over from scratch, that low-ball offer won’t seem so good.

Image Showing Lowest Price

Of fact, low charges may not automatically imply poor quality. First, get to know what standard market prices are. Then use the other points we’ve covered to make case-by-case decisions.

Insist on Clear Communication

A dedicated developer will make every effort to respond to your issues promptly and let you know when and how to reach them during business hours. How information is conveyed is equally crucial. Early signs of shakiness or a lack of focus are classic warning signs of approaching trouble.

Insist on clear communication from the start, and if it isn’t forthcoming, walk away. A long-term connection must be able to check if you can communicate successfully with them. A good developer should not only be able to code well. But also communicate with non-technical people.

Carry out a paid trial project

A modest, paid test project, besides a free code test, will usually tell you everything you need to know about a developer’s approach to the task. As a loss-leader, consider these. You’ve now spared yourself from failing on a huge project with the same developer if things go wrong.

If everything goes well, you may be confident that the rest of the project will run smoothly.

Agree on the job’s scope.

For hiring a WP developer make sure that everyone involved are aware of the project’s scope. Clients hire developers in a hurry for a job that hasn’t been completely defined. As a result, there is an unfinished project, a waste of time and money, and, in some cases, a damaged relationship.

30+ Best Places to Hire WordPress Developers


Image Is About Codeable

It is a popular site for outsourcing WordPress-related tasks. Unlike other outsourcing platforms, it pre-screens each developer. This ensures that they pass a rigorous screening procedure.

Your collaboration with Codeable pros is completely risk-free. If you are not happy with the results, Codeable will give you a complete refund.

As a result, it is the #1 choice for firms seeking WordPress outsourcing help.


Image Is About Toptal

It is a global network of the world’s best freelancing software engineers, designers, and financial experts.

They have a very strict screening process in place to ensure that they only deal with the greatest talent on the planet. This also means that hiring a Toptal freelancer will be more expensive than usual.

When working with Toptal engineers, many users have had amazing success.

Toptal only features the greatest experts. Due to which the rates for each expert are higher than on other platforms. But there are many specialists also available for hire on other networks at lesser rates.

Working with a top-notch WordPress developer will save you a lot of money if you’re ready to put in the effort.


Image Showing Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular online job boards. You can post a job online with a full description and have potential candidates bid on it.

It gives you various indicators about a developer’s experience, jobs completed, ratings, skill tests, and more.

You can choose and conduct interviews with most qualified developers. You can find developers of different levels with varying abilities and expertise on platforms like Upwork. This also means you’ll have balance between your budget and the developer you want.


Image Showing Freelancer

Another significant online job marketplace is It has a significant network of freelancers. Including WordPress developers, like other similar sites.

Each freelancer has a full profile that you can review. You can also interview the freelancer and communicate directly with them. This will help you to learn more about their talents and experiences.

You will receive responses from freelancers at various levels for each job posting. This means you’ll be able to find an excellent developer at a lesser cost. But, it also means you’ll have to do your homework.


Image Is About Wphired

WPhired is a popular WordPress job platform among leading WordPress firms and freelancers. It allows you to post a free job listing. But, you can pay to have your position featured or listed for a longer period if you subscribe to paid listings.

You can also include part-time, full-time, and freelance jobs. Theough an account, developers can upload their résumé. But, users can apply for jobs without making an account on the portal. This means you’ll have to do all the screening and due diligence work yourself.

WordPress Jobs

Image Is About Wordpress Jobs

The WordPress Jobs website is an official job board maintained by the team. Job listings are completely free, and you don’t even need to register.

The job postings are organized into categories. Developers who are interested in the job can contact you using the method you specified in the job posting. After that, you can assess them independently. does not check job postings and does not influence the types of developers who contact you.

Every post is reviewed before it is accepted, and listings are active for 21 days. After that, only jobs linked to WordPress are accepted onto the board.

