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Online media has limitless potential. But if you are the only one who has considered using that potential is incorrect. Competition exists, especially on a platform that allows entrepreneurs from all around the world to compete.

Unlike in the actual world, where lack of opportunity is a severe problem, competition is. Your online presence risks being drowned out by the number of other sites if it is not properly planned out. To stand out, a lot of times, we overcompensate by going too far. This results in pages with overcrowded features.

You only have a few seconds to capture and hold the customer’s attention. It is ineffective to bombard them with effects and flashes; some people find it troubling. Your time, users’ time, browsers’ capacity, and your funds are all limited. You must make the most use of a limited number of resources.

Thankfully, platforms like WordPress have taken that approach, with new skins for one’s web profile being added regularly.

Many WordPress themes come with a wide range of options, making them difficult to set up and use. You might want a theme that is simple and adaptable. These are ideal for both beginners and experienced WP users who want to keep things simple.

We’ve discussed some of the best simple WordPress themes for you. Because these themes are simple, clear, and minimalist. You can easily install them on your WordPress website.

Simple is the best WordPress Design – Why?

The goal of creating a WP website is to give users an interesting and memorable experience. But, sometimes, the most basic experience is all that is required to do the task.

So, why take the risk of bombarding your visitors with anything else? But, simple WordPress themes aren’t only “simple” because they have a simple design. There are several methods to assess a WordPress theme’s simplicity. So keep these considerations in mind as you select one for your website:


When someone defines a WP theme as simple, it’s usually due to the design and functionality’s minimalism.

In other words, it only contains the essentials while still delivering results.

But why would you want to work with a WordPress theme that is so basic?

For one thing, you may easily add more later if necessary. It’s far easier to add new parts than it is to remove old ones and rebuild the site around the void.

Also, the lack of clutter makes it much easier to confirm that the mobile website is responsive.

As a reminder, in 2021 and beyond, all websites must be responsive. A simple WP theme will assist you in doing this because it is unlikely to contain complex structures, oddly proportioned content, or fonts.


Think about how you operate while you’re developing a website. If you’re a web developer, it’d be great if you could outsource the majority of your design work to a WordPress theme. When working with more complicated WordPress themes but, this isn’t always the case.

Complexity in this sense refers to the options accessible within a WordPress theme. You’ve probably seen them before.

The multipurpose theme comes with more than 30-page templates. It also has ten different homepage layouts and a lot of navigational design choices.

You may also come across a theme developer that has streamlined the design to one or a few options. The surplus would come from the dozen or so WordPress plugins included in the theme package. So, besides managing the WP theme, you must also choose which plugins to use and update them because they are not available from the source.

Consider your WordPress theme as a freelancer. Isn’t it true that you’re paying someone to do some of your work for you? Then why would you spend so many hours making selections and customizing the configuration in the first place?

The majority of the work will be done for you if you use a simple WordPress theme.


There’s also the issue of end-user usability to consider. Do you want to use a simple WP theme only to discover after the launch and handover that the customer is not able or not willing to use it? Granted, you’ll take care of the majority of this if you manage their continuous maintenance, but what about the rest of the time?

Should you trust your customer with a complicated WordPress theme?

You don’t want your clients to be dependent on you, especially for things like posting a blog post or changing the headshot in their bio. If you make the WP website a difficult environment to work in. You only have yourself to blame if the client refuses to add new content or keep information fresh.


Of course, don’t forget to think about how your WP theme affects the site’s complete performance.

All these factors can have a negative impact on the speed of a WordPress website:

  • Never used templates and files.
  • Unnecessary extra features included with plugin packages.
  • Plugins that jam up your page builder.

WordPress themes that are poorly coded will have a negative impact on performance. But you already knew that. Just keep in mind that “extra” that came with your theme might hamper your site’s performance.

In this scenario, simple is usually better.

Best 50+ Simple WordPress Themes

One of the first things you do after onboarding a customer and starting a new website project is choosing a WP theme. The only issue with this step is that there are tens of thousands of them.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best simple WordPress themes. This collection includes both free and paid themes, all of which are mobile-friendly.