WordPress job board does occasionally accept low-effort job postings. But you’ll normally only find serious projects and full-time employment advertised here. The Two factors that attract a better level of application. It’s a wonderful location to start looking for a developer.

Smashing Jobs

Image Is About Smashing Jobs

Smashing Magazine, one of the most popular and high-quality web development journals, also hosts Smashing Jobs. Listings are paid – $225 for full-time work and $75 for freelance gigs. This enables you to maintain a high level of quality. The jobs are valid for 60 days, and there are reductions if you are a nonprofit. Their main site has over 4 million monthly visitors. So you can be sure that a large number will see the job board of people.

It is known for being used by many well-known firms. Such as Amazon, Electronic Arts, Tesla Motors, MIT, Activision, and others. It is also o know for attracting top development talent.

Stack Overflow careers

Image Showing Stack Overflow Careers

It is the primary port of call for any technical questions for developers all around the world. They provide Stack Overflow Careers as a solution for connecting businesses and developers. This is not the place to go if you’re searching for an inexpensive developer. This is for corporations and businesses that are serious about attracting top talent. Access to their candidate search board costs $2,499 per year (annual payment).

You can find developers by advertising job openings or building a corporate page to attract applications. You can slow browse developer profiles for a candidate with the relevant skillset.

The main Stack Overflow site receives over 50 million monthly unique visits, and job postings are shown throughout the site. This ensures that your listing is seen on a daily basis by a global audience.


Image Showing Clickwp

ClickWP specializes in delivering dependable WordPress support to individuals and companies. It offers:

  • Monthly plans and on-demand jobs for website setup
  • Theme modification
  • Malware or hack repair
  • Backups
  • WordPress migrations

It can be a very cost-effective and rapid alternative if you need some simple development work done. Such as configuring a plugin, customizing your WordPress theme, or CSS modifications.

David Wang, a writer, and marketer with ten years of expertise with WP, is the founder of ClickWP.

If you need some basic development work done and don’t want to go through the effort of locating a developer. We recommend contacting them to see what they can do. Any of the other sites mentioned are also excellent if you have more demanding tasks.

Mode Effect

Image Is About Mode Effect

Cody and Raquel Landefeld started Mode Effect in 2010. It delivers web development solutions for e-commerce stores and commercial businesses. They specialize in WooCommerce and extension development. They help you boost sales and improve your store’s operation. They also provide full-service website redesign and custom theme development.

These guys can build something for your store that doesn’t exist yet or configure an integration.

Disney, CompTIA, movile, the Phoenix Suns, and WooCommerce have all worked with it. They even built the official affiliate program website,, in collaboration with Automattic.


Hired makes it simple for employers to locate engineers and web developers, including WP specialists. Employers may use Hired’s pipeline to locate tailored WordPress development candidates. You may:

  • Build a company profile,
  • Use their search algorithm to find applicants
  • Set up interviews for work on your sites, such as on specific plugins or theme customization

It’s a terrific way to identify specialized WordPress developers who are:

  • Actively looking for new opportunities
  • Have relevant experience with content management systems and Are maybe local to you

Additionally, Hired will assist in streamlining project management and the customer experience.

GitHub jobs

Do you feel like you’re wasting too much time looking for developers on huge job boards? Perhaps job forums oriented toward tech expertise and professional WP developers will be more helpful. It is one of the largest open-source online libraries for coders with years of experience in many programming languages. GitHub has a sizable developer community. You can post a WordPress developer job listing and get visibility to the GitHub developer community for a low charge.

People per hour

People Per Hour, like Upwork, is a freelance marketplace. People Per Hour is distinct in that it hosts contests and allows Freelancers to submit work postings known as hourlies.

It has millions of users, thousands of hours confirmed, and several success stories. It is an ideal solution for employers looking for freelance mobile app developers. Because it is simple to post jobs, contacting freelancers, and pay for hours done.