Astra Theme Sample

Astra is a vibrant yet simple WordPress theme. It features a variety of pre-built sites for lifestyle, fitness, food, and personal use. It comes with a variety of page layouts, unique widgets, and an infinite color palette. It’s simple to set up and change with the help of the live theme customizer.

Elementor, a popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin, is fully compatible with this theme. This means you may use a simple drag-and-drop interface to create stunning pages. Astra is built for speed and efficiency.


Divi Theme Sample

Divi is a premium WordPress theme. It is both powerful and easy, with over 1200 pre-designed page templates to choose from. It was created with a distraction-free design in mind for bloggers and writers. Using the simple drag and drop builder, you can create a tale using visuals.

The frontend editor in Divi allows you to completely change each element on your website. You don’t need any CSS or HTML knowledge. It has many pre-built content elements to make your job easier than ever before.

Essence Pro

Essence Pro

Essence is a minimalist WordPress theme for the health, wellness, and lifestyle industries. It’s based on the Genesis Framework, so it’s a dependable and quick-loading theme.

Essence Pro includes a widget-ready homepage layout. It allows you to construct your homepage by dragging and dropping widgets. It’s simple to use, and it’s also simple to set up.

WP Engine has acquired StudioPress. So when you join up for WP Engine hosting to develop your website, you’ll get this theme as well as all 35+ other StudioPress themes.


Hestia Theme Sample

Hestia is a multipurpose WordPress theme that is available for free. It has a companion plugin that allows you to add testimonials, services, and a homepage area.

Using the live theme customizer, Hestia is simple to set up. It works with many popular free page builder plugins. It also includes WooCommerce support for setting up an online store.

Hestia is retina-ready and employs responsive design. This implies that even the most contemporary mobile devices will have a fantastic time using your site.


OceanWP Theme Sample

OceanWP is a beautiful and simple WordPress theme. It is made for blogs, magazines, restaurants, online shops, and fitness websites. It includes:

  • Multiple blog layouts
  • Sophisticated premium extensions
  • Various custom widgets
  • Multiple post formats

A personalized logo, navigation menus, and social buttons are all supported. It supports WooCommerce. It allows you to simply integrate an online store into your WordPress site.


Didi Theme Sample

Didi is a great example of a clean WordPress theme with a minimalist and elegant design. This lovely theme has various homepage layouts, page templates, widget sections, and other features. For easier setup, all theme choices are available in the live customizer.

Didi also comes with full support for page builders, WooCommerce, and multilingual websites. It also has the ability to be quickly translated. Its simple design and quick setup will help you get started.


Atmosphere Theme Sample

Atmosphere is a straightforward and well-built WordPress theme. It is for businesses, portfolios, freelancers, and personal websites. It works with all common WordPress plugins. This makes it simple to add features like a contact form to your site.

It includes:

  • A completely widgetized homepage
  • A custom landing page
  • A two-column layout template

Installing it is simple and takes little time with the help of the live theme



Beautiful Theme Sample

Beautiful is a simple yet stylish WPxf beauty theme. It has a widgetized homepage with four widget regions. As well as several blogs, homepage, archive, and landing page designs.

Beautiful was created to highlight your most popular posts. It has been tuned for speed and performance, and it has a simple and quick setup.

True North

True North Theme Sample

True North is a lovely WordPress theme that is both flexible and easy. On the home page, it has a grid layout with a lovely image presentation. It offers a built-in portfolio section and many layout options.

It also has many custom widgets for social media and content discovery and a custom backdrop and header.


Magazine Theme Sample

It is a WordPress theme designed for bloggers who want a simple design with a lot of functionality. It comes with a built-in featured content slider that comes in a variety of styles. To get started, the theme comes with over 42 built-in layouts.

It has various blog layouts, multiple page themes, and multiple homepage layouts available. You may use the live theme customizer to set up all the theme parameters.

11. Corner

Corner Theme Sample

Corner is a simple WordPress theme for personal, blog, and portfolio websites. It comes with a built-in portfolio component and may also be used as a personal website.

Corner has an infinite color palette and a variety of customizing choices. It’s also SEO-friendly. This means it’ll help your website rank higher in Google and other search engines.


Gema Theme Sample

Gema is a clean WordPress theme that’s ideal for blogs and magazines. It has a lovely design with large photographs, lovely typography, a custom logo option, and many menu styles.