You can also connect with local freelancers using People Per Hour. So you’re not limited to faraway talent. has many registered users dedicated to developing mobile applications. It is one of the fastest-growing developer communities on the web. Their service, like Toptal’s, is designed to remove the medium out of hiring. It smartly selects its freelancers and ensures that they are focused on each project. Every employer is assigned a vice president. Also, freelancers are given the tools they need to succeed. manages and replaces talent with no risk to you. It also offers a money-back guarantee on hours performed.


Guru offers a vast global freelancing network. This service allows you to browse expert profiles, propose projects, and pay your hired talent using their safe SafePay system.

Guru’s freelancing network is home to a variety of experts, including WordPress developers. You’ll be able to refine your search yourself, just as with Upwork and People Per Hour. You will also be in charge of vetting and interviewing.

Find Bacon

Find Bacon is a job board that aims to make looking for design and development jobs as simple as possible. Find Bacon is a delightful and cost-effective alternative to large employment boards. It can cost as little as $99 to put out a job for 30 days.

Find Bacon is another good option because they have subscription bundles. These bundles allow you to submit 10 jobs every month. If you’re a company wanting to fill many positions or plan to hire freelancers regularly. A subscription pack for a specialist job network like Find Bacon can be worth it.

X- Team

It connects you with qualified developers that get mentorship and educational resources for being a member. They, like Toptal and, handle the heavy hiring lifting. You won’t have to go through resumes or write individualized interview scripts.

College Recruiter

Are you looking to hire a part-time, entry-level position, or internship? It is a great place to connect with college students and recent graduates. This is a good alternative if you have a limited budget and are willing to be flexible with your timeline.

You’ll be able to test and interview candidates on College Recruiter. So if interviewing hires doesn’t sound too frightening. College Recruiter is a great place to look for entry-level talent.

Envato Studio

You may be familiar with Envato as a marketplace for purchasing WP project assets. It also has a growing developer community ready and available to help you with your ideas. Each platform developer offers a growing portfolio of plugins or themes that you can buy outright.

To maintain quality, the platform only welcomes developers with prior WordPress programming experience. This makes it simple for you to rapidly engage a WordPress developer. There’s no need for examinations or lengthy interviews.

For both talent and cost, the hiring process is competitive. Before you engage with a developer, look at customer feedback and referral percentages to see how trustworthy they are. You can also filter WordPress developers by turnaround time. This is useful for projects with tight deadlines.

The way each developer identifies the aspect of development they excel at is the most appealing aspect of this platform. All-rounders frequently produce better-looking (aesthetically) WordPress sites than solely frontend developers.


Dribble began as a platform for designers to promote their work and has since evolved into a talent marketplace. Dribble makes hiring a developer so simple that interviews are no longer necessary.

Designers on Dribble branded as “Pros” are members of a social network where they can crowd-review one other’s work. This makes it simple to identify the most productive and creative among the group, as well as to hire a WordPress developer. When you’re not sure where to look for talent on the platform. Posting your project on the platform’s job board will get you a handful of proposals in no time.

The website pushes WordPress developers’ experience to their personal websites. You keep the right to establish contract conditions after talking with a developer. If all this is too much for you, you can also buy ready-made WP elements that need less development.


If you’re constructing a learning membership site on WordPress. It is one of the most exclusive forums for getting developers and tools for success. They created the platform around a WordPress-based Learning Management System (LMS). An unassuming forum grew into a community of developers to assist the LMS and other WP issues.

It’s simple to choose the best AccessAlly developers. The platform offers a certification procedure. This procedure functions as a filter to ensure that only certified developers are displayed. Who are capable of building and managing a WP-based platform from the ground up.

Other site features include the option to filter WP developers according to the marketing platform you’d use for the project. You won’t need to hire another developer to set up and activate your website’s monetization plan this way.