All theme choices are organized under the theme customizer, making it simple to use.


Tusant Theme Sample

Tusant is an attractive and simple WordPress blog theme. It is designed for podcasts, audio streaming, and video-based websites. It’s designed to aid you in creating compelling content with photographs and videos.

It employs stunning animations, as well as a variety of page layouts and unique content discovery widgets. It also accepts audio and video inputs and includes a full-width configurable background image.


Writee Theme Sample

Writee is a free WordPress theme for bloggers and writers that is responsive. It has a modern layout and lovely fonts. As a result, it appears amazing on every device.

You’ll discover a featured content slider inside. This slider allows you to highlight your most important information at the top. It’s an excellent choice for travel bloggers.


Presence Theme Sample

Presence is a fantastic option for a simple WordPress business theme. It’s jam-packed with features that make creating any type of business website a breeze. It’s ideal for:

  • Real estate
  • Music bands
  • Hotels
  • Web designers
  • Other service providers in particular

It comes with ten demo websites that you can import and customize by replacing your content.


Ultra Theme Sample

Ultra is a simple WordPress theme that you can use to create any type of website. A few of its features are:

  • Multiple built-in layouts
  • Configurable addons
  • Smart layout options
  • Bespoke fonts
  • Endless colors

Portfolio, services, team members, and partners will all be built-in sections on all layouts.

It also supports section-based scrolling, giant menus, archive layouts, and animated colors.


Breakthrough Theme Sample

Breakthrough is a clean, modern WordPress theme. It is for bloggers, advertisers, and marketing companies who focus on stunning typography and image display.

It only takes a few minutes to set up, so you can get started creating fantastic content for your site right now. Breakthrough is an excellent choice for advertising and marketing firms.


Roxima Theme Sample

Roxima is a stunning WordPress theme suitable for business, blogs, and portfolio projects.

Roxima comes with a drag-and-drop webpage builder that is simple to use. You can choose from a variety of unique content modules with many columns and layout options.


Enterprise Theme Sample

Enterprise is a simple WP theme meant for corporate websites. It has a portfolio and services section. It also has attractive image galleries and a homepage slider.

Among other things, it also offers:

  • A FAQs section
  • Pricing tables
  • A custom background
  • Many versatile customization possibilities


Elegant Theme Sample

Elegant is a WordPress portfolio and blog theme. It has a beautiful design, with the logo and navigation menu on top and a social menu. There are several layout variations available, including a grid layout.

It includes:

  • A portfolio content type
  • Various custom widgets
  • Many color schemes
  • A simple theme options panel


Coastline Theme Sample

Coastline is a simple WP photography and portfolio theme. It has a lovely column grid structure. It comes with:

  • A variety of custom widgets
  • Page templates
  • A sidebar navigation menu
  • Other layout options

To design your portfolio, it provides a portfolio content post type. Jetpack is a plugin that allows you to add advanced functionality to your website using Coastline.


Paperbag Theme Sample

Paperbag is a simple WordPress theme. It comes with a variety of color and typeface schemes as well as layout variations. You can use many custom widgets for social network integration and content discovery tools inside.

For the homepage, it has a built-in featured content carousel. You can use the live theme customizer, which has many configurable choices to set up all the theme options.


Neve Theme Sample

Neve is a WordPress blog theme that is simple, fast, and adaptable. It has a navigation menu at the top, as well as a search bar. On the homepage, it contains:

  • Built-in social sharing buttons
  • A featured content slider
  • An about us section

This theme is simple to configure and WooCommerce ready, so you can start selling right away. To get your site up and running quickly, you can use Neve’s starter sites library. Neve is completely compatible with the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg editor).


Float Theme Sample

Float is a feature-rich WordPress blog theme that is both simple and attractive. It includes:

  • Several layout options
  • A homepage slider
  • Google Fonts integration
  • Social share options
  • Parallax scrolling effects

It has a modern design that you can completely customize with the theme customizer. It also comes pre-installed with WooCommerce support.


Montblanc Theme Sample

Montblanc is a multipurpose WordPress theme. You can use it to create practically any type of website. It is adaptable, with a variety of modification options, layout alternatives, and homepage designs.

You can use it as a one-page theme or for a magazine website. It also includes:

  • A portfolio section
  • Photo galleries
  • Built-in sliders with several display options


Maxwell Theme Sample

Maxwell is a free WordPress theme for magazines and blogs with a minimalist design. Maxwell is a content showcaser. It uses highlighted photos, customized extracts, and gorgeous typography for an exciting experience.

It features a featured content slider and two navigation menus built-in. The live customizer makes it simple to set up all the theme features.


Igloo Theme Sample

Igloo is a lovely and simple WordPress restaurant theme. It has an integrated menu management system. It also offers a testimonials section to post positive client feedback and a photo gallery to show off your most popular dishes.

Igloo has a unique design with a variety of color schemes and layout options.


Baskerville Theme Sample

Baskerville is a free WordPress theme with a lovely design and a few useful features. The homepage has a full-width header image and a masonry layout.

You can use beautiful thumbnails in Baskerville for videos, text, and other post forms.


Responz Theme Sample

Responz is a simple WordPress theme for news and editorial sites. Among other features, it also offers:

  • A featured posts area
  • Two navigation menus
  • Ad spots
  • A carousel slider
  • Several sidebars

It’s simple to set up. Then, you can use the live WordPress customizer to manage all the theme parameters.


Brittany Theme Sample

Brittany is a gorgeous and trendy WordPress blog theme. It’s an excellent choice for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. At the top of the homepage, you’ll find an introduction area. Then, it will be followed by your most important content.

Brittany offers a variety of layouts and designs for your blog and various pages. You’ll also receive many customizable widgets for quick social network integration and content discovery.


Futurio Theme Sample

Futurio is a super-lightweight and speedy theme. Unlike other themes, it does not show your featured photos on the first page. This speeds up the loading of your homepage.

It’s geared toward bloggers and is ideal for long-form content. Custom logos, headers, welcome messages, and backgrounds are all supported by Futurio. It also includes homepage blurbs to beautifully present featured material.


Peak Theme Sample

Peak is a modern WordPress blog theme for photographers, portfolios, and personal blogs.

There are many layouts and color palettes to choose from. It also has a built-in slider and a masonry-style layout. Peak also has a big menu and is eCommerce ready, allowing you to set up an online store.


Mesmerize Theme Sample

Mesmerize is a free WordPress theme. It works well for blogs, magazines, and photography sites. Among other features, it also has:

  • A configurable header background
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Homepage sections
  • A top navigation menu

The theme installation is simple, allowing you to quickly create a professional-looking website.


Nozama Theme Sample

Nozama is a WP theme with an Amazon-inspired design that is both basic and attractive. It offers attractive typography and a stunning image display to make your content more interesting.

Among other features, it also has:

  • A header category menu
  • A section of prominent categories
  • Different layout options
  • Infinite scroll

It’s simple to set up and comes with a helpful getting started page.


OnePress Theme Sample

OnePress is a free WordPress theme with a modern and elegant design. The homepage design incorporates:

  • A stunning parallax effect
  • Featured content blocks
  • WooCommerce compatibility

On the homepage of OnePress, there are call-to-action buttons and stunning fonts. It is built with Bootstrap 4, a framework for creating responsive websites that look fantastic on any device.

Daily Dish Pro

Daily Dish Pro Theme Sample

Daily Dish is a professional-looking WordPress blogging theme. The theme’s most prominent qualities are its clean text and excellent image display.

Daily Dish’s homepage offers a widgetized layout that is simple to set up. It also offers a configurable header, various page templates, and full WooCommerce compatibility.


Beatrix Theme Sample

The Beatrix theme is ideal for selling arts and crafts. This lovely multipurpose WordPress theme is WooCommerce compatible. It also has a stunning homepage layout to show off your products.

Beatrix has a sleek, clean design with a few different variations to choose from. You can opt for a sidebar or a full-width page, for example.


Consulting Theme Sample

Consulting is a multipurpose WordPress theme for bloggers that is available for free. On the site, there are three custom featured areas.

It supports:

  • A parallax slider
  • Configurable colors
  • Various page templates
  • A custom archives page

It is used to easily create a professional-looking blog, and it looks great even on small screens.