If you’re looking for verified experience, this platform will show you how much a WP Developer has. Each freelancer’s earnings are shown alongside their name on the platform. This allows you to determine how long they’ve been in business. It also offers you an estimate of how much each project will cost.

To get started, build your project and share it with other developers. By nature of their participation on the platform, they ensure non-disclosure. You’ll receive bids as little as $99.00, and you’ll have the option of working with the best bidder.

Your profile and the profiles of all other developers on the platform come with an Escrow account.

Aside from increased trust, this allows for a “money-back guarantee” approach to project completion. The diverse and inclusive WP developer community makes it simple to hire the best. Even when they’re in a different part of the world.


99designs was founded in 2008. It is a platform that leverages competition to find the top developers that want to work with you. It’s as simple as initiating a contest to get your WordPress theme made. Give it all the specifics, and it will have over 99 developers create unique designs in as little as 72 hours. This method of completing work on the platform will set you back $599.

You can also look through the portfolios of WordPress development project companies. This method allows you to hire a whole team to do your project. This approach’s costing model is an agreement between you and the agency you choose.

If you choose to hire a single WordPress developer. 99designs’ support team will have pre-screened candidates on your behalf. You may expect to pay at least $899 for this service. It might go up to $2499.

WP Kraken

It is a platform to explore if you prefer to outsource the full WP website job and focus on your business.

The following are some of their services:

  • Outsourcing a team starts at $45 per Hour. This gives you the benefit of a whole team of WP developers and designers working on your project. They work on project milestones specified by a project manager who is provided. You may even take up the role of the project manager to keep a closer eye on things.
  • WordPress adjustments. They may also assist you if you need some further work to make your website more to your taste. You can also order site fixes when you need them, though they will be priced differently.
  • Consultation – Not sure if you need a WordPress website? WP Kraken also offers a call-in service to discuss and advocate best practices for using WP to build business solutions.

They use a tailored costing system to ensure you receive exactly what you pay for.


Sometimes you have a picture-perfect vision for the website your company needs. But, all you need to do is translate that vision into code. PSDtoWP is a project that focuses on this topic. So you go to them with sketches of your website, and they turn it into a working prototype for you to approve.

Behind the scenes, they handle project management. To maintain track of the project, you only get a quote and certain milestone updates. Then, they turn that idea you submitted into a working WordPress theme after a few rounds of testing.

What sets them apart from the other companies on this list is their free post-deployment product support.

You’ll receive login information for their platform. You will also get an always-on Skype channel to do this and make future adjustments to the theme. Then there’s the money-back promise. This will have you comfortably filling out an order form.

It outsources your work to remote offshore teams for a comprehensive WP website design and development approach. Then, from the start until the successful implementation of your project, they stick to a set fee model.

The integration of WP Marketing optimization and automation on the same platform is its selling feature. Knowing you’ll need them as soon as you start making money with the website saves you time from searching elsewhere.

You can expect to hire as many skilled hands as you need to work on your WordPress project if you are based in India. Then, to make your website profitable, hire a second layer of WordPress experts.


If you need help with your WP website, this platform connects you with the right people. They have remote team members waiting to accept and complete your WP projects in under a week.

If you just need to work for fewer than 10 hours per month, you can expect to pay as little as $20 per Hour. With large projects, the pricing drops to $15/hr. But, if you need more than a controlled effort, contacting the platform’s management staff is the best option. In this manner, WordPress migrations, theme development, and customizations will not be treated the same way.

Simply hired

SimplyHired is like job boards such as Indeed or Monster. The site provides a wealth of resources. Including pay recommendations and hiring advice, as well as low-cost job postings. You might get a lot of exposure, just like with Indeed and Monster. It is a well-known job board, with millions of projected job applications delivered.

To discover if putting a job listing on SimplyHired is worth your time and money. Start by:

  • Looking at pay estimators
  • Posting in a network of over a hundred job boards in record speed
  • Browsing through the collected listings by cities

Fiverr is one of the most popular and diverse freelance markets on the planet. It’s a slew of freelancers from all walks of life. It offers everything from PPC ads to full-fledged WordPress development.