Benson Theme Sample

Benson is a beautiful and straightforward WordPress blog theme for photographers. For your photos, it has big, full-width, and list layouts. It includes:

  • Custom widgets for an author bio
  • Social media links
  • Content discovery features
  • A video slideshow
  • Different image layouts
  • Unlimited number of colors
  • A left or right sidebar
  • A custom logo
  • Header and background

It’s simple to set up using the live theme customizer, and it’ll help you get your blog up and running quickly.


Landing Theme Sample

Landing is a gorgeous WordPress multipurpose theme. It was designed to create simple websites in mind. It includes:

  • Beautiful font
  • A custom background
  • Pre-built layouts that look amazing on all devices and screen sizes
  • Custom header templates
  • A portfolio post type
  • Event post type
  • Full WooCommerce and popular WooCommerce plugin compatibility

It works with Themify’s drag-and-drop page builder to let you construct pages and features for your website.


Allegiant Theme Sample

Allegiant is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It works well for eCommerce, business, magazines, and photography websites. It comes with a variety of layout possibilities so you can create your own.

It comes with:

  • A limitless color palette
  • Configurable widgets
  • Google Fonts
  • WooCommerce integration

It’s built to work right out of the box with no effort, making it simple to use.

Getwid Base

Getwid Base Theme Sample

Getwid Base is a simple and lightweight Gutenberg theme. It works in tandem with the new block-based editor and the Getwid plugin. Getwid plugin is a collection of custom Gutenberg blocks.

Build a small or midsize business website, a creative or digital agency website, a startup launch, or a product landing page. Or any other type of business or portfolio website with Getwid Theme. You can get Getwid Base for free.

You’ll be able to design and edit content-rich pages with minimal coding knowledge. Thanks to the its plugin’s powerful combination of core Gutenberg blocks and advanced block library.

This is an excellent option for:

  • a small or medium business website, a creative or digital firm, a startup launch, or a product landing page.
  • Users who are familiar with the block editor and like page builders with easy-to-use layouts and drag-and-drop features.


Launchit Theme Sample

Launchit was designed specifically to assist developers in the creation of landing pages. These are the pages you use strictly for conversion purposes.

This is a good option if you want to sell a single product or service.

With this theme, you don’t have to think too hard about creating a conversion path. You also don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out what kind of navigation or pages are required for a site of this type.


Typology Theme Sample

Typology is the epitome of minimalism. If you want a simple blog theme that will provide the best reading experience while still impressing readers, this is it.

This is an excellent option if:

  • You want to populate your website with colors and typography. This requires you to have a strong color palette and brand messaging on your side.
  • You’re an expert at formatting content to make it scannable and readable.
  • You don’t need images on this blog. You would rather concentrate on producing high-quality content.


Brixton Theme Sample

Brixton, like many premium WordPress themes, allows you to select the base template. Whatever themed blog template you choose, it will certainly be minimalist in design.

This is an excellent option if:

  • You create websites for bloggers, magazines, newspapers, and other organizations. Or you create a strong editorial component.
  • You don’t want to skimp on supporting blog content or widgets. But you do want the design to be lighter and easier to navigate.
  • You prefer a more pronounced typographic style that is still clean and easy to read.

Brixton’s latest 4.0 update also includes a slew of new features. It now integrates seamlessly with Revolution Slider. It is also much faster and has a lot more features. Starting price is $49.


Brook Theme Sample

Brook brands itself as a “one-of-a-kind” WordPress theme. This could be because it has a lot of styles while still keeping a traditional blog presentation.

You want to add a touch of elegance and style to your blog; this theme is useful. Especially, if you’re writing for a fashion or food blog.

Brook is a good option if the person or brand behind the blog has a strong social media presence. But you don’t want it to overpower the content.

You can make the most of the available space while not overcrowding the screen.

Few features of Brook are as follows:

  • 5 Blog layouts
  • Smooth AJAX Layout
  • Infobar
  • Custom Cover Images
  • Full- Width Featured Sidebar
  • WordPress Live Customizer
  • Custom Widgets
  • Excellent Support
  • WPML and RTL Ready

Price starts at $40.


Michel Theme Sample

Michel is a lovely blogger-friendly WordPress theme. Barely-there dividers and brilliant-looking pictures distinguish the design.

If you want a lot of white space on your blog; then this is a great option.

You will also notice that this theme provides a variety of layout choices. It offers pre-made post templates. This makes creating custom post kinds less time-consuming.

And it’s gotten some amazing feedback on how lovely the theme is. It also offers excellent support. You can buy Michel at $39.

Read WP

Read WP Theme Sample

Read WP is a WordPress theme for bloggers that is extremely minimalist. Although you can use a sidebar and masonry grid to add variety to the design, it may be best to leave it as is.

This could be a great option if you’re putting out information that’s very technical or philosophical. Distractions, in other words, are discouraged.

You could give your clients some flexibility in how the website is laid out, and you can keep it simple too. You can consider this theme for your website as well. If you want something basic and easy to use. It includes a portfolio template that would be ideal for designers and other creative professionals.

Read WP starting price is $49.

Adios Portfolio

Adios Portfolio Theme Sample

Adios is a high-end WordPress theme for creating professional portfolios. So it’s no surprise that this basic theme is so popular. It has 10+ various minimalist homepage layout possibilities and lightning-fast loading times.

This is a great option, if

You can create portfolio websites for clients using a variety of portfolio formats. Such as images, videos, and products.

You can also use eye-catching photographs to fill out your portfolio and explain your message in a few words.

This theme provides some, but not excessive, freedom for content layout.

Adios is a simple theme with some killer features built-in.

  • Translation ready
  • Super fast and lightweight
  • Drag and Drop (no coding required)
  • One-Click Demo Import
  • Video Tutorial to get started
  • SEO friendly and optimized
  • Fully Responsive and Cross Browser friendly
  • Free Layered PSD files

If you want to take your website to the next level, several of these are completely essential.

It also has a lot of positive feedback. This theme appears to be well-liked by those who use it.

It has a starting price of $59.


Air Theme Sample

As you can expect, a theme called “Air.” is likely to trigger a specific mood right away. This responsive portfolio and store theme is ideal for both freelancers and companies.

This is a great option if you’re not scared to experiment with a large amount of free space. A simple designed shop is included within the theme if you plan on selling your work through the website. This theme enhances the ability of your photographs to speak for you.

There are also many menu selections available on Air. They’re all beautifully designed and simple to use for any website visitor. Simplicity in its purest form!

Then there are the powerful features that come standard with Air. In such a simple theme, there is so much you can do.

  • Page Builder
  • Retina Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited Color Schemes
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome
  • Layout Options
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Easy to Import Demo
  • Multi-Language RTL
  • Woo-commerce supported
  • Social links share buttons.

People appreciate the clean, modern aesthetic as well as the speedy response time. Buy Air at $59.


Pile Theme Sample

PILE is a WordPress portfolio theme that calls itself “unconventional.” That’s because it’s not afraid to be daring with the content it does have.

This could be a great option, if

  • You’re looking for a unique way to express yourself.
  • You want your portfolio to have a unique edge that sets it apart from the competition.
  • You’re fine with using animated transitions as long as the rest of the design is kept basic and light.

The PILE theme is more pricey than the others, although that could be for a good reason. Starting price at $225. Here are their three cornerstones, which explain why this theme has so much potential.

Designed to impress:

To make your website stand out, you’ll need:

  • Finely adjusted elements
  • Smoothest parallax scrolling
  • Distinctive transitions

Smart Layout Builder:

A smart page builder that provides exactly the right amount of constraints allows you to quickly design your display. You can organize your project in precisely aligned grids or split it into a dynamic flowing layout with only a few clicks.

Fully customizable:

Customize your website to your liking. There are no coding skills or developer involvement necessary. Change the fonts, colors, and layout to achieve the style you want.


One of the benefits of using simple WordPress themes is that you can count on a basic style and functionality that will delight your visitors. It also means you won’t have to go into a new theme only to find a complex backend that’s difficult to change and not client-friendly.

But, before you buy, spend some time experimenting with the easy WP themes we’ve listed above. Before committing to a new theme, we strongly suggest you try out the demos. It’s also a fantastic idea.

Finally, minimalist themes involve getting your hands dirty by experimenting with the demo sites. You’ll be able to recognize the correct solution when you come across it this way.

We hope you found this post useful in searching for the best and simple WordPress theme for your website.

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