You’ll need the patience to use Fiverr and pick out the wheat from the chaff. But in exchange, you’ll have access to one of the world’s largest talent pools.

Fiverr Pro is a pool of proven freelancers with a proven track record of success.

In the same way that Upwork is a self-contained ecosystem where candidates bid on jobs you post, Fiverr is. The quality of the brief you submit and your ability to pick the best determine a lot of what you get out of it.

Unlike the standard Fiverr, where there is no screening or testing. Fiverr Pro only permits verified, an extraordinary talent who has been vetted for stellar quality and service.

The system is tilted in favor of the employer rather than the freelancer. So if something goes wrong, the resolution will almost always be in your favor.

Fiverr has a lot of positive aspects. The depth and breadth of talent available, as well as the variety of talents from which to choose and the relative simplicity with which to hire them.

hubstaff talent

Hubstaff talent is a growing directory of freelancers, including WordPress freelancers. While most of the freelancer marketplaces we mentioned varying fees for using their services, it is different. It is completely free for both freelancers and enterprises.

Without any middlemen, freelancers only build a profile and wait for businesses to contact them. You can also submit a job on the newly established “Jobs” section if you’re seeking WP programmers.

It lowers the barriers to finding web designers for both freelancers and businesses. But, we believe that using this freelancer directory will need you to vet the people you contact. This will make sure they have the right skill set for the job you’ll be hiring them for.

WPMU Dev job board

WPMUDev is a job board for WordPress developers.

Unlike Smashing Jobs, the WPMU Dev job board is dedicated to WordPress-related positions. You’ll find lots of WP designers for employment, thanks to the specialized job board.

WPMUDEV is one of the most well-known WordPress firms. Thus you’d expect both users and coders to gather on the site. The guys at WPMUDEV really have a Job Board where you can publish your job to make it easier for everyone to find hires.

Because anyone can apply for your job, you’ll have to undertake your own verification of coders.

WordPress Maintenance Service Providers

In recent years, many WP consultants and maintenance firms have grown up to assist WP site owners. They offer WordPress help, as well as web building and maintenance. Some of them provide monthly plans as well as one-time repairs for all your WP requirements. Here are some of the most popular service providers, some of whom we have worked with and recommend.


Image Showing Skyrocketwp

For people who would rather be expanding their businesses, SkyrocketWP provides:

  • WordPress maintenance
  • WordPress support
  • Hosting solution created only for WordPress


Image Showing Wp-Tonic

WP-Tonic provides busy business owners with exclusive premium support and maintenance solutions. Have you run out of time to fix your WordPress issues? Allow WP-Tonic to handle it for you. They also host a popular podcast to interview WP business owners and developers. This helps them learn more about what’s going on in the industry.

WP Buffs

Image Showing Wp Buffs

For serious site owners and white-label agency partners, WP Buffs offers WP care plans. “Say hello to your new WP CTO!” they say on their page. Btw.

What is the best way to outsource WordPress development?

Hiring a freelancer is very like outsourcing WordPress development. You can use the procedures above to discover freelancers or firms to outsource development too. We recommend starting with a modest project. This will ensure that you discover the correct person or organization to work with.


Finding a suitable developer for your project might be difficult. But by looking in the right places, you’ll be halfway there. If you’re prepared to pay for quality, each of the sites listed above is an excellent resource. Following five-point criteria, regardless of where you get your developers, is a great method to ensure quality. Let’s go through the main elements again:

  • Examine reviews and want to see portfolio work. Provide them with a programming test to complete.
  • Don’t be fooled by low-ball prices.
  • Ensure that your developer communicates well.
  • Carry out a paid trial project.
  • Agree on the project’s scope.

We hope this article was useful in your search for the best places to hire WordPress developers.

